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Tool Kit

  1. 1. Tool Kit Practice Development through Financial Planning Education $ i want to > “follow me” $ rarestone financial series inc.
  2. 2. Increasingly, people in all stages of their lives are looking for clear answers, expert advice and an organized approach to achieving their own financial freedom. As defined benefit pensions give way to retirement savings plans with investment options and uncertain outcomes, companies are faced with the challenge of giving employees the knowledge they need to make informed choices. Rarestone Financial Series Inc. has the tools you are looking for. Financial and retirement planning education is the key to positioning yourself as a trust- ed and knowledgeable advisor with an informed clientele who understand financial strategies and recognize the need to take action. We provide the materials you need to deliver it. Author Daryl Diamond CFP CLU CHFC is a retirement planning specialist and popular speaker at professional development conferences. He is the commissioned author of advisor guides to retirement income planning, financial and retirement planning workshop materials, and continuing education credit programs for industry professionals. Prime Approach Retirement Whether you focus on the Prime Approach client who is within ten Planning and PlanSmart Financial years of retirement or the Planning comprise an integrated PlanSmart client in the earlier approach to a lifetime of financial stages of financial management, planning strategies, giving course you can help those individuals participants the knowledge they build a solid financial future. need to make decisions confidently and giving you, the By illustrating basic economic concepts, explaining the factors advisor, a proven system of client that affect their financial futures development. and presenting planning ideas, participants are able to make informed choices and develop meaningful personal strategies.
  3. 3. >> This program deals with planning issues important to PlanSmart is aimed at a younger crowd. The those who are within ten years of a target retirement emphasis is on accumulating assets, managing date and focuses on creating income from assets debt and protecting your income. The earlier plan- A and entitlements in the most beneficial manner. The ning begins and action is taken, the better the ability to identify and implement appropriate strate- results. The course material will help participants gies will allow participants to receive maximum bene- to understand why there are priorities in financial fit from their retirement assets and plan effectively for planning and assist them to establish their own wealth transfer to future generations. priorities. A modular concept allows facilitators to structure their sessions to include any or all of the components, and This program is also structured as modules to to set them up in such a way as to meet time and facilitate time and scheduling requirements. scheduling requirements. Basic Financial Concepts inflation, compounding, real rates of return Basic Financial Concepts inflation, compounding, real rates of return Taxes and Tax Planning Taxes and Tax Planning Budgeting, Cash Flow and Debt Management Initial considerations gathering information Government Benefits, Pensions and RRSP’s Managing Risks life, disability and critical illness insurance Income Options Planning for the Future Investing and Portfolio Structure Investing and Portfolio Structure Managing Health Risks Sources of Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer Retirement Income Estate Planning
  4. 4. Prime Approach and PlanSmart are Why does this proven prospecting and client reten- system work ? tion tools that allow you to build a substantial book of loyal clients with Consumers want current, relevant information whom you can work over the long that they can apply to their own situation. You term. can deliver this to them in a generic learning environment, free of institutional or product With the service you provide, they bias and the fear of being ‘sold.’ will have little reason to look for Participants gain awareness of the issues advice elsewhere. Group plan pro- which may affect them and can establish a ducers will especially appreciate the personal plan of action to allow them to reach value of these tools in developing the their own objectives. one-on-one possibilities with plan participants. When you are the person who delivers this information you position yourself as an expert resource - someone they can work with to L devise, implement and monitor their own plan. When you offer the program to your existing clients you are adding real value to your serv- ices and helping your clients look to the long term. The role of investment and insurance products are identified in the context of a com- prehensive planning strategy. With a long-term strategy in place, the door of opportunity is Licensing open to you for years to come as each new need presents itself. A licensing agreement gives you territorial rights to use the materials and facilitate programs. A peer network, business devel- Why these systems will opment ideas, marketing materials, facilita- tor training resources and toll-free tele- work for you. phone support are some of the benefits available to our licensees. Professionally- Prime Approach and developed, modular program workbooks, presentation aids, brochures, posters and PlanSmart will: corporate marketing materials are accessed through a national printing net- Enhance your productivity through a proven work, delivering first-rate service at a com- process. petitive price and facilitating easy execu- tion of your marketing campaign. An ongo- Provide a consistent stream of productive ing exchange of marketing ideas, national activity. networking possibilities and licensee forums will further contribute to your suc- Provide focus on a system of client-building cess. and an area of specialization.
  5. 5. To find out more about Prime Approach and Plansmart, contact: rarestone financial series Inc. #4 - 396 Assiniboine Ave Winnipeg, MB R3C 0Y1 Telephone: (204) 947-5766 Facsimile: (204) 947-1471 Toll Free: 1-866-947-5766 Daryl Diamond Jennifer Pinarski