Lynq Visual Planner Production Planning Fact Sheet


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Production planning and scheduling can be complex. You can spend much of your working day using spreadsheets and manual calculations to work out the best way to buy, allocate and use your manufacturing resources. LYNQ’s Visual Planner makes this process quick and simple. It saves you time and money, and improves customer service.

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Lynq Visual Planner Production Planning Fact Sheet

  1. 1. Visual Plannerfor Production SchedulingVisual Planner for simple production planningand schedulingProduction planning and scheduling can be complex. You canspend much of your working day using spreadsheets andmanual calculations to work out the best way to buy, allocateand use your manufacturing resources. LYNQ’s Visual Planner With Visual Planner you can:makes this process quick and simple. It saves you time andmoney, and improves customer service. 1. Integrate seamessly with Exact Macola ES and Progression.The challenges of manufacturing business. Our staff come fromPlanning and scheduling is a major manufacturing backgrounds. This 2. Manage labor, materialschallenge for manufacturers. The means we have practical and sales quickly andvariables within the process can experience of your problems and effectively.make or break a company. how to solve them. 3. Meet target dates, and findUnsatisfactory production plans ideal times and work Visual Planner was developed forlead to high operating costs, and a centers. people like you. You don’t have topotential loss rather than a profit. replace your ERP platform to gain 4. Improve service, deliverySuccess lies in buying, allocating an all-inclusive product for times and customerand using production resources to: planning and scheduling. Instead, satisfaction. Visual Planner integrates−− Minimise costs seamlessly with Exact Macola ES 5. Investigate production−− Boost efficiency options using ‘What If’ and Progression to provide−− Satisfy customers functionality. everything you need. 6. Improve your ability to reactThe difficulty is reaching these Written with the latest Microsoft . to change.goals quickly and easily. NET tools, Visual Planner is easy to install and use. It’s compatible with 7. Increase transparencyThe Visual Planner solution through production plans, your operating system andLYNQ’s Visual Planner does all this reports and capacity charts. software, and works with POP andand more. At LYNQ, weunderstand the challenges you SFC modules. Visual Planner is an 8. Cut costs and free up cash. example of LYNQ’s guidingface with your manufacturing With Visual Planner, you extend your principle of producing pain-free IT. current ERP investment without having to replace it. You achieve greater value and a rapid ROI.
  2. 2. What you achieve with Visual Planner:Gain the control you needYour aim is to optimise the production process. VisualPlanner helps you achieve this. You maximise efficiencyand output, and improve customer service.Get information instantlyVisual Planner’s graphical planning screen is a singlepoint of reference. Use this for instant access to dataabout departments, shifts, product details, trial kitting,order details, work centers, capacity, material needs andmaterial availability.All you require to make planning decisions is on onescreen. No manual system can match this. Save money and time with Visual PlannerAllocate work efficiently −− Customer feedback shows Visual Planner can cut timeCheck Visual Planner’s graphical planning screen to see spent on production planning by up to 50%.what resources you have available. Allocate workefficiently and cost-effectively. −− With Visual Planner, you cut waste and boostView production plans efficiency. Reduce waste by just 0.1%, and you get upView your production plans on Visual Planner. Arrange to a 3% increase in productivity.your plans daily, weekly or monthly. −− Visual Planner helps you make the most cost-effectiveAccess live Exact Macola data use of resources. For example, you can manageUse Visual Planner to access live Exact Macola data. Look overtime better and save orders, production reports, capacity charts and muchmore. Feed data from Visual Planner into Exact Macola −− When used with iLynq Labor you are able to reportto confirm production arrangements. production at each operational step and track labourImprove delivery commitments performance automatically against scheduled jobs.Visual Planner enables you to make accurate deliverypromises, improving your customer satisfaction and Contact Algorithm Inc. today for a no-obligation demo ofincreasing repeat orders. Visual Planner. Phone +1 888 522 8588 and take the first steps towards simplifying your production planning andForecast demand scheduling with Visual Planner.Forecast potential demand with Visual Planner. Assessthe impact of extra work on your manufacturing process.When a customer places an order, use Visual Planner to “Visual Planner is a significant part of ourwork out if you have the resources and capacity to meet new production planning process. This hasit. been a great product for us and anReduce disruption excellent investment that maximizes theSwitch to automatic planning and scheduling on Visual productivity of our MS / MRP system.”Planner to minimise tool and line change disruption.Work in unison with MRP Terry P. Goeman, Director of Manufacturing, KingVisual Planner works closely with MRP. Match your Technology, Inc.purchasing plans with your production plans. Avoidordering materials too early or too late. Get the bestprices and keep costs down.© LYNQ., 2012. All rights reserved. All trademarks mentioned herein For more information please visit www.algorithminc.combelong to their respective owners 2 LYNQ | Your Manufacturing Solutions Partner