Guideline for etr presentation


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Guideline for etr presentation

  1. 1. ETR/ENT 300
  2. 2. Presentation Guideline     Kindly ensure that both of the panels have received your business plan copies including the mark chit before the presentation takes place. The time given for presentation is 20 minutes including the Q&A session for each group. Please come at least 20 minutes early before your group presentation. Please be “professional” when answering the questions. Please try to answer all the questions.
  3. 3. Presentation Guideline     Don’t answer "i don't know", "my lecturer asks me to do this" or any other unprofessional answer etc. Presentation must be in English. Don’t simply read the slide presentation. You must know everything about your group business plan.
  4. 4. Presentation Guideline  Check your manners: - Confident - Enthusiastic but not desperate or gushy - Courteous, attentive, good voice, expression. - Shake hands firmly - Leave promptly after the presentation.
  5. 5. i. Preparing Attire    It is very important to project a positive professional image when presenting a business plan. You must be aware of the fact that you are often judged by the way you dress and look. Therefore, it is wise to pay attention to the clothes you intend to wear for the presentation.
  6. 6. Preparing Attire  i. Ladies: Ladies should wear clothes that are suitable for work. - Baju Kurung or Smart Casual Style clothes which are comfortable and project a professional image are advisable. - Clothes which are too tight , short or revealing should not be worn. - It is best not to wear colours that are too bright or garish
  7. 7. Preparing Attire A little make-up helps. - If make up is used, be careful that it is not overdone. - Colours should be subtle and the make-up should look natural. iii. Do not wear too many chains and rings. - Ear rings should not be too big. - Dangling ear rings are not advisable. ii.
  8. 8. Preparing Attire Nails should not be too long or very brightly polished. v. Hair should be neatly combed or put up. - Remember you are not auditioning for a part in a movie. - So, however attractive your hair may look, remember that your main aim is to project a professional image. vi. Do not wear slippers or very high-heeled shoes as this may lead to unfortunate incidents. iv.
  9. 9. Preparing Attire Men : i. Men should wear dark coloured tailored trousers which are not too baggy or too tight. ii. Shirts should be in light pastel colours. - Plain shirts are advisable but not a must. iii. Ties should not be too colourful or distracting. 
  10. 10. Preparing Attire iv. v. vi. Hair should be reasonably short and wellgroomed. - Men should ensure they are clean shaven. - Moustaches and/or beards should be welltrimmed. Watches should be conservative in design and colour. Accessories like rings or bracelets should be minimal and not worn if possible.
  11. 11. GUIDELINE FOR BUSINESS PLAN PRESENTATION SLIDE AREA EXECUTIVE SUMMARY BUSINESS BACKGROUND ORGANIZATIONAL CHART MARKETING OPERATIONS FINANCIAL CONCLUSIONS ITEM Target Customer Key Products/Services Market Size & Market Share Competitors Sales Forecasting Marketing Strategies Process Planning Material Planning Machines & Equipments Planning Locations Operation & Business Hours Admin, Marketing & Operation Budget Project Implimentation Cost Cash Flow Income Statement Balance Sheet SUGGESTED PRESENTER CEO CEO CEO Marketing Manager Marketing Manager Marketing Manager Marketing Manager Marketing Manager Marketing Manager Operation Manager Operation Manager Operation Manager Operation Manager Operation Manager Financial Manager Financial Manager Financial Manager Financial Manager Financial Manager Prospect of The Business CEO 1. Presentation’s slides prepared must not exceed 20 slides 2. For financial part of Business Plan : Students are advisable to prepare a separate folder consisting their own business plan financial template and use it for their presentation. 3. Duration for presentation is for 20 minutes including Q & A Sessions.
  12. 12. Good luck & Do the best