#BeLive: Use Technology Wisely


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BeLive was a final one-week long creative pitch that involved our entire class worked together as an advertising agency. We received instruction to create an advertising public service announcement that would inform and engage the general public about not using cellphones carelessly and to instead live in the moment.

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#BeLive: Use Technology Wisely

  1. 1. DM622 Creative Pitch
  2. 2. Strategy & Research
  3. 3. What are we here to do? Focus on interpersonal connections and provide a platform that encourages face to face engagement as the most effective form of communication. STRATEGY
  4. 4. The Problem The invention of portable, internet accessible devices such as smartphones and other technology has connected us like never before. Together, these products have slowly been entwining into the very fabric of our lives. STRATEGY
  5. 5. The Problem - Cont. According to the Daily Mail, the average smartphone user spends over two hours a day on their mobile device. Most sleep with their smart phone right next to them. We are becoming increasingly attached to these products while shutting off the immediate world around us. STRATEGY
  6. 6. Creative Brief STRATEGY Who are we talking to? Young professionals with mobile devices who over indulge in technologies, often in inappropriate settings or social situations. They have let technology replace human interaction as their main form of communication. What do they think/feel/do now? I love my smartphone and tablet. I would be lost without it. When I do not have it, I feel out of touch. I need my cellphone with me at all times and places.
  7. 7. Creative Brief - Cont. What do we want them to think/feel/do in the future? Maybe I do spend too much time on my phone/tablet. Sometimes I should turn it off or put it in my pocket during social situations and be present in the moment. Insight: People are dependent on their mobile devices because they are afraid of becoming disconnected and irrelevant without them. STRATEGY
  8. 8. The fear of missing out has lead to an over reliance on communication devices. This has created a disconnect in being a part of meaningful engagement with ones’ surroundings and each other. The following suggested campaign will ideally create awareness on maintaining balance. Campaign Overview STRATEGY
  9. 9. TV, Print & Ambient Advertising
  10. 10. Strategy TRADITIONAL ADS
  11. 11. TV Spot Start with an urban scene of a car parked in front of an apartment building in a nice neighborhood. Hear ambient noise of city, music playing loudly from a passing car. Zoom in to front seat of the car, where a man and a woman in their early to mid-twenties are making out. Loud music fades, and you can hear a slower song playing softly from the car stereo. TRADITIONAL ADS
  12. 12. Medium shot from within the car as the girl pulls away from the kiss and glances at her smartphone. A cell phone bings. The guy is surprised and says, “Come on.” Pan to back seat, where the girl’s mother appears, representing a text message from her to her daughter. Mother speaks contents of text, “Hope your date is a gentleman. Have fun!” Hope your date is a gentleman. Have fun! TRADITIONAL ADS
  13. 13. Girl holds up her index finger to tell guy to wait and types a response to her mother, who disappears. Hear music still playing softly and cell phone keyboard noise. Couple is about to go back to making out, when his phone beeps. A louder, different cell phone ping sounds. TRADITIONAL ADS
  14. 14. Two of his friends appear in the back seat, dressed in football jerseys, as he looks at his phone screen. Girl shakes her head, annoyed. Guy’s friend says, “You’re missing a great game, man!” While his other friend cheers. The mother pops in again, seated next to the guy’s friends in the back seat. Guy and girl are getting distressed. Girl’s phone pings again and mother says, “Sounds like a keeper.” Guy’s friends are still cheering and yelling things about the game. You’re missing a great game, man! Sounds like a keeper TRADITIONAL ADS
  15. 15. Three of the girl’s friends, dressed to go out, appear in the backseat with the rest of the crowd. Another ping sounds and girl’s friend shouts, “Hey, pick up. We’re at that bar you like!” Mother and guy’s friends are still talking. Another ping. Boss (over din): “I want to run over those numbers with you tomorrow morning.” Hey, pick up. We’re at that bar you like! I want to run over those numbers with you tomorrow morning.Guy’s boss, in a suit and tie, pops into back seat, which is getting ridiculously crowded. TRADITIONAL ADS
  16. 16. Close up on girl and guy, who look horrified as more people keep appearing behind them. Chatter of people talking over each other in the back seat and phones pinging rapidly. Cut to outside of car and zoom out as scene fades to a blank screen. Pratt logo and hashtag appear. Chatter fades. Voice over: “Who’s tagging along with you? Leave your phone at home next time.” #BeLive Who’s tagging along with you? TRADITIONAL ADS
  17. 17. These ads will be featured in niche publications such as Fast Company and Wired. Print
  18. 18. We plan to use image mapping to apply visuals across W14 Station - 7th Ave. Ambient TRADITIONAL ADS
  19. 19. The flaming phone is just the beginning.
  20. 20. Digital Advertising & Social Media
  21. 21. How does digital support a campaign about getting away from digital? DIGITAL ADS
  22. 22. The Phone-Check Kiosk DIGITAL ADS
  23. 23. The App DIGITAL ADS By tracking one’s daily mobile usage, the app encourages better time management. Also, events are suggested based on user preferences.
  24. 24. Digital Ads DIGITAL ADS
  25. 25. Gertritude will provide a humorous slant on experiencing how different life was before technology. DIGITAL ADS Twitter
  26. 26. Business & Commerce
  27. 27. BUSINESS/ COMMERCIAL TV Spot 5% Print 5% Digital 15% Ambient 30% Cost Estimates
  28. 28. Profits are measured in dollars. How do you measure quality of life? The Mission of Pratt is to educate artists and creative professionals to be responsible contributors to society. This campaign is about the relevance of social connection. It is about education, equity, and access to people, well-being, and quality of life. It is also about getting back to basics without compromising technology. BUSINESS/ COMMERCIAL Relevance
  29. 29. BUSINESS/ COMMERCIAL Lets start a deliberate conversation... What is Pratt all about? Relevance
  30. 30. We believe this campaign will create awareness about better digital device usage and meaningful human interaction. Thank you