SQL Server Reporting (SSRS) in Exact Synergy Enterprise


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Exact Synergy Enterprise offers you integration with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Thanks to this integration you can leverage the powerful customizable reporting tool directly from your Synergy interface.

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SQL Server Reporting (SSRS) in Exact Synergy Enterprise

  1. 1. Algorithm SSRS Webinar
  2. 2. Shawn Gamble, Business Application Consultant sgamble@algorithminc.com C. 1.614.365.1466 Who am I ?
  3. 3. No to be confused with this guy.
  4. 4.  What is SSRS ?  Why Learn SSRS ?  What Can it do ?  What Can’t it do ?  Can I get Help if I get Stuck ? Agenda
  5. 5.         SSRS = Sql Server Reporting Services. Microsoft Reporting Tool. Comes free with new versions of SQL Server, no on going licensing for reporting tool. Works directly with SQL Web based no need for client install Built in Microsoft Security and authentication protocols Integrates Directly into Synergy Enterprise. It is the Building Block For Navigator. What is SSRS ?
  6. 6. Why Learn SSRS ?     No recurring licensing for the report development tool. Being directly integrated with ESE/Navigator allows for faster Time to Action* Can over come some limitations in Crystal that many were writing views to overcome already. It is the future direction of reporting, it has been in place for a while and is now matured in to a solid reporting tool.
  7. 7. What can it do? It integrates directly into Exact Synergy Enterprise, as well as starting to replace reports in Macola ES.  It is web based so it can be used to integrate into websites, Intranets or custom .NET programs.  Through the use of Navigator it can break down the siloed walls between Synergy Enterprise and Macola ES. Allowing you to do More, Faster.  Through the use of Navigator you can pass Parameters (data) from the report when entering in to other screens such as Synergy Enterprise and Macola. 
  8. 8. What can it do? Native exports* to Word, Excel, Adobe.  It can handle Running Total much better than Crystal.  Less need for Subreports than when in Crystal  Actionable links on data fields.  Can work with multiple data sources and data sets. 
  9. 9. What can’t it do? It can not make you Waffles… : (  It does not directly allow you to input data from the reports. There are some ways around this but it is not designed for this. That is why .NET exists.  Grouping can some times be a bit more difficult than Crystal is.  Not yet as Intuitive as Crystal. 
  10. 10. We can help you with your SSRS needs.    Training Report Writing Installation Toll Free: 888-522-8588 Algorithm Has SSRS Experts.
  11. 11. Contact us for more information. Algorithm, Inc. 700 Stonehenge Parkway Dublin, Ohio 43017 Toll Free: 888-522-8588 Fax: 614-847-1229 Do you want to know more ?
  12. 12.  Questions?  Comments? Conclusion.