Film magazine conventions


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Film magazine conventions

  1. 1. Film Magazine Conventions
  2. 2. Images All the women on theAlthough typically magazine covers i havemagazine front analysed have beencovers have a sexualised in some way. thismedium close up as seems to me a convention of all film magazines withthe main image, the females on the front cover.magazine covers I this will sell to men as they arehave analysed most physically attracted to them and women because theyof them have long want to be like them.shots.
  3. 3. ImagesThe image above shows just how frequent medium shots to mid close upsare used on the front cover of entertainment weekly. this magazine is alsothe most common magazine to feature actors form romantic comedys.
  4. 4. Font font is easy and clear to read it is in a more formal text as these magazines are for an older audience. when font is sans serif it is clear to read rather than a swirly text which is hard to read when there is swirly text like that bellow it is only singular words, this is used to make individual words stand out.
  5. 5. Mast head The mast head is always at the top of the page and one of the largest bits of font on the cover. with all of the magazine covers I analysed the mast head is partially covered by the top of the head of the image on the page. However it is still clear what the magazine is.
  6. 6. Colour Greys, black, reds and some blues are used this creates a more mature feel t the cover rather than bright pinks or oranges would.The colours within this Again there is a limited amount ofmagazine are restricted colour it is a fairly muted colourto 2 or 3 this is the same scheme using whites and reds. itwith the other 2 I have seems to be a convention thatanalysed. the red relates colour scheme are limited to 2 or 3to the proposal colour colours. red been a popular onescheme which people for romantic comedys. as both men and women can associatemay associate with this if with it rather than pink.they had seen it.
  7. 7. Main Article The main article is usually positioned right next to theimage so the image guides oureye line to this text. this is usuallya large font size as it will be the main article in the magazine.
  8. 8. Other ArticlesThe circles indicate other articles within themagazine they still stick to the colours and fontsof the magazine but are much smaller andseparated from the main article. some timesthere are smaller images but these are few andin the middle example there isnt.
  9. 9. Other ConventionsOther conventions of the front cover of a magazine are the bar code date of publication, issue number and price. these are often located to wards the top of the magazine buy the mast head and is in a small sans- serif font so as not to detract from the magazine images and featuring articles.