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Online Catalogs and ItemsWith zed E-Commerce, you can take your existing inventory stored in SAP®Business One and place it...
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zed E-Commerce for SAP Business One Software


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zed E-Commerce allows the SAP® Business One application to fully integrate webstores with back-end inventory management and order fulfillment processes. This enables you to confidently sell online, accurately track your inventory, and deliver the right products to your customers on time.

With zed E-Commerce and the power of SAP® Business One, you will have the ability to expand your business online with web stores that make it easy for customers to find and purchase your products. It provides a single, integrated solution for managing your business both online and offline.

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zed E-Commerce for SAP Business One Software

  1. 1. zed E-Commerce A World of Opportunity Awaits Online Selling Made Easy As the world of E-Commerce Quickly create graphical onlineWith zed E-Commerce and grows, more small businesses are catalogs and shopping carts sothe power of SAP® Business establishing an online presence your customers and partners canOne, you will have the ability to capture the enormous market easily browse and buy your prod- opportunities available on the ucts on the Internet. zedto expand your business Web. But if companies fail to inte- E-Commerce includes a full set ofonline with Web stores that grate their online stores with design tools for creating a Webmake it easy for customers other business functions such as page that best reflects your busi- inventory control, order fulfill- ness and attracts new and return-to find and purchase your ment, and accounting, challenges ing customers. You can assignproducts. It provides a arise when customer orders hit multiple images to your productssingle, integrated solution back-office operations and and display detailed information trigger out-of-stocks, backlogs, about each.for managing your business and duplicate entries.both online and offline. Make it easy for customers to find With zed E-Commerce function- specific products in all categories ality, the SAP® Business One and subcategories and to config- application fully integrates Web ure certain types of products into stores with back-end inventory bundled, all-in-one purchases. management and order fulfill- You even gain end-to-end ment processes. This enables you E-Commerce functionality with to confidently sell online, accu- the ability to handle taxes, ship- rately track your inventory, and ping and handling charges, and deliver the right products to your payment options directly customers on time. through the same interface. Online Catalogs and Items Item Management Web Store Manage your inventory over Give customers the ability Design your online store the Internet. to “build your own” bundle with its own unique look of parts. and feel. Determine exactly what kind Allow customers to select Use up-selling, cross-selling, of product information is the parts they want by and suggestive selling to provided to customers. specific attributes. increase your sales. Implement ads and promo- Associate products with Upload and store images tions in your Web store and each other using a parent- directly through the attract customers with child relationship. interface. discount campaigns.
  2. 2. Online Catalogs and ItemsWith zed E-Commerce, you can take your existing inventory stored in SAP®Business One and place it on the Web. You can easily decide exactly what kind ofinformation to display in your online store and assign a set of attributes to eachitem, describing specific functions and features. Through its inventory statusfeature, SAP® Business One allows you to show availability and expiration dates.As a result, customers can pre-order and back-order products.Item Managementzed E-Commerce offers unique variants and product line configurations to allowcustomers a wider selection when shopping for products. Variants give yourcustomers the ability to pick and choose what items will be bundled into a finalproduct. As a customer changes the package configuration, the difference inprice is reflected automatically.Web Storeszed E-Commerce provides robust tools to help you successfully build an onlinestorefront. Using “WYSIWYG editors” you can create a unique and impressive Web ,store. The theme designer helps to streamline the design and layout of your Webstore, while the media library allows you to upload and download productimages and media directly through the Web interface.Price Lists and DiscountsPrice lists allow you to manage prices for your items and assign the appropriatetaxes. Create price lists for certain customers and use the discount function togenerate promotional prices and codes for coupons. Using the integrated cam-paign system, you can send special offers to customers and prospects, who canthen get promotional discounts by entering the coupon code directly on thecheckout page when placing an order.Shopping CartsWith shopping cart functionality, customers can store their selected items in anonline shopping cart. Once a customer places an order, it is stored in the data-base of SAP® Business One and an order document is generated. An order confir-mation e-mail is automatically then sent to the customer. With zed E-Commerce,you can create shipping and handling calculation formulas based on variouscriteria, manage tax information and set up payment options and credit cardtypes for your end customers. Customers can save shopping carts for repeatpurchases and create wish lists of products they would like to have purchasedfor them. ©2010 by zedIT Solutions Inc. All rights reserved. SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries all over the world. All other product and service names Link descriptions, content, mentioned are the trademarks of their respective images, and other information directly in the product master companies. Data contained in this document and decide which information to serves informational purposes only. These materi- display for each product. als are subject to change without notice. These materials are provided by zedIT Solutions Inc. for informational purposes only, without representa- tion or warranty of any kind, and zedIT Solutions Inc. shall not be liable for errors or omissions with respect to the materials. The only warranties for zedIT Solutions Inc. products and services are those that are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services, if any. Nothing herein should be For More Information construed as constituting an additional warranty. Contact your SAP® Partner or visit us at www.zedsuite.com