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FAWIRA Project: General presentation

  1. 1. FAWIRA PROJECT INRAA 20 Mars 2012 FERRAH ALI, Coordinator http://www.fawira-project.eu
  2. 2. FAWIRA PROJECT: Legal informations Project title: Strengthening of Food, Agriculture and Water related International Research Cooperation of Algeria. Grant Agreement number:295088 Project acronym: FAWIRA Funding Scheme: Coordination and support action. PROJECT COORDINATOR Mr Ferrah Ali Institut National de la Recherche Agronomiqued’Algérie (INRAA) E-mail: aliferrah@gmail.com Project website address: http://www.fawira-project.eu (Under construction)
  3. 3. CONTEXTE  European Research Area (Strengthening international research cooperation between Algeria and Europe in areas relevant to the FP7) .  Development “ Food, Agriculture and Water” center of excellence (facilitating its participation in European and regional collaborative research initiatives) to respond to Algerian’s socio- economic needs.
  4. 4. FAWIRA: OVERALL OBJECTIVE Renforcer les capacités de coopération internationale de l’INRAA dédiée à la recherche dans les domaines de l’alimentation, l’agriculture et l’eau (AAE), en vue de répondre aux besoins socioéconomiques de l’Algérie
  5. 5. FAWIRA :SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES  Analysis of Needs and Opportunities in research and innovations fields.  Build Capacity and Training activities for researchers and INRAA’s Staff.  Create Network (Research, SME’s, Stakholders).  Disseminate Results and Knowledge.  Ensure Project Sustainability.
  6. 6. FAWIRA : MAIN RESULTS  Faire de l’INRAA un centre d’excellence dans le contexte et les standards de l’ERA (Agriculture, eau et Alimentation).  Faciliter et booster la participation de l’INRAA dans les programmes FP7 and other European related research programs ainsi que les programmes internationaux et autres initiatives régionales (Arimnet…etc).  Intégration de l’INRAA dans les réseaux internationaux de RTD.  Développer les activités d’innovation dans le cadre du modèle de la Triple hélice (« Clusters », « brokerage events », « Open days », « webactio n, Forum …etc.,) impliquant la recherche- formation, les institutions publiques et les acteurs économiques (PMEs).  Plan de développement stratégique de l’INRAA pour faire face aux besoins futures et défis .
  7. 7.  The triple helix is about creative links between the state, the economic sector (Both private and public) and universities/ Research centers.  Triple helix model has been recognized widely (Etzkowitz and Mello 1994, Turpin et al.1993, Shinn1997, Leydersdoff 1997, Leydesdorff & Etzkowitz,1998)  The triple helix model posits three spheres, overlapping and interacting freely, with each “taking the role of the other,” producing hybrid organizations (Science park, “techno poles” spin-offs, incubators from these interactions.  Triple Helix III, an interactive model, consists of overlapping, yet relatively independent, institutional spheres. An active civil society is the key element that characterizes a fully functioning triple helix(Model III). FAWIRA : THEORICAL FRAMWORK: 1  Innovation is at the heart of generating economic growth ( Agriculture and agrifood sectors).  Enhance research activities and innovation would help, both research centers/ universities and SMEs, to be more competitive in markets.  Need for regular communication for better efficiency. Triple Helix III Model
  8. 8. FAWIRA : THEORICAL FRAMWORK: 2 Triple Helix III Model
  9. 9. WORK PLAN/ ACTIVITIES WPs Work package title WP 1 Project Management and Quality Assurance (Management, INRAA) Administrative and operational management to achieve project objectives. Quality Assurance and Risk Management activities, WP 2 Analysis of Food, Agriculture And Water Research and innovation: Needs and Opportunities (Support, INRAA) WP 3 Enhance Innovation (Support, CENTA). Development of strategic development plan for a competitive research to face national needs. Foster research and innovation through creation of links research/PMEs and firms. WP 4 Human Capacities Building And Research Instrument’s Strengthening (Support, REDINN) Raise capacities for innovation, research Increase EU-Algeria research partnerships WP 5 Strategic Planning and Strengthening of INRAA (Support, PISA University) Development of business plan to provide strategic direction for further development of research centre towards internationalization and efficient response to local socio-economic needs, WP 6 Networking and Dissemination Activities (Support, INRAA) Creation of synergies with Algerian, Mediterranean and EU initiatives, Networks facilitation Dissemination of project information ,
  10. 10. WP 1 - Project Management and Quality Assurance  The management work Package (WP1) involve administration of communication within WPs, the organization of meetings, the preparation of technical and non-technical reports, the completion of all financial administrative and legal obligations.  Communication between partners  Establishment of an effective communication process to end users. Objectivesanddescription
  11. 11. WP2 - Analysis of Food, Agriculture And Water Research and innovation: Needs and Opportunities  Analysis of the Algerian needs in the field of water, agriculture and food.  Identification of the research and innovation priorities and available capacities.  Provide assistance to businesses and especially to the young entrepreneurs who want to start a spin-off in the agricultural/industrial field for treatments and use the water for food production.  Part of the outcomes of this WP will be shared with MIRA project, particularly the WP7 for shaping a Research Strategic Agenda in support to Horizon 2020 Objectivesanddescription
  12. 12. WP 3 – Enhance Innovation  Establish dialogue on research and innovation with cooperatives, SME’s and technology-driven enterprises of the water and food sector in order to enhance the cooperation of INRAA with economic actors.  Identify common goals, threats and challenges in the Algerian water and food sector to increase the capacity to innovate and become more competitive in the global economy.  Give support to INRAA to set-up an innovation cluster in agrifood and water of private enterprises In Algeria that should be encouraged to participate as a member of the most relevant European food and water technological Platform (ETPs). Innovation are at the heart of generating growth of the agrifood industry. The establishment of regular communication between representatives of the private sector, research institutes and technology-driven SMEs is of upmost importance to identify common weaknesses and challenges that the food and water sector needs to face to enhance research activities and innovation that would help, both the research centre and the SMEs, to be more competitive in the market by launching new products and increasing the exports . Objectivesanddescription
  13. 13. WP4 - Human Capacities Building and Research Instrument’s Strengthening Objectif 2- Strengthen research instruments. For this reason, WP4 foreseen the transfer knowledge to INRAA for installing an innovative agrifood and water laboratory. Most important, complexe WP Key WP Objectivesanddescription Objectif 1- Plan, organize and execute workshops and knowledge sharing events in INRAA in order to: I) intensively train the Staff of the INRAA on issues concerning FP7 to become familiar with the procedures and opportunities for cooperation in Water and agrifood Research and related EU programs, People (ITN, IRSES, IIF), Cooperation (KBBE, Environment), ENPI; II / support the INRAA staff in forming future project consortia to address relevant research challenges of importance in the next calls for proposals for water and agrifood, taking into account SMEs priorities collected in WP3.
  14. 14. WP 5 - Strategic Planning and Strengthening of INRAA.  Execution of a strategic planning process aiming to the development of plan for integration, internationalization and expansion of INRAA. To carry out this purpose FAWIRA Consortium will realize an analysis of the current situation of INRAA in terms of specific needs for research, training and mobility/networking and available capacities in FAW field.  Through the SWOT analysis UNIPI would identify strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of INRAA, establishing the basis to promote the competitiveness of INRAA in the field of FAW and to face the needs of regional markets as well as the challenges of national and international activities. Objectivesanddescription
  15. 15. WP5 - Networking and Dissemination activities WP6 is dedicated to dissemination, diffusion, communication and networking towards website and water innovation forum. The objectives of this WP are:  Provision of the maximum visibility of the project progress and results to SMEs, policy makers, environmental organizations and researcher actors.  Facilitation of the contacts and relationships between the Algerian and European research Centers.  Liaison with relevant ongoing EU projects and initiatives in FAW research.  Liaison with relevant ongoing national projects and initiatives in FAW research. Objectivesanddescription
  16. 16. FAWIRA CONSORTIUM INRAA Institut national de la recherche agronomique (Alger) Algeria (Alger) CENTA Research Center (Catalogna) Spain (Catalogna) REDINN Technological and innovation Company Italy (Roma, Brussels) PISA UNIVERSITY Université de Pise Italy
  18. 18. INDICATEURS  Durée initiale du projet(36 Mois) ramenée à 24 Mois  23 Activités et 36 délivrables  Financement de la CE (Euros) INRAA 207. 057,00 UNIPI 77,361.00 REDINN 116,683.50 CENTA 97,958.50 Total 499,060.00
  19. 19. Thank you for your attention INRAA 18 Novembre 2012
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