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  • 1. Ali al momar
  • 2. Introduction to career
    Dentists perform regular check-ups, diagnose and treat dental problems, and maintain and improve the appearance of patient’s teeth.
    I chose this career because of it’s earnings, and I get to meet and help people everyday.
  • 3. Nature of work
    Treating dental problems often involves delicate work.
    Dentists fill in cavities, rebuild broken teeth, and carry basic dental operations.
    Appearances are important as well, many dentists are involved in cosmetic work, by doing this, a dentist can improve the self-confidence of a patient.
  • 4. Working Conditions
    The work doesn't need physical movement, but dentists spend a lot of time on their feet.
    Performing delicate work can be mentally exhausting .
    Dentists tend to spend more time talking to their patients than other doctors.
  • 5. Qualifications
    2 years of college-level pre-dental courses.
    Attending a dental school, which takes 4-years.
    Must pass written and practical state licensing exams.
    With extra training, a dentist can become a specialist, and focus on specific dental problems.
  • 6. Employment
    Increase of public awareness about the importance of healthy teeth increased the demand for good dentists.
    Increase in the number of companies offering dental insurance to their employees has also increased the demand for dentists.
  • 7. Advancement and Earnings
    Earnings for dentists can range from around $70,000 to around $200,000 a year. Most dentists are self- employed. That means that they own their own practices, the average income for a self- employed dentist is around $206,000. The average income for self-employed dentists in specialist practice is about $353,000 a year.
  • 8. Uses of technology in this career
    Using X-rays helps dentists diagnose dental problems faster.
    Lasers are used in many dental problems, resulting a shortened and almost painless healing period.
    Digital scanners provide a digital map of the tooth and model of the dental structure.
  • 9. Summary
    This career is appealing to me, because I would be able to meet and help people everyday. This career fits my personality profile results.
    The primary interest of protectors is in the safety and security of those they care about .
    Protectors have an extraordinary sense of responsibility.
    Protectors are willing to work long, hard hours quietly.
  • 10. Sources