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  • History of magazines in the UK 
  • History of magazines in the uk powerpoint

    1. 1. History of Magazines in the UK Alice Culligan-Huggins, Myp2, Language A
    2. 2. What was the first magazine published in the UK? The first English magazine was Review. It was published in 1704, in London. Review was published between 1704 and 1713 without interruption, and had three issues a week. The Review reported on social and political issues as well as carrying commercial advertising.
    3. 3. Who published the first magazine? The first magazine in the UK, Review was published by Daniel Defoe, author of Robinson Crusoe.Daniel Defoe:Daniel was born Daniel Foe and was an English writer, journalist, trader and pamphleteer. He added the De to his last name to make him sound more aristocratic, as he was not a gentleman and was the child of dissenters*. At this time England was very strict about religion, and dissenters were looked upon very lowly. He became famous for his novel Robinson Crusoe. He wrote over 370 known publications. He is often thought of as the father of journalism. His birth date is unknown and is thought to be some where in 1659 to 1661. He died on the 24th April 1731.*Dissenters: ( Christians who separated from the Church of England)
    4. 4. How have they changed/evolved?Large changes in magazines are more noticeable in Women’smagazines.They have gone from being about more mother and housewifethings to celebrity gossip, fashion and latest trends.Of course, you still get your typical ‘housewife’ magazine featuringparenting advice and advertising cute things for your house.But the gossip and fashion have a much bigger market and aremuch more well known, eg.: OK!, Glamour, Hello!, and Heat.
    5. 5. What is the oldest magazine still published in the UK now?The oldest magazine still printed today is The Scots Magazine. It was first published in 1739, although many changes in ownership and gaps in the publication totalling over 90 years, question the claim.Another magazine called Lloyds List was founded in 1734 in Edward Lloyds England teashop is still published today as a daily business newspaper.
    6. 6. What are the most successful magazines in the UK?• In 2009, the most read monthly magazine was Sky Magazine, with Top gear in 5th place and Readers digest in 7th.• In 2011 the highest circulation* had Asda magazine in 1st place, Tesco magazine in 2nd, Whats on TV in 4th place, Glamour in 12th place, Ok! In 16th, Hello! was in 22nd place and Cosmopolitan was in 27th place.• These statistics are from the first half of 2011.*Circulation: A magazines circulation is the number of copies it distributes, on average, for each issue.
    7. 7. HELLO!My absolute favourite magazine is Hello! Every time we go to the UK, I buy loads of them. Since they are an English magazine I thought I could do a special section on Hello!I like Hello because it doesnt intrude on peoples privacy. It’s more interviews and photo shoots . Its always full of nice stuff and not paparazzi trying to catch celebrities unaware or in embarrassing situations. Most of the pictures are from photo shoots and red carpet events where they are posing.
    8. 8. HELLO!Hello is a weekly magazine which specialises in celebrity news and interviews. It has been published in the UK since 1988. Hello has a sister magazine called iHola! The Spanish weekly magazine launched in 1944.Local editions of the magazine are published in Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Greece, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, The Middle East, Morocco, Russia, Serbia, Thailand, Bulgaria, and Turkey. “Hello’s editorial concept distinguishes it from the many sensationalist and negative celebrity magazines on the market in the UK. Hello’s content includes respectful coverage of celebrities and royals and compelling human-interest stories. It aims to provide the quality of content that a monthly magazine provides in a news-focused, weekly format.” – WikipediaHello attracts a mainly female audience . It has also been an industry leader in advertising since it began in 1988.One of the most sold editions of Hello! wasThe Royal Wedding 2011 special edition.
    9. 9. HELLO cont’dHello was first launched by publisher Eduardo Sanchez Junco in 1988.The magazines respectful treatment of the stars gives them a friendly relationships with celebrities. Through these relationships they often get rights to exclusive photos and interviews directly with the celebrities.Hello has had over 11 awards presented to it.Including:2008 PTC Top Dog Awards Commercial Director of the Year, Winner2004 PPA – Sales Pitch of the Year, Winner2002 PPA – International Magazine of the Year, Winner1999 BSME Awards, Best International magazine, Winner.
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