ValueStory: Leveraging Storytelling + Justification / ROI / TCO to Drive Sales Effectiveness


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Introduction to ValueStory, a new guided value selling tool used to fuel value conversations, delivering visual storytelling, benchmark insights, surveys / assessments, ROI / TCO financial justification and customer intelligence. The presentation reviews the need to

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  • I am sure you are well aware, in this “do more with less” economy, buyers have fundamentally and permanently changed. Your prospects are more empowered in the decision making process, but at the same time more risk averse and frugal. Frugalnomics is in effect, and as a result, there are now:More stakeholders – 43% more according to IDC’s Buyer’s Experience Survey, growing to an over stakeholders per deal over the past 3 years. As the deal sizes grow to over $500,000, over 10 decision makers are involved. With more buyers involved, deals are more complex. Technical, financial and business roles all are participating actively, and all have different Points of Value, their perspective of the challenges, the impact of the proposed solutions, and the value derived.Decisions are taking longer – IDC reports that deals are taking longer, with the average decision cycle growing 30% longer over the past 3 years to more than 10 months. Likely you are frustrated over a lengthening decision cycle, and so are your prospects, who indicate they too would like the time reduced by 38%.Financial justification is a requirement – 95% of organizations now reporting to IDC that they require financial justification often before they’ll consider moving forward in the decision making process, and certainly with financial buyers prior to project approval. As well, 85% indicated they need 3rd party proof to believe the figures / results could translate for them.
  • ValueStory: Leveraging Storytelling + Justification / ROI / TCO to Drive Sales Effectiveness

    1. 1. ValueStory: Leveraging Storytelling + Justification to Drive More Sales Thomas Pisello CEO & Founder @tpisello Storytelling + Insights + Justification + Intelligence
    2. 2. Do More with Less More Complex Less to Invest Frugalnomics ™ (1) IDC Buyer’s Experience Survey – 2013IDC BV (2)
    3. 3. Surviving Frugalnomics is Not Easy 1 issue for quota shortfalls = poor value commu # Same conversations = Same resu (1) SiriusDecision
    4. 4. Improving Value Communications? Financial Justification Visual Storytelling
    5. 5. Evolving the Value Conversation Company & Buyer Profile Value Framework Challenges Messages Storytelling Insights Justification ValueSto ry® Brings your value messages & ROI to life!
    6. 6. Freestyle Tailor via Bulleted List Add Custom Notes Create & Include Dynamic Whiteboards (icon library + labels + drawing)
    7. 7. ValueStory for Consultants Recommends & selects Business Drivers / Benefits Drill down to review / edit assumptions Specify Investments & roll up into ROI calculations + business case re
    8. 8. HTML5 & ValueStory for Marketing HTML 5 Interface For Marketing = Interactive ROI infographics & value For Sales & Consulting = Easier sharing in on-line me
    9. 9. ValueStory PaaS
    10. 10. Value to You … $8.10 for every $1 invested $12.1M of incremental revenue for every $50M in territory Ignite Buying Decisions Accelerate Sales Cycles Reduce Discounting / Increase Deal Size Improve Competitive Win Rates Reduce New Rep Ramp Up Time Improve Quota Performance
    11. 11. ValueSto Storytelling + Insights + Justification + Intelligence ® ry Click here to Learn More >> Free ROI Calculators • • • • Marketing Sales IT Mobile Schedule a Personalized Review & Demo