Love for all seasons


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Love for all seasons

  1. 1. I It is a fact often observed, that men have written good verses under the inspiration of passion, who cannot write well under and other circumstances. Ralph Waldo Emerson
  2. 2. Love is the chord that binds families together in each successive generation It produces a sense of patriotic pride seen in every citizen of ever y nation. Love is the unbridled passion that we say has to emanate from the heart Those who truly love the thing which they do, elevate it to a state of art. Love is also a protection from most things, like thoughts of getting old To be kept on the minds of those we love prevents being left out in the cold. Love is that “one-of-a-kind” affair as refreshing as the morning shower No one who has ever felt this way in love would underestimate its power. Love is something we can withhold or receive—to experience what it is. A gift of life from He who loved us so, through eyes of “Love” Is what God is. Love is an emotion that is impossible to escape its reach or our need deny Love takes no less than everything from those compelled to give it a try. Love is a virtue and is listed first as one of the fruits of God's holy spirit It causes kind words to flow from the words of poetry to those who hear it. Love is the force that holds the entire solar system and our galaxy in place It is the desire that makes astronauts around the world conquer outer space. Love is the possession of fine qualities Gentle, patient, long-suffering and kind It is the feeling of longing for someone or something from the past left behind. Love is an attraction as mysterious as our understanding of the birds and bees It is the same as the Call of the Wild in nature that echoes through the trees.
  3. 3. On this day, he says to his bride to be “The day I met you, I ceased to be one. You are so much a part of me, body, Mind and soul—just like the air I breathe. And if you ever want or need me, I swear I will always be there for you and kiss Away any tears, even if they are of joy. Forever and ever, starting Today.” And says the bride on this day to her Only man, “I can never ask for more than I have because you have brought me so Much joy, security and happiness. And when I say that I love you, it means Far more than mere words—they are From the deepest part of me. I could never love another more than I Love you, this moment right now, Today.” The talks is also for those who stand as Witnesses to this union and grand occasion— The family, relatives, and friends who Will offer their encouragement to help You withstand the hungry years that will come. But, for now they offer their congratulations He is now her husband and she is his wife The first day of the rest of their life starts, Today. And to the One who first brought man and Woman together—A prayer that will help you to Selfishly guard the love that you now share. He that is unseen will be guide and protect you And strengthen the bonds of love. A three-fold cord cannot be easily torn in two Keep Him in mind in everything that you do And your lives will be happy, not only, Today.
  4. 4. It is without a doubt my favorite picture That captured a moment by chance— Someone snapped a picture of the two of you embraced in a slow dance. I was not there for the occasion—Some sort of festive celebration I could see But that image of the two of you like that recalls to mind a specific memory. I remember the times when you were younger and used to dress up and go out. I remember the stories about the evening and you both had a good time, no doubt. I cannot hear the music in the photo, nor have I any idea of that particular song. It had to be a slow jam because you look like you could dance all night long Just who lead who to the dance floor Neither of you could say for sure. But, I can see that this moment in time will be special and is bound to endure. Time passes by and the details fade— other memories have taken its place But, the peaceful imagery of The Dance, is something not even time can erase. The Dance is more than bodies entwined It doesn’t’ always spark a bit of romance. As long as the two of you are together— You 're bound to keep dancing The Dance. I’m grateful for this image of my parents reflecting a sweet moment at a glance. The two people that I love the very most locked together, caught up in The Dance.
  5. 5. Moths dance about the flame Attracted by the light The heat will drive it away Safely into the night. If the fire should start to die out A tiny spark will remain Stoking the fires down below Lets love burn once again. The flame of love is carried Like a vigil by candlelight to Hold onto love’s remembrance And keep it burning bright. Burning with intense white heat Is the flame of love’s torch Like spontaneous combustion Only it does not scorch. The blazings of love are Like the blazings of fire Just as your company holds me And fills me with desire. The flame of love is eternal It can not be put out By dampening the soul or Making loved ones to doubt. The warmth of love is inviting The heart to let it know To come in from the cold And be comforted by its glow. Those who play with fire Are likely to get burned To discard a burning ember Is a hard lesson to be learned.
  6. 6. In their later years, the body has aged and the steps may be slower The smile comes just as easy, but burdens made the shoulders lower. The nest has long been empty, the occasional visits occur now and then To fill the home with the din of noise from activity and voices once again. They have adopted a comfortable lifestyle, the days are long and lazy They try to dwell in and keep peace without driving each other crazy. The day to day routine is sometimes monotonous—morning coffee alone The occasional together moments like sharing a conversations on the phone. If you could somehow observe them closely, as perhaps a fly upon the wall You would see all the necessary signs of what continues to hold them above all. You would see that they have a common bond shared between them and others too That one day things like old age and death will not exist the earth will be brand new. Although they show the signs of old age and no longer have the look of youth The promise that they believe and hope for is only a small part of a much larger truth. All things in heaven and earth—including love, takes place according to a season And the relationship of any two love birds changes and lasts for similar reasons.
  7. 7. However, time and unforeseen circumstances were enough to plant within them early seeds of doubt. Avoiding contact with each other for a period of weeks became necessary in order to work things out. As time slowly passed them by, the couple started to believe that their love had finally reached its ending. The future they planned on together as man and wife was in dire shape and there was no use in pretending. But, as the saying goes, “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and it turned out to be true in their case. It had taken almost losing each other for good for the to learn that their love was still intact and and in place. A word to the wise” “Sometimes it is good to spend some time apart with the goal of getting together again. Testing the level of commitment to each other will let them understand what could happen every now and then. This love story could be true of anyone who has ever had love and then lost it, sometimes never to be found. If this should ever happen to you, do not lose hope that you will never know love, because it's somewhere around. The following poem is a true love story that I dedicate to all the lovers everywhere. It is the story about two lovers whose love was lost and then as suddenly it was there. The lovers in this story come from completely different cultures, beliefs, and background. They started out as friends, but as love goes it they were swept up in the new love they found. Their story had the usual twists of fate that all lovers will eventually have to muddle through . Of course, there was the rapture of the moment and they bond they forged was sincere and true. Their worlds could have come together easily and taken flight like on the wings of a dove. A blissful and peaceful time that would perfectly celebrate their deepening and newly found love. Like all stories, there were antagonists who tried to stop them or cause them trouble, but in vain. Putting up with various obstacles the couple were able to use as stepping stones their love did remain.
  8. 8. She felt this way when love was new And as too young girls oftenthought The petals of a daisy, delicatelypicked, Might settle whether he loves me ornot. Perhaps this symbolic gesture could In a way give her some peace ofmind And settle her thoughts for themoment And let her heart once again truelove find On a table across the soft-lit livingroom Gathered from the garden justyesterday Sits a crystal vase of fragrant flowers Arranged in a large beautifulbouquet. Tenderly she holds a daisybetween Two fingers and begins tocontemplate. A single daisy could in no waybegin to Describe how she felt about hermate. Her husband and life-long partneroften Told her that he never once had todoubt. He loved her since the first timethey met And did not need a daisy to figureit out. At such times she realizes that sheno Longer has to seek love as herquest. Their love has remained throughthese Golden years and will survive therest. Love is a perfect bond of union That began somewhere in herheart. And extended itself to someone With whom she vowed never topart. There are times when she's lesscertain— It seems love's shine has fadedaway She finds herself wondering if theman She married still loves her till thisday. When lonely or exasperated as shegets She has given way to many tears Always in the heat of cold silence A timely reassuring thoughtappears.
  9. 9. He may have touched on the “secret to happiness and longevity” that all married couples starting out must find; With so many demands on their family and the constant scrutiny, together time is something they must keep in mind. But, when you go on a date night, you must reflect on those moments you fell in love—Although it was easier then to do. As they grew in their respective careers and becoming parents that together time is increasingly harder and such times are few . Having dinner together as a family is a pleasure for them now. When he was in Washington and she in Chicago, it was difficult. The demands as a junior Senator were busy and getting used to the time zone made it that much harder which was not his fault. The fact is that they missed each other and it became a strain on them, with his being the President living at the White House He had to hit the ground running because of the fiscal crisis, but missed his family and had to balance the Presidency with his spouse. So, the date night was his way to not only keep his word, but to make sure she had a good time, too soon they will have to go back. The last thing he expected from keeping a promise was to have the the it reported on in the media or to come under criticism or attack. Stealing away to share an intimate evening is a prescription to keep a marriage strong and instead of criticism, he should be commended. As relationship experts are bound to keep repeating that his example is clearly the way to keep their lives in sync and it is recommended. The President is not shy about holding hands and women gush to their husband, “He's so romantic.” The men, on the other hand, feel that he's making them look bad, and respond in a typical body politic. President Obama is a man of his word, as was clearly showed with his victory to his daughters about a dog. And, true to his word, the “First Puppy” named Bo is the delight of the girls and apparently likes to jog. The President also made a promise to his lovely wife who was at his side, tirelessly during the campaign. He felt she deserved a night on the town in New York as promised with dinner, Broadway, and champagne. This he did with the “unusual” extra people that have the duties of security or any assistance he might need. He did not run up a huge tab that otherwise be put at the taxpayer's expense for such an extravagant deed. Michelle recalled their first “date” was at a museum and it had the desired impression and it turned out well. To be that he was a most unusual suitor is a sign that their union is strong, as any happy couple could see. A date night with his wife in semi-private seclusion is a luxury for a man with so many “priorities on his plate,” shows that he wears many hats, yet has always kept his family life in balance as any husband/father can relate.
  10. 10. But, only if he turns out well and grows up to be the source of her pride and joy Otherwise he is just a source of heartache And she knows he's no longer her little boy. A mother's love is above all things a love that intense and at the same time tender Motherhood is a blessing from God and a blessing is something you don't surrender. I must admit that I do not have offspring As a mother I have been only in name— But I understand that concept of this love A mother's love is unlike any love the same. To all those little ones out there who are in need of a tender touch or a gentle kiss I hope that someone will whisper these words gently so that love you do not miss. There is nothing in the world more tender than a mother's special touch Combined with the soothing sound of her voice for her baby it does much Cradling newborn close to you makes each of you feel the other's heartbeat And strengthens the bond between you in a perfect circle of love that is complete. A mother's love is the nurturing kind and with a lot of her tender loving care her little one will stay swaddled close as she now carries him again everywhere. It is the most beautiful thing in the world the way that a mother cherishes her son He may be his father's inheritance and legacy, but to him she is the revered one.
  11. 11. Love is mystical, magical and wonderful for those who are able to find true love and when you're in love time flies. Smells are intensified, sights and sounds come alive and everything seems exceptionally clear even the birds cries. To make togetherness a time that will be remembered by both requires a stron g desire by one and a bit of imagination. Keeping it fresh and new, like it was in the very beginning means having the thrill that was there in times of recreation. What is really needed are some roses, some candlelight, a little wine, and the right music to set the desired mood. And so that there is no tush to the evening, the preparation of his or her favorite culinary delights,or catered food. Romancing the one you love should be one of the most pleasurable things that you will ever do in your whole life. The right mood leads to touching, caressing, kissing and ultimately making love the greatest act for husband or wife. You should also remember the things that make him or her happy and find ways to incorporate them in your plans. Experts on keeping the relationship healthy and blossoming say that, surprise date night or special evening on your hands. Love is a feeling—a feeling like no other feeling in the world. Romance requires a commitment to the one you love above all. It is exhilarating and exciting, especially when its new and you are in discovery mode; Keep an open line, love will come to call.
  12. 12. When two ideal hearts come together, it is to be “a union of two into a single unit as a family is begun. And the bond strengthens ever deeper when children bless their lives and they function even more as one. If you believe in miracles, then you have to believe in finding that elusive “one of a kind lover for you. The miracle of life awaits you and that special one that the heavens has sent to compliment all you do. Hand in glove together and shoulder to shoulder in marching if necessary, “through the gates of hell.” A formidable force to be reconed with if there ever was and more a prediction that things will be well. There is someone for everyone, I firmly believe this is true—Although some claim they cannot find anyone. It is the reward for the effort into being out there to be seen by the right person, networking to get it done. They say that a blind man could start talking about seeing again and a crippled one might want to dance. They say there is nothing that you won't do for that one lucky somebody that you see if love stands a chance. There are times when you might question what you think you have when things go wrong and you cannot get along. Remember the things that you know you would do for a one of a kind love affair that was forever enshrined in a song. A “One of a kind love affair” is described as being an enigma wrapped in mystery. It is an epic love of the century lovers like that of queen Cleopatra and Marc Anthony. It's the kind of love that if it passes you by, you wonder if you can find it in your past. It would be naive to think that someone will learn in their lifetime that dalliances never last. A one of a kind love is the kind that breaks you out of a slow lane to an unobstructed expressway. The exuberation and the novelty of the love at hand, that finds a way to renew itself every day. If you have a one of a kind lover, your friends may be telling you he's not the kind to settle down. It may be hard to hear people whisper things to you about him and his reputation around town. But, if it is a one of a kind type of love that you both have found and it is by its very definition. The kind of love that you read about in a fairy tail and everybody lives the ending's rendition. A one of a kind love affair is the type that you see in watching the President and First Lady together. It is so much more than the two are separate and apart from each other and in good and bad weather.
  13. 13. She's been the favorite bridesmaid at more weddings that can be counted and it has never gotten to her mind. She is the most self-assured woman that a man is likely to encounter in his life and no better person can he find. Whenever someone takes too much of an interest in her, she is likely to let him down gently or else run and hide. Tease her if you must, but she is determined to stay as she is “single and free” and to never be someone's bride. You cannot get her to explain herself or to elaborate on why she prefers to remain unattached or what she meant. She makes a valid point about the cost of weddings and often mentions the amount of time and effort that is spent. Marriage and a family is a natural desire to fulfill by many girls from time of their first romance to their “day.” But, others like the independence of being single and do not intend to change because in truth they like it that way. People frequently comment that “she's such a lovely girl and would make a man a good wife.” She has warm and genuine smile and has all the necessary skills that girls must learn in life. But, she is one that is hard to catch and seems that she is in no hurry to become someone's bride. She has been known to run away if anyone tries to fix her up for a date and she puts the idea aside. One by one her single friends were married and it her that was the one who was always a bridesmaid. Hooked up with a best man who was not exactly a match maid in heaven and she thought it never paid. The irony is that guys are crazy about her because she is not the other girls and not the “typical chick.” She loves sports of all kinds, is funny, not girlie, and can take a joke besides having a mind that is quick.
  14. 14. The grandchildren call them “pop-pop and Nana” grandma or grandpap, or even “gram or grandy.” Kids use these shortened forms off address not because they are told to, but because they are handy. Sometimes the granddad provides his new name for his few grand baby preferring to be called “paappy.” Holding his grandchild in his arms he is all smiles as he contemplates the child and could not be more happy. Grandmothers are equally enthused they pay attention to what the parents might possibly do that is wrong. Fortunately the newly minted parents learn quickly and Grandma’s constant criticism doesn’t tent to last very long. A grandparent’s role is critical to the child’s emotional and Physical well being and a vital model for the rest of their life. There are things that they can teach that will serve as a guide whenever the child faces the world with all its potential strife. The value of their collective wisdom is priceless within the family dynamic and a source of information and an authority. Especially on matters pertaining to parenting, as they are the ones who raised their own children to adulthood and maturity. Upon reaching adulthood children can choose to heed their grandparent’s advice or wisely continue to seek them out. There is always the need to have a listening ear, especially at times when the parent’s may express an opinion or have doubt. Sometimes a parent may have a fondness for one child over Another and this can cause the child to develop an insecurity. But, a grandparent’s love does not play favorites as each one is considered special in their eyes and that is always a certainty.
  15. 15. Palates and brushes is all I need to capture your essence and your smile. The kind of peace and tranquility that I have only when you hide yourself The color of love does not fade in time When you take the paints off the shelf. And when we're in the mood we can celebrate with much abandon and glee. The color of our love to be the color of the spotlight and our new celebrity. Our souls will be as one with you my colorful flower the promise of mystery. Draw your mouth to mine and you will my lips in luscious red and wet sheen, I'll trace a hand along your spine today tickle a little and to send colorful sparks. Shooting forth like a fireworks display. To hold each other oh so tight and preen. And the moon shall give its glow to the moment with a clear star- studded sky, Reflecting the light into
  16. 16. So, here I go again, losing out on the love that for so long I thought was mine. Only to have to face the truth about it― that for me, love simply ran out of time. This was nit how it was supposed to be; You and I splitting up, today within hours. I feel as hurt as a little child who was hurt when he picked mommy weeds not flowers. I remember the song, “Band of Gold” and in it she sang something about their honeymoon. I didn't think I heard her right when she said that night, they stayed in separate rooms. That's when I masde the connection to us and the reality is, it's you and me blowing my heart. We don't spend any time together anymore and I think we exist in separate worlds always apart. I can't keep my wedding rings anymore because they stand for a fiction that is in reality just a lie. You don't have to tell me twice that you decided to give living with an “alternative” lifestyle a try. Yes, you might think you had my blessing as I smiled and tried to put on a happy face instead. I didn't encourage you to make that choice, but I know this has been your desire and enough said. Whenever I tried to get you to talk about it, you ignored me and got moody and that is a true fact. So, I tried to learn for myself what will be the outcome of your conflict and continued with my act. I don't think of you with love anymore and it pains me to say I'll never love again, the cost is too much. To play with someone's emotions is a cruel and mean thing to do and it has a very devestating touch.
  17. 17. The Groom will be as the commercial promises “all eyes will be on her, but her eyes will be on his tux” in silver trimmed in black. Tailor-made for the occasion, he does not resist her when she asks he wear cuff links belonging to her father who died of a heart attack. You, the bride, have followed the tradition of obtaining something borrowed old new and borrowed and the gown's a masterpiece. A custom made wedding gown of white satin overlayed in a lace of Austrian crystals, white pearls and diamonds donated by a niece. The nearly completed checklist has only a couple of things that are left to be done, including the rehearsal dinner and the invitations. Putting together a guest list without a serious argument, shows how mature you both are and this bodes well, for your future relations. Everything that should have been thought through, you have done together which is remarkable and necessary to reduce strain. Some couples do not plan the wedding together and often regret it especially, if they later divorce and the memory produces only pain. So much time spent on analyzing and scrutinizing every possible consideration wedding planners say must be done in minute detail. If you've done everything in your power that you believe should be, Then you may be surprised to learn that in one key area you can fail. You have heard the expression, “A three-fold chord cannot be easily torn in two,” and it didn't e The bad news is that if you do not include the “One” who institutedmarriage at the beginning,i The countdown to your wedding day is fast approaching and you've planned things so that no detail is overlooked. You've taken care of the gift registry, invitations, cake, bridal party, best men, and the best entertainment booked. The bride's maids are to be decked out in pink satin dresses with slim sleeves, of champagne-colored lace over a sheath. And have form-fitting body suites of stretchable lace which allows them to show off their curves modestly underneath. They don't complain that you are a “Bridezilla” turning it into a nightmare for those asked to participate in it some how. All hair will be in a French braid with pearls and baby's breath garnishing, makeup and other accessories, to make them wow. The groom's men, with the exception of the “Best Man” are to be clad in champagne-colored tuxes with a mauve bow ties. The Best Man's tuxedo will be silver like the groom's but he will have the same bow tie as the others and one of the guys. The “Flower Girl” is a three-year cutie, named Rachael, who will be cute as a button in her “special dress” everyone can see. She's the last one to walk down the aisle before the bride makes her entrance towards the front and her waiting husband to be. Failing to take into consideration the advice from God who made man in his image and brought our first parents together as one. Husbands and wives must dwell together in peace and harmony if the plan's success and only when plans include him you are done.
  18. 18. Is your marriage at risk of ending in divorce, that and do you realistically want it to end? This a very serious question you should know the answer because much may depend. Have you both been to a marriage counselor to try and figure out why the marriage doesn't work? Does he complain that you (wife) are never satisfied and does she complain (husband) you act like a jerk? Are there children involved that could be adversely affected by a divorce if that is how you want it to be? Are the differences considered irreconcilable and is this what is behind the feelings as a potential source? Has the love you had at first really lost its shine and is this a temporary condition that can always disappear? Is there the potential for one or the other to have an affair does either of you privately think so and are you in fear? Can you describe what exactly has changed between the two of you since the day when you became man and wife? What terrible thing has happened to you for your marriage to be filled with animosity and the bitterness in your life? Throughout the world over it has been reported that a successful marriage statistically has a fifty-fifty chance. Those odds increase exponentially whenever the couple no longer have a need nor the inclination towards romance. Did one or both of you enter into marriage without giving it serious thought that might have warned you about this fate? If the answer is a yes, how do you feel about the reality that the two of you now face and are you really sure it's too late. Are still able to talk with one another without emotions getting in the way and the conversation eventually is abrupt? Is there normally peace in the home or does marital discord tend to make any attempt at working at it suddenly erupt? Are you like two ships passing in the night, totally unaware of each others presence so you are not in each other's way? Is the cause of your ignoring each other due to the fact that you are convinced that there is nothing at all you can say. Husband: can you honestly say that you treat your wife with honor and treat her like you take of yourself every single day? And wife: Do you recognize you husband's headship or does a rebellious spirit sometimes show itself and get in the way? Is there a reliable source that can provide information that is useful and by following it you can your marriage save? Are there helpful reminders that you can incorporate in your marriage to remember the vows and the promises you gave. There is a source that outlines the roles and responsibilities for both husbands and wives that you might have heard. Our Creator instituted marriage who knows best how to live together and has provided counsel on marriage in his word.
  19. 19. Anyone who has ever witnessed lightning put on an awesome display. Can easily compare it to the feeling of love's passion, and it is not a cliché. Thunder and lightning are a storms release of built up electrical tension. Intimate encounters follow a similar course to a crescendo to an ascension. The phases of love are complete and sex seems to be the natural solution. Excitement comes first, followed by climax, and then finally resolution. That storms also produce excitement shouldn't at all be considered strange. Often it is the implied danger and the risk that desire cannot change. For a time they are connected, the storm and the two entwined lovers. Nature sets the stage for romance and the rain life sees and discovers. That anyone would undertake such an actual encounter on lover's lane is okay—love makes us do the crazy things, like making love In The Rain. Happy people enjoy seeing others singing and dancing in the rain. While singers sometimes croon out sad love songs about emotional pain Starry-eyed lovers stroll holding hands the rain during the season. At home they snuggle closer and high birth rates result for a reason. Some think it goes against common sense to go outside during a storm. But, lovers know when electricity is in the air, it causes desire to form. Passion is want gone to extreme It encompasses more than desire And it the heat of the moment Rain has been known to inspire. When in time come love grows old and familiar feelings start to wane Is the time when copious showers of memories fall like needed rain. People have sometimes wondered what gives rain so much power? To make people run to get out of it while causing plants to flower.
  20. 20. That is not to say that none of these relationships has a chance to succeed. Some have lasted longer than couples who marry out of their desire or need. In the last century there has been a steady rise in the rate of divorce― Leading some to speculate that this is a much less risky and costly course. Whether you decide to commit fully and skip on the marriage ceremony. Keep in mind that the relationship is as serious as any holy matrimony. A rule that can apply to either choice is that the two must behave as if one. Sharing in both good and bad times and the responsibility for what is done. Finding that special someone with whom you have discovered true love, Can be the most rewarding experience placing no one nor anything above. In this day of open relationships it seems marriage is not in vogue. Women are happy being single while men like playing the rogue. It is now considered fashionable to cohabit before they commit. Surprisingly, it is women more so than men who seem to not want it. In some ways it is a good thing that women can exercise a new freedom. One drawback is that the woman has a reputation hard to run from. The modern experiment in marriage goes against most religious teaching. Ministers are quick to point out it's God's arrangement in their preaching. Common law marriage is recognized in many states and has not declined. The legality of the relationship varies so couples should keep this in mind.
  21. 21. Please――Don't mind if I start to grin I am dry, but he has me shaken and stirred And I want to quench my thirst at the fountains of waters of you and drink you in. Please――Don't make me plead with the “man in the moon” so that he will stay away for a while longer while so I can watch the sun worship you filling my need Please――Don't hide your fine physique You made me limp like driftwood and because of you I an caught in an undertow and I want to erupt like a geyser, but, alas, I am too weak. Please――Believe me when I say You are a brother like no other and I pray that the sun hold back the rains so that I can have this delicious treat every day. Please ――You can confess Tell me if you know the fireman's credo You know, “find 'em hot and leave 'em wet.” If so, you know the source of my wetness. Somebody please ――Hold me back Who is that tall drink of water standing there looking better than a body has a right to, and styling in the sun like a god in obsidian black. Please――Wipe the sweat from my brow Who is this fine specimen of a man, a brother that has been “kissed hard” by the sun? I was about to leave, but there's no way now. Please―― Pinch me to see if he's real I must be dreaming because I see the full effect of chiseled muscles that ripple like the wind-driven sand that is my appeal. Please―――Help me I think I'm falling in the deep end and I could drown with desire waiting for you to throw me a line 'Cause I think that your body is calling Please――Let me be that cool breeze that chases the beads of sweat down your satiny smooth spine and you could dive in head-first causing a tsunami wave with ease
  22. 22. Rolphie is part Boxer and part Pit Bull and is big as dogs go, but he is as affectionate as he can be. He loves to chase your feet and eat snowballs if you trow them and is just like a big kid in reality. Bo will develop a personality that will reflect his temperament and his breed along with any training. He will likely be the hit of all children that visit the White House of the family that he will be gaining. W Americans really love our dogs and we devote much time and resources on caring and spoiling them. Ask any dog lover and they will tell you that the dog is more precious and valuable to them than any gem. There are many furry friends that people have in the home that is considered officially as the “family pet.” Dogs bring so much joy into your world which is something unique that the two you have not experienced yet. Having a dog is different from being around your parents, friends, or relatives and having one is positively a lot of fun. Who else is always happy and enthusiastic to see you daily and will gladly go with you whenever you want to take a run. The Obama girls will learn in time what dog lovers all over the world already know. Having a puppy will bring lots of fun and responsibility as they will learn with “Bo.” The “First Dog” will be a welcome addition to the family and and is sure to be a delight. They give their affection unselfishly and do make a good friend to have with you at night. Puppies are energetic as most young are at first before they are trained and can be a chore. But, the good times running and playing with them and companionship is worth much more. My family had few dogs when I was growing up with names like Lady, Trixie, and Brownie. The last one wandered into our yard when he was just a puppy and we fell in love immediately. I have a couple of dog pals named Rolphie and Tonka, whom I affectionately call “Bonker Boo.” He is Cocker Spaniel Poodle mix who loves to get silly and wags his stubby little tail for you.
  23. 23. Cherish is a word that is often used to describe something that we treasure more than anything in the universe on a scale that no one can measure. Children are a cherished inheritance The miracle of birth gift from above The fabric of a family heirloom weaved together in a circle of love. Single possession can be cherished above an abundance or shortage other things It represents a value only the owner knows happiness of possession it brings. Friendships are often cherished because of the mysterious and special bond that happens between two people who are connected in ways more than being fond. Cherished moments are like rare artifacts that holds within it an untold story Some are stowed away from public view while others on display in all their glory. When a person is considered cherished they are held in highest esteem Expressions of best wishes and well being to them continually stream. Most people cherish something, but it by far better to cherish someone The best will always be in store for life, just like the promise of new sun. The fact that we can cherish at all challenges us in every way to stop and really smell the roses and find a way to Cherish the Day. I wish the world used the principal that life is something to cherish For as long and I live and breathe This thought will never perish. The quest to find that one thing for a reward deserved is a time to reflect Good comes from road least traveled To cherish this goal commands respect.
  24. 24. Love is an emotion, the personification of which cab only be summed up in God. The wonders of creation itself fills us with a sense of wonder and we are rightly awed. The Bible tells us that we were created in the likeness of Him and have the capacity to love. When we show love to one another we are sharing a gift that came directly from God above. Mankind has put a name or label to everything we discover in the course of exploration and know that in the scheme of things there are times when our experience defies our ability of love to show. We have always been comfortable with the who, what, when of matters, but never understand how. What is it about love that makes it frustrating and difficult to cope with sometimes especially right now. There is a lack of natural affection on the part of many people throughout the whole world today. They do not owe anyone anything, even those they should care about or at least that's what they say. There is a proverb in the Bible that says: “Expectation postponed is making the heart sick” quite literally. If you consider the degree that love influences the mind because it is the seat of motivation, it had to be. The American Heart Association has information onmany topics concerning killer heart diseases and more. The things that can cause a heart attack are specific to personal lifestyle and is preventable at the matter's core. Love is not a disease, but it can make you sick when you get that feeling that you have not had for a while. Maybe you did not think it could happen to you as you maintained your single and free attitude and lifestyle.
  25. 25. “Explain O Love your seemingly eternal mystery You are elusive, yet your footprint is very near. Why is it that people willingly sacrifice their soul 'in the name of love' without any trace of fear?” Love for its part will answer and say, “Not every one loves a mystery, as such I am but one of many emotions to lay bare the stubbornest fickle heart. People don't miss hate when they haven't any.” “Divulge, O Love your secret to eternal happiness. The kind of love one dreams living without regret. Why is it that 'in the name of love' women confess undying love and all their most intimate secrets?” Love now whispers a secret the discerning heart if honest with respect to how they love cannot deny; “Solidarity is the key to success of any relationship for those that are willing of mind and heart to try.” Expose, O Love the truth concerning you, that you are priceless, and as such exact a tremendous cost. Why is there an imposed isolation of oneself when the promised “forever together” is suddenly lost?” Love can feel hurt at its being dishonored by hurt done 'in its name,' so its reputation it must defend. “Would you really share the ecstasy of intimacy with someone you regard as merely just a friend?” Reveal, O Love your source, the place from which you came that inspires songs of rejection and pain. Why is it, “for the love of God” that so many have searched for you their lifetime and it was in vain?” Love, as expressed by God is the embodiment of love, it is His most outstanding attribute above all. Love says, “We should imitate Him by our acts of selfless generosity of spirit and respond to my call.” “O Love, Felicè, Eros, Erotica and Agapè, all of you distinguishable from the other by meaning or name. Whereas, the whole world loves the things it loves with its whole heart and “love” is a universal flame.” Love expresses itself in a passionate voice, “Come to me for I become the gift that keeps right on giving. It was as an expression of His love that you even exist. It is by the ultimate sacrifice of love you keep on living.
  26. 26. A Pacific-Islander can marry a Native American Indian and these would not be considered improper. The union of the two people who profess love for one another is what matters and what it may offer. There are still recognized cases of resistance to certain types of relationships, such as same sex. The religious community continues to resist the reality of these unions and their stance is to vex. Color, in every other sense is welcome because it reminds us that variety exists naturally everywhere. Except for the interpersonal relationships that are on every nation on the earth, most people do not care. So, if anyone has cause against you because they see you as defiling what they believe, raise your voice. Do not let them try to persuade you otherwise, no one has the right to limit your options or affect your choice. Take a look at couples and lovers from around the world and you are apt to find, that when it comes to relationships, love thankfully, as the case often is, color-blind. No matter what country you are from or climate is hot or cold, lovers interconnect. They sometimes produce bi-racial offspring and this further enhances the variety effect. Variety, it is often said, “is the spice of life.” It does not matter what race, color or creed. This is a good thing for those who are looking for their soul mate and have that personal need. It does not matter what your national identity is, nor does it matter what language(s) you speak. The ties that love produces have the desired out- come and what binds us together is all we seek.
  27. 27. So, where do you go to find true love after it hasn't again come your way―have you someone to trust? First, you must learn to listen to your heart and see opportunities that are there ―for love, not lust. If you want a satisfying love life in which no other candidates can compete, you must seriously wonder. Whether you view a potential mate as more than a conquest or if blind love will cause another blunder. Take some free advice from one who knows that it requires a firm commitment to do whatever it takes. Love requires no less than everything―otherwise your quest is in vain and you'll again have bad breaks. Keep seeking it and someday you will find it, or as occasionally occurs, it manages to find you instead. A magical moment when you know “this is the one.” The only thing left undone is to decide when to wed. Love is mysterious to be sure, but it rewards those who possess it with everlasting benefits and undying support. Never develop the wrong mindset that the opposite sex should be treated as “a fish in the sea” or love is a sport. You had your chance to be with (her) him― But, you blew it and now it's much too late. Your fortuitous meeting was mere coincidence than if by design or the “fickle hand of fate.” If you don't know what is required to make a relationship work or how to make it last. While you were playing the “role,” you did not remember that you can't out live your past. You might have spent your lifetime looking for love in all the wrong places and now know. That “Ms. ( Mr.) right” is waiting in plain sight for you to notice, but you were a no show. Now you're looking again for that special person to spend the rest of your life with and to share. The fruits of your hard work and the assets you have accumulated, if someone would only care. Too bad you were selfish and self-absorbed and the chance passed and that's truly a crying shame. You would have been better served reading advice from columnists who know that love is not game.
  28. 28. There is no reason for “dating” to end because you tied the knot and are now bound together. Like a spring shower that cleanses the air, it refreshes and renews during inclement weather. Your wedding day as you have planned it, must be a time of much happiness, blessings and joy. Remember, bride—it is a man whom you are to marry and say, “I do,” not some naive little boy. You may take his name as your own, but you never ever lose your family's unique heritage. Whether you decide to keep your maiden name hyphenated, is to be decided when you engage. Take things slow and let the progress come in along with the blessings that will never end. It may be destiny that brought the two of you together, but patience is needed in order to blend. If you believe it was fate that brought the two of you together, then it smiled on you. Fate rarely gets it right where matters of the heart are concerned, the axiom is true. It will require more than luck or kismet, or to make a union of the two a successful one. And it will take more than chance to see to it that each party knows what must be done. Talking about the future before it occurs is a wise plan for awareness of each other's mind. If the course of wisdom to seek the other's advantage to make peace, then you will find. In doing random acts of kindness, each can set the standard for how to treat one's mate. Looking to keep the love that you had at first sight is a good way to think or contemplate.
  29. 29. The scene was an assembly of the members of the two families for a pre-wedding dinner rehearsal. To iron out the remaining details for the wedding which was to occur the next week barring a reversal. The head of the long banquet table was reserved by tradition for father of the bride and her mother, his wife. The blending of two families is an occasion for them to be together for one evening, before the day its for life. Before the evening got started, a controversy arose about a rather trivial matter concerning the seating arrangement Some extended family members felt that they were being slighted somehow and could not resist making a comment. This morphed into a “bickering fest” that clearly upset the bride-to-be and being pregnant, she began to feel much pain. Her fiancé rushed her to the hospital, concerned for her and the baby's well-being, told by the doctor she should remain. The hospital checked her in and put a baby monitor on her to assess the baby's condition and was told the baby is fine. The fiasco had started around five o'clock pm. and now it was much later in the evening, just about a quarter past nine. Alone and together and relieved about the baby, they had a talk about what happened and decided she could not cope. The stress of the planning of the wedding and now this, was a signal for them and they decided that they'd rather elope. They showed exceptional maturity in looking at what occurred at the dinner and took it as a kind of premonition. Knowing that nothing would change in a week's time, it was final―that she could not cope, especially in her condition. The news of their elopement caught the family by complete surprise and they were disappointed, but very little was said. They understood the reasons why without being told and decided to plan just a reception to celebrate their union instead. Herein lies an object lesson on keeping the focus on what is truly important things and leaving out the trivial or mundane. Proof that you can keep a “level head” and see things the way they really are and prevent yourself from going insane. Starting a life together does not require an elaborate or expensive wedding to ensure what happiness it will bring. Being on the same page with one another is the only way to keep the focus on what matters most is the wise thing.
  30. 30. It takes more than an appearance of acting in a fine manner always by reason of faith alone. Thi9s “brotherly love” is cultivated as if it were a garden of goodness that is continually shown. When it comes to expressing love, perhaps the ancient Greeks had it right on how to say it best. They used the word “agápe” when referring to brotherly love was set apart from all the rest. When it was used in the context of Christian unity it meant love that was not deemed romantic. It was not the kind of love shared between a man and wife, family members, but more than semantic. Agápe was different than “Eros, Felice, or even Erotica―it is love tbat is baed on principle at its best. To have the same faith as we have for our Creator for our brothers is where our salvation actually does rest. Of course, brothers and sisters in the congregation imitate Jehovah who showed greatest act of love. By offering His son as a sacrifice to redeem mankind and watches over us from His heavenly throne above. When I was a young girl a family friend advised me to take my parents by the hand. She said if they ask where they are going then say, “we're going to the promised land.” Although I was with her several times a week, this was the first time she said this. I understood what she was asking me to do and it was an invitation they can't miss. Mom, mom was a distant relation, but she was faithful in many ways hard to express. She was a very kind soul that cared for my family and this thing she had to address. Many years later I am happy to say that I dis ass she asked me and I am happy to say. They are steadfast in their determination to continue walking as Christ's disciples today. This required a change of behavior and it is manifest in their love towards others. These people are a special group of “friends” referred to one another as sisters and brothers.
  31. 31. I love everything about weddings, From the planning to the ceremony. I never fail to get teary-eyed when the couple exchanges their vows and are locked together in holy matrimony. I love it that friends and family get to participate and celebrate their romance. The receptions are usually festive and lively with all the attention focused on the happy couple intertwined in the traditional dance. How the times have changed and now the love is lost that was shared at the beginning. What about the promises you made to love honor and respect one another, through the best or worst of times with love as your underpinning. A few trusted family members or close friend might have warned you about “the bloom of youth.” That is what happens when high school sweethearts can hardly find enough excuses to explain why they can no longer live together, a sad and painful truth. Neither is concerned about the welfare of their mate. There is no consideration of the other's needs or wants. Where there was once expressions of love and terms of endearment, there is only flying accusations, bitterness, wrath, and screaming at each other abusive taunts. Sadder, still the situation becomes if there are children involved and neither party is willing to work things out. Broken families can lead to divorce and total dissolution. The marriage, which may become contentious― needing lawyers, judges, and any hope of salvation left in doubt. Time for a little “Tough Love” for those who are in this situation and considering divorce with all seriousness. Before the promises slip away and it comes to an end. remember your wedding day, the joy, who caught the bouquet, and how you went from wedded bliss, to this.
  32. 32. Do you think you know what love is? It is written that it forms a perfect bond. How do you know that it is true love if you find someone you are more than fond? Did you know some people claim to never have been in love, nor do they care if they missed out. They say, “love is blind, after all, so there is no way to miss what you cannot see―no doubt.h Humans can experience love, share love (or not) accept love, but they can never claim to be love. There is only One that can make that claim and He does not reside on earth but, in the heavens above. God is love and therefore bids us to walk in love's most excelling way―influencing all we do and say. Without love we are an empty shell without purpose and no one sees the beauty we possess any given day. If your mother loves you, she will put nutritious food on your plate at each meal. She knows what you need to grow properly and she does not think doing so is a big deal. What would you willingly sacrifice to save the lives of people whom you've never met? Is it love that allows you to remember details of events or places that you will never forget? How can we really understand what love is― We all know that love is the opposite of hate. Did you know that love is the foremost of all other emotions and is too much to contemplate? Some people spend their lives searching for it, but unfortunately they look in the wrong places. They say you can see the look of love when a person is bitten by the “love bug” in their faces.
  33. 33. When we first got together, it was like being on a 24/7 natural high. Cloud nine was our private place to escape with our head in the sky. We were so in love that we made a promise to commit to each other. Although not old enough to marry, we vowed to love of one another. People called what we felt “puppy love” ―a mistake often misspoken. In a simple ceremony, we said our vows and exchanged a small token. As far as we were concerned, we had a love affair like on the movie screen. Our passion was absolute and what we shared was real―especially for a teen. Everything in our world seemed to celebrate the two of us as we were one. Kindred spirits that were born to be together because of what we have done. Our home was on “cloud nine” with a castle where the sun touches the sky. We had gardens of goodness and the beauty of our surroundings up this high. We said our love was forever, but fate intervened leaving me broken hearted. One day everything changed and I was left wondering what it was we started. Losing you cut like a knife and I was cut to my soul, wondering what went wrong. Forever is too long into the future to claim love will endure when it does not last long.
  34. 34. When did the word “Intimate” get the connotation as a negative thing?” There was a time not too long ago, if it was right it could make angels sing. I miss the way two people would look at each other with “knowing eyes.” Just the thought of being with the one you love in life was the ultimate prize. Having an “intimate acquaintance” was considered anything but a sexual liaison. time when you could make reference to such a person innocently are gone.. To know something “intimately” meant you had more than casual knowledge. You could be an expert on any subject without having even attended college.