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Algae To Revenue - AlgaeU.com
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Algae To Revenue - AlgaeU.com



When trying to use algae for commercial products and/or services there are a few things that should be considered. ...

When trying to use algae for commercial products and/or services there are a few things that should be considered.

*How are you going to grow the algae?
*Are you going to produce a product or provide a service? Or both?

This presentation gives a general overview of factors to consider when trying to generate revenue from algae.



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Algae To Revenue - AlgaeU.com Presentation Transcript

  • 1. AlgaeU.com
    Algae to revenue
    Growth systems, products, and services
    June 23, 2010
  • 2. Outline
    How are you going to grow algae?
    Product or service?
    What is next?
    About AlgaeU.com
  • 3. Systems
    How are you going to grow algae?
    System- deciding on a system to grow algae will determine expected productivity, and give you the ability to estimate the costs for infrastructure.
    The system selected will also play an important role in site selection.
  • 4. Systems
    Open air systems
    open ponds
    Closed systems
    Combination systems
    Credit: Arizona State University
    Credit: HR BioPetroleum
    Credit: Mark Lemos
    Credit: Solazyme
  • 5. System costs
    High productivity
    Low cost systems
    High cost systems
    Low productivity
  • 6. Product or service?
    Are you going to produce a product or provide a service? Or both?
  • 7. Product or service?
    Credit: Florida State University
  • 8. Product or service?
    The product market
    large commodity market like the energy sector
    niche higher value markets that can be easily saturated.
    Products for a large market with low revenue on individual unit sales include biofuels (biodiesel, green diesel or renewable diesel, ethanol, jet fuel, etc.), and high protein biomass (animal feed).
    Products for the higher value markets include nutraceuticals (beta-carotene, omega oils, etc), pharmaceuticals, pigments, or bioproducts.
    Credit: Damien Hirst
  • 9. Product or service?
    The services market
    current services
    wastewater remediation
    future services
    carbon dioxide recycling, mitigation, and sequestration. *
    Credit: TMWRF.com
    *Mitigation and sequestration all depend on the final use of the biomass.
  • 10. Decide on what strain of algae to use.
    there are an overwhelming number of algae strains to choose from.
    Determine the amount and source of inputs (nitrogen and phosphorus, or carbon dioxide) needed to grow the algae.
    Determine the method of harvesting and processing that is best suited for your product.
    Identify the product distribution channels.
    What is next?
  • 11. About AlgaeU.com
    What is Algae U?
    Algae U is short for Algae University. We are a collaborative website focused on algae research and applications.
    Visit and learn how you can help at AlgaeU.com
    Follow us: twitter.com/AlgaeU