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  • We chose the dolphins because they so friendly with people. The other reason is because they are a mammals like we are.


  • 1. D o l p h i n Done by : Aisha Abdulla , Ameena , Fatima Class: GF3
  • 2. I n t r o d u c t i o n
    • We chose our topic :
    • Friendly with people
    • Mammals
    • More information
  • 3. O u t l i n e
    • Description
    • Smell
    • Hearing
    • Food
    • Interesting Fact
  • 4. D e s c r i p t i o n
    • Dolphins have grey skin; they can also have different color skin. There is a pink dolphin in the Amazon.
    • The body is sleek and smooth; the hairless skin is rubbery to touch. Most species have jaws that protrude in to a beak like snout.
    • They are a warm-blooded vertebrate animal.
  • 5. S m e l l
    • It is believed that they have no sense of smell.
    • They rely on there other senses to help them in the wild.
    • Tasting the water can be their way of “ smelling” it.
  • 6. H e a r i n g
    • Dolphins hear about 7 times better than human do .
    • They can hear vibrations in the water.
    • It is believed that their teeth are arranged in a way that works as an antenna to receive the incoming sound.
  • 7. F o o d
    • Dolphins mainly eat fish and squid. Different species are known to prefer different types of food. Mackerels are known to have more fat as compared to squids .Dolphins also feed on planktons and smaller varieties of fish as well. Herrings and cod also form a part of their diet.
  • 8. I n t e r e s t i n g f a c t
    • These warm-blooded mammals belong to a group which also encompass all whales.
    • Dolphin have been clocked at speed of 26.3 km/hr, which they maintained for about 1500 meters, leaping constantly.
    • A dolphins’ long nose helps them kill sharks.
  • 9. P i c t u r e s
  • 10. Video ..
  • 11.
    • T h a n k s = )