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  • Hi, my name is Matt Browning, and I’m with’s Partner Sales Enablement team.
    This tutorial will teach you how to present an introductory demonstration of to your clients. The best practices that I’m about to share are time-tested and proven. By investing a few minutes now, you’ll be prepared to deliver a simple, yet high-impact executive demonstration whenever the need arises.
  • So to understand why salesforce is the market leader, it’s important to understand the cloud computing model and it’s benefits to you.
    Cloud computing is really two things. It’s a new technology model, and it’s a new business model.
    <Click> The multi-tenant technology model means that you are always automatically upgraded to the latest release, your customizations and integrations never break because of an upgrade, and you never have to worry about things like security and performance. Most importantly, the multi-tenant technology model allows you to deploy five times faster and at half the cost relative to traditional on-premise applications.
    <Click> The subscription-based business model offers the right answer for today’s economy: there’s no capital expense, you pay as you go, and it easily scales with your business.
  • With that, let me set the broader context for the demo you’re about to see. has four components to its products: cloud apps, the Collaboration Platform, the Development Platform, and the Cloud Infrastructure.
    I’m about to give you a look at the Sales Cloud app, but it’s important that you understand how this fits into the bigger picture.
  •’s foundation is their Cloud Infrastructure.
    By running your apps in the cloud you can take advantage of their massive investment in infrastructure.
    Salesforce offers the highest levels of security, performance and reliability.
    It all runs on a multi-tenant kernel that manages a shared infrastructure for over 67,900 customers and 2 million users.
  • On top of this infrastructure, has layered the development platform. is the fastest way to build and customize enterprise applications.
    This is where you’ll find important components such as the analytics engine, real-time mobile deployment capabilities, and an integrated Content management library.
  • The next generation of app development and deployment will include not only the infrastructure and development platform, but will also include a whole new collaboration layer that salesforce is adding shortly.
    The chatter collaboration platform will not only provide the social collaboration for employees in a similar manner to what we already know on Facebook and Twitter, but it will facilitate feeds so that the apps themselves can communicate with users.
  • The top row shows the four salesforce apps, all of which run on the infrastructure and can be customized with the development and collaboration platforms.
    Together, these represent a complete set applications for CRM and for your custom applications.
    From left to right we have:
    - Sales Cloud 2: applications for sales organization to manage all their sales and marketing activities, pipeline and forecasts
    - Service Cloud 2: applications for customer service and support organizations to manage post-sales service to end customers
    - Custom Cloud 2: platform for building and running unique custom apps
    Chatter Collaboration Cloud: enterprise collaboration with colleagues and apps in real-time
    Let’s jump in and take a look at the Sales Cloud now…
    <Alt-Tab to browser which is showing the page>
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    2. 2. The Cloud Computing Model Technology Model: Multi-tenant Automatic Upgrades World-Class Security 5x Faster, ½ Cost Business Model: Subscription No Capital Expense Pay-As-You-Go Scales Easily IDC White Paper sponsored by “ Cloud Platform Drives Huge Time to Market and Cost Savings”, Doc # 219965, September, 2009
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