Alfresco Template Feb 2011


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Alfresco Template Feb 2011

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Alfresco Template Feb 2011

  1. 1. Get Ready for Alfresco 4.0 Paul Hampton
  2. 2. • Features that make Alfresco easier to use • Features that provide Social Content Management support • Features that make Alfresco easier to deploy and manage
  3. 3. Usability
  4. 4. Question? • How do you make it easier to… add content find content and use content?
  5. 5. Uploading Content • Support drag and drop upload o Drag from desktop o Drop on to folders • Improved parallel upload • Support drag and drop move o Drag files to the folder tree, folders or the breadcrumb • HTML5 enabled browsers Get D&D move screen shot off Paul HH
  6. 6. Finding Content • Sort folder view o By name, type, rating… • Inline edit of properties o Name o Tags Screen Shot Folder sorting and inline edit
  7. 7. Viewing Content • Redesigned UI o More room for preview o Toggle actions, properties, tags, etc. • Support more formats o Preview Video and Audio o Support for Apple iWorks files
  8. 8. Site Administration • Drag and drop setup of components • Rename components • Brand sites • Improved help o Default text o Help bubbles
  9. 9. Other Enhancements • Improved calendar • Create from template • TinyMCE link to page • Geotag linked to Google maps • Google Docs
  10. 10. Social Content Management
  11. 11. Social Features – Followers • Follow influential people • Use search to find people to follow • Activities – what are they doing • Private following list • Find out who is following you
  12. 12. Social Features – Ratings and Commenting • Ability to ‘like’ content • Sort content by ratings • Find highly rated content • Comment counts • Rewind version tree
  13. 13. Social Features – Notifications • Proactive notifications o Uses HTML templates (localized) o Can be customized (in repo) o Activity feed, following and WF tasks • Personal preferences o Op-in/out • New activity dashlet o Multiple options o New filers
  14. 14. Social Features – Publishing • Support two types o Content o Status updates • Support for o Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr o Can be extended • Define ‘Channels’ o Multiple channels for each service Publish
  15. 15. Social Publishing • Administration o Define the channels o Define credentials • Java API to build automation • User o Select content o New action ‘Publish’ o Select channel(s) o View publishing history
  16. 16. Administration
  17. 17. Web Administration • License warnings • Admin console o Tag and category managers o Channels and Workflow management Enterprise Community
  18. 18. New Index Server – SOLR • Replace Lucene • More scalable solution • Separate SOLR index server o Remove load from Alfresco servers • SOLR index used for search
  19. 19. Lucene vrs. SOLR I I I DB FS I I DB FS SOLR
  20. 20. SOLR Support • Customer can choose either Lucene or SOLR • Typical upgrade process o Install Alfresco 4.0 o Configure SOLR o Run SOLR index o Switch off Lucene • Fine grain control over what gets indexed • ‘Eventually Consistent’ • Client support o Alfresco Explorer o Alfresco Share o WebDAV o FTP o MS SharePoint o CIFS • RM will follow 4.0
  21. 21. Activiti Workflow • Designed by Tom Baeyens (founder of the open source BPM engine jBPM) • Option to use Activiti, jBPM or both • Apache licensed with support for BPMN 2.0 standard • Designer for Enterprise
  22. 22. Activiti Admin • Deploy
  23. 23. Processes
  24. 24. WCM • Web Quick Start o Publish to file system o Also DM to file system • Multilingual web site support o Mark an asset / section as translatable o Edit the locales available on a particular website o See the translations of a given asset / section o Create a new translation of a translatable asset / section o Edit a translation of a translatable asset / section
  25. 25. Something for the Developers • Forms Service o Action forms – Configuration only forms • Extensibility o Config to switch on and off features / menus o Drop in custom extensions to the UI (admin UI) o OpenCMIS with Surf/Share o Allows for simple upgrades in the future • Model Management o Configuration based display of properties in list view o Multilingual label support (constraints) o Encrypting properties Example: RM now and extension
  26. 26. Availability • End September 2011 o Alfresco Community 4.0 • Mid December 2011 o Alfresco Enterprise 4.0 o Alfresco Team 4.0 • Q1 2012 o Alfresco Records Management 4.0
  27. 27. Alfresco 4.0 • Easier to Use • Supports Social Content Management • Easier to manage and deploy
  28. 28. Mobile
  29. 29. Mobile Features • Find content o Browse sites and folders o Search • View content o View file information • Download to device o Open in app • Favorites • Send content to others • Comment • Upload content (WebDAV)
  30. 30. Questions? Paul Hampton Paul.Hampton@Alfresco.Com
  31. 31. The open platform for social content management.