Fiducia Case Study


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Fidcuia optimizes firewall operations and improves risk mitigation, compliance and quality of service for customers through the use of AlgoSec Security Management Suite.

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Fiducia Case Study

  1. 1. Case Study Leading German IT Provider Reduces Security Risks for BanksLine of Business: Fiducia optimizes firewall operations and improves riskIT service provider to mitigation, compliance and quality of service for organizations AlgoSec Business Impact:Location: Automated auditing of firewalls to meet stringent compliance requirementsKarlshuhe, Germany Reduced firewall change management time by half while increasing accuracy Improved quality of service for customers through closer collaboration and higher levelsOrganization Size: of security2800 EmployeesAlgoSec Solutions: Background With 45 years of experience in the banking sector, the Fiducia Group is one of the top ten IT providersAlgoSec Firewall Analyzer for financial organizations in Germany. Today, Fiducia manages the IT networks of nearly 800 banks,AlgoSec FireFlow constituting more than 100,000 PC workstations, 6,600 servers and 25,000 self-service banking terminals. Responsible for ensuring the smooth and secure processing of more than 16 billion transactions per for its customers, Fiducia’s risk mitigation and regulation compliance strategies are of utmost importance. Challenge To protect its customer networks, Fiducia implemented a number of technology solutions, including 60 Check Point and 20 Juniper Firewall clusters. But managing multiple firewalls in a multi-vendor environment proved challenging. “Performing vulnerability assessments of such large and complex firewall environments was extremely time consuming, labor intensive and prone to human error,” says Lutz Bleyer, Fiducia’s Chief Information Security Officer. With multiple stakeholders from its client organizations influencing network traffic, Fiducia also required a structured change management process to prevent firewall policies from growing unmanageable and creating security holes. “We needed a proven firewall management and workflow solution that would eliminate potential security risks while providing us with complete visibility into our customer networks, anytime, anywhere,” says Bleyer. Solution To optimize its security, compliance and change management processes, Fiducia chose to work with AlgoSec. “We selected AlgoSec because it provided the most comprehensive, intelligent automation solutions for our firewall operations, helping us increase efficiency while improving risk mitigation and compliance,” says Bleyer. Today, AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer has simplified the management and vulnerability assessment of firewall rules and security policies across Fiducia’s 800 customer networks. The solution’s topology-aware technology provides Fiducia with complete visibility into the security landscape of its customer networks. “This type of in-depth visibility enables us to easily create a hierarchy profile and establish a competency base line of operations for each network’s firewalls, even when multiple vendor technologies are involved,” says Bleyer. Querying across multiple platforms, Fiducia is now able to avoid the introduction of unnecessary and potentially risky changes.
  2. 2. “ By simulating the firewall topology of each network, Firewall Analyzer enables Fiducia to easily identify obsolete, invalid or duplicate rules and objects, as well as potential security holes. “What-if” analyses determine the operational and security impact of a potential change on the network before it is"AlgoSec’s solutions are implemented on the production console.incredibly powerful.Providing us with Fiducia also uses Firewall Analyzer to automate the continuous auditing of firewalls, necessary in meetingintelligent process compliance requirements. The solution’s automatic assessment and report generation capabilities ensureimprovement has directly Fiducia remains in compliance with corporate governance rules and adheres to regulatory standards, including ISO 27001, ISO 27002 and European Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).translated into thehighest level of security To automate policy change management across the separate firewall environments of its customers,and compliance for our Fiducia adopted AlgoSec FireFlow. Eliminating the manual and inefficient process usually associated withcustomer networks." the security policy change lifecycle, FireFlow enables Fiducia to optimize its operations further. “From submission through audit, FireFlow ensures each change is approved, necessary and implemented as intended,” says Bleyer. Results Centralized and automated risk and compliance management has optimized IT security operations for Fiducia, improving efficiencies as well as customer relationships in a cloud environment. With AlgoSec, Fiducia’s security consultants and auditors can now work more closely with customer IT teams, regardlessLutz Bleyer, of their location. “The level of visibility that AlgoSec provides across our customers’ security networks,Chief Information Security along with the ability to perform coordinated tasks remotely with those customers, enables us toOfficer, work hand-in-hand as a joint team,” says Bleyer.Fiducia With AlgoSec solutions, Fiducia has increased the speed and accuracy of firewall auditing and analysis, saving time and reducing the potential for human error in risk and change management processes. “AlgoSec has fundamentally changed the way we manage sophisticated, multi-device, multi-vendor firewall environments.” Research shows that nearly one-third of all security policy changes made in the financial sector are unnecessary. “By automating our workflow with FireFlow, we’ve eliminated unnecessary policy changes and reduced the time required to process needed changes by half,” says Bleyer. “Thanks to AlgoSec’s intelligent automation, we’ve gained valuable optimization capabilities that enable our teams to operate smarter and faster.” The implementation of AlgoSec solutions has enabled Fiducia to bolster its risk mitigation and compliance capabilities and improve the quality of service it delivers to its security-focused customers. “Providing data and network security, particularly within the financial sector, requires incredible focus on risk management and mitigation, down to a level of detail that is not seen in other industries,” says Bleyer. AlgoSec has made it possible for Fiducia to analyze every change and its impact on the network before it is live, enabling the company to increase its focus on risk mitigation rather than crisis management. “AlgoSec’s solutions are incredibly powerful. Providing us with intelligent process improvement has directly translated into the highest level of security and compliance for our customer networks,” says Bleyer. Working with AlgoSec helps Fiducia to continue to exceed its highest standards as a leader in IT services for the financial industry. “We have set the security standard for many of our banking clients and their millions of customers. Considering our position in the industry, we naturally require that our technology partners live up to those same high standards,” says Bleyer. “Not only does AlgoSec more than measure up from a technology perspective, but the integrity of the company and its employees has surpassed our expectations and raised the bar for what we look for in other partners.”AlgoSec.comHeadquarters EMEA Headquarters R&D Center300 Colonial Center Parkway 145-157 St. John Street 94 Em Hamoshavot RoadRoswell, GA 30076 London EC1V 4PY Petah Tikva, 49527USA United Kingdom Israel+1-888-358-3696 +44-207-099-7545 +972-3-921-7377Copyright © 2011 AlgoSec. Inc. All rights reserved.AlgoSec and FireFlow are registered trademarks of AlgoSec Inc. ActiveChange, Intelligent Policy Tuner, Deep Policy Inspection and the AlgoSec Logo are trademarks of AlgoSec Inc. All other trademarks used hereinare the property of their respective owners.