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Questionnaire analysis

  1. 1. Questionnaire Analysis I produced a questionnaire to give to my target audience. it featuredquestions about what appeals most to them about romantic comedys; theirposters and film magazines. The results I gather from this will help me when I come to do a focus group.
  2. 2. Gender and AgeGender Age 18-19 male 20-22 Female 23-26 27-30
  3. 3. What is the main reason forwatching a romantic comedy?Allot of the responses from the females was because it is entertaining and one of their favourite genres of film, a feel good thing to do, which they often watch with their female friends.Males on the other hand said although it is not their first choice of film they would watch with a wife or girlfriend or if there was actors they enjoyed eg/ Ryan Reynolds, Hugh GrantOther responses included the seasonality of films would encourage them to watch it, such as ‘love actually’ and ‘four Christmases’
  4. 4. What themes would you most like to see in a romantic comedy? Proposal mariage Divorce/break up The coming together of a new relationship Based around existing relationshipsWhy...People said that they find the coming together of new relationships moreinteresting to watch and how each of them change, they like to see the coupleover come the ups and downs.They also said starting the film with a break up and it developing into a newrelation ship is also entertaining.
  5. 5. What Problems would you like to see the main characters experience within the film?The most frequent answers... Jealousy from people within the relationship.Main characters are opposites but make it work because they love each other. A bad break up/cheating.
  6. 6. Would you like to see a film which focuses on a homosexual relation ship? Yes No Many people added an additional comment saying how watching ahomosexual couple would make them feel uncomfortable. However there is not a clear divide suggesting that people would like to see a new sort of romantic comedy and are open minded.
  7. 7. What sort of characteristics of maincharacters would you like/ expect to see? Many responses said that ethnicity was not a huge issue but would expect them to be white, British/American. Looks and age where important to both males and females, they would expect them to be in their 20’s and good looking. They would expect them to be successful and have jobs in business.In terms of personality they would like characters to be flirty, bubbly, and out going.
  8. 8. The setting of the film will take place in the UK, where would you expect or like to see the film take place?Majority of answers said they would expect to see it in a large city such as London. A few of the questionnaires said that although they expect to see it set in London they would like to see it somewhere different. However for the sake of sticking to conventions of romantic comedy trailers I will set my trailer in London.
  9. 9. Would you prefer to have music that you know or music made especially for the trailer? Music music they know music made espcialy no preferance
  10. 10. The film posterI have analysed 3 films and to help me understand how much of the film is given away in the poster and whatappeals most to the audience. Because my trailer will be located in the UK I have also added the addition ofBridget Jones diary which I have done an analysis of the poster.
  11. 11. The Proposal Many people who hadnt seen the film did understand that the boss was the female and that she was perhaps asking him to marry her. They understand that from the costume they are professional. The first thing people noticed when they looked at the is the image. People specifically mentioned how they are standing and how dominant the women is and how the image sexualises her. People also said this is the ting that appealed to them most about the image. Some people said also in the questionnaire especially the male participants said that they would not watch them film based on the poster alone but knowing who the characters are may influence their choice.
  12. 12. How To Loose A Guy In Ten Days With this poster people said it was difficult to tell by the poster what the film was about if the name of the film wasnt such a give away. People said they didnt think the poster was that good it was a bit boring (this may be the younger participants as in my analysis I thought it was quite a mature poster) but the first thing they noticed about the poster is the image and the body language between the 2 and the womens dress. People also said that they would not be interested in seeing the film based on the poster alone
  13. 13. Brides Maids By looking at the poster people who hadnt saw it knew little about the main plat apart from the story revolved around a bridal party. From the poster some participants said they could tell each women had a separate personality which is made clear in the trailer and film. The first thing people see on the poster is the large font which brides maids is written in this is unusual as in majority other poster the image is the most appealing and first thing people see. The actors are not listed on the poster as they are not very well known, therefore i only asked the participants weather they would see it on the poster alone people said they would based on the attitude the women show in the image.
  14. 14. Bridget Jones Diary By looking at the poster alone people said that they understood that there was a relationship with both men and the women and that there is a conflict between the 2. The thing that people first see is her facial expression it is cheeky, however both male and female participants said that the thing that appealed to them most is Hugh Grant and his gaze. People liked how busy the poster is and thought it was affective they all would see it both based on the poster and the actors (specifically Hugh Grant)
  15. 15. Which is your favourite poster? Sales Why... I the proposal, The dominant women in poster and how the characters are positioned. The The Proposal males said they where attracted to the female character. How To Loose Bridget Jones, the atmosphere that guy is created in the poster by the 3 Brides Maids different character and the relation ship between them makes them Bridget Jones want to watch it.
  16. 16. The film magazine-Do you read film magazines? yes no
  17. 17. What appeals to you about film magazines/ why would you buy one?Much of my target audience has no real interest in film and watch them mainly for pleasure, with friends not as an interest or hobby here for film magazines dont appeal to them especially the females asked as the films they watch are romantic comedys . This may be because magazines such as total film and empire focus on more action and genres similar to that as they have a dominant male audience. They also said that they may buy it if they had a actor or films they enjoy. They also said they may read it if it was well priced or free.
  18. 18. Would you rather see the character from the film or the actor who stared in it? Charecter Actor
  19. 19. Would you prefer the article tobe about the film or the actor? actor film
  20. 20. To summarise...When making my trailer I will consider the most popular themes of new relationships. I will stick with the convention of heterosexual relationships and my characters will be attractive and professional which not only sticks to conventions but also appeals to my audience.With my poster I will use colours effectively as with brides maids. My image should create an atmosphere between the characters to reveal some of the relationship and film, but not give away to much as with many of the posters.My film magazine will feature the actor from the film which sticks with many of the conventions and what would appeal to my target audience. However I must consider what will make my audience want to purchase the magazine as they dont typically buy them.