Corporate Executive Financial Planning Services


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Corporate Executive Financial Planning Services

  1. 1. Corporate Executive Financial Planning Services A financial advisor acting in your best interest may be doing just that. Acting.
  2. 2. The Challenge • Employees spend an average of 1 to 3 hours weekly tinkering with their finances while at work(1). This includes watching stocks, their 401(k) plan, etc. Employees who own publicly traded stock in their employer watch the stock and “wonder about” their stock options and grants. • Human Resource Directors that consult employees with executive benefits typically provide generalized advice and are unwilling (appropriately so) to go out on a limb and risk providing specific, personalized advice. If they did so, they would be considered to be providing fiduciary advice and be subject to potential lawsuits. This makes complete sense. Why would a corporation who is already responsible for fiduciary duties related to their 401(k) plan want to extend their liability into other areas with sophisticated and interrelated investment, income tax and estate planning attributes? The Solution • The Wade Financial Group, Inc. (WFG) Corporate Executive Financial Planning Service provides a comprehensive, fiduciary driven financial planning process. • This includes a robust focus on educating executives regarding the best possible wealth maximization opportunities when faced with stock option grant, low-basis concentrated employer stock, ESOP, deferred compensation, insurance, estate and 401(k) decisions. The Benefits • Employees who choose the service spend more time working and less time worrying about their finances. • Employers offering the services of a Fee-Only, fiduciary-driven financial advisor, assure both employer and employee that the advice provided is solutions based, not product sales driven. • Employees reduce the potential for making poor decisions regarding the exercise and implementation of what can often times be confusing investment and tax strategies associated with executive benefits. • By choosing WFG’s Corporate Executive Financial Planning Service separately from the companies who provide the employer’s corporate banking, brokerage, insurance, 401(k) services etc., the employer and employee eliminate potential conflicts of interest that exist when non- fiduciary advisors provide advice to employees. The outcome for the employer is reduced risk and for each employee is unbiased, fiduciary based advice. 2
  3. 3. Qualifications Minimum Investable Assets: $ 500,000(2) Minimum Value of company stock, options, grants and ESOP: $ 100,000 Minimum Value of 401(k) plan: $ 100,000 Advice Offering(3) Stage One: Initial Consulting ($5,000 – $10,000) • This one-time cost includes the design of a comprehensive financial plan, with focus on the employee’s concentrated company stock/options and benefit package. Ongoing ($2,500 – $5,000 annually) • Includes ongoing assistance with implementation decisions such as stock option/grant diversification, low basis concentrated employer stock, ESOP, deferred compensation, insurance, estate, 401(k) decisions and optional coordination of tax planning/advice with the employees’ CPA. (1) Hewitt and Associates (2) Investable assets can start at $250,000 but must increase to at least $500,000 within 2 years of becoming a WFG client (3) Discounts available if the employer offers WFG’s service as a “preferred provider” 3
  4. 4. At WFG, everything is up-front. WFG is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) and a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA). The firm is independent and not affiliated with any securities dealer or brokerage firm. WFG does not receive any brokerage fees, sales commissions, mutual fund fees or any other compensation that could adversely impact WFG’s fiduciary duty to the client, independence or objectivity of the advice clients receive from WFG(3). Compensation for all client engagements is client-paid and Fee-Only. Important Note: The all-too-popular job title “investment advisor” is a generic description, often confused as being the same as an RIA. Unless the “advisor” is registered with the SEC as an RIA, the consumer is not working with a professional that functions in a “You First” fiduciary capacity. WFG Mission. • Wade Financial Group is a fierce guardian and promoter of the financial interests of a select profile of individuals and families. • We do this by providing complete compensation transparency, state-of-the-art planning and sophisticated investment strategies. • As a result, we are some of the most awarded financial advisors in the industry and our clients achieve a degree of financial success that allows them to fulfill their life purpose. Our Code of Ethics. All WFG employees must comply with applicable federal securities laws. In particular, it is unlawful for the firm and any employee to directly or indirectly: • Employ any device, scheme or artifice to defraud any client or prospective client. • Engage in any transaction, practice or course of business, which operates or would operate as a fraud or deceit upon any client or prospective client of the firm. • Engage in any fraudulent, deceptive or manipulative practice. To specify the standard of conduct expected of all of its employees, WFG has adopted a Code of Ethics in compliance with Rule 204A-1 under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940. WFG provides a written copy of its Code of Ethics to all its clients. 4
  5. 5. Our fiduciary duty to clients means we must: • At all times, place the interests of the client first. • Adhere to the fundamental standard that an employee should not take inappropriate advantage of their position in working with the public. • Be consistent with the firm's Code of Ethics, implementing personal securities transactions in a manner that avoids any abuse of trust and responsibility. Only 6.6% Are True Wealth Managers. While many financial advisors claim to be “wealth managers,” in actuality, there are very few true “wealth managers,” according to a 2007 study by CEG Worldwide, sponsored by Dow Jones and Company. The study surveyed 2,094 financial advisors across the spectrum of RIAs, registered reps and wirehouse brokers. “Best Practices of Elite Advisors: The Wealth Management Edge” revealed that while 40% of various advisors described themselves as “wealth managers,” only 6.6% met the criteria defining the attributes of a true “wealth manager.” Wade Financial Group is a member of the 6.6%. 5
  6. 6. Why being a NAPFA member counts. WFG is a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, the nation’s leading organization dedicated to the advancement of fee-only, comprehensive financial planning. Consumers (and the media) look to NAPFA for access to financial advisors who meet the highest standards for professional competency and fiduciary conduct. The NAFPA Fiduciary Oath. • The advisor shall exercise his/her best efforts to act in good faith and in the best interests of the client. • The advisor shall provide written disclosure to the client prior to the engagement of the advisor, and thereafter throughout the term of the engagement, of any conflicts of interest, which will or reasonably may compromise the impartiality or independence of the advisor. • The advisor, or any party in which the advisor has a financial interest, does not receive any compensation or other remuneration that is contingent on any client's purchase or sale of a financial product. • The advisor does not receive a fee or other compensation from another party based on the referral of a client or the client's business. As a member of NAPFA, every WFG advisor signs this oath and provides it to all existing and prospective clients. The one question that many non-RIA financial advisors fear the most is: “Do you have any legal obligation to act in my best interest?” (3)WFG offers a no load, open-end mutual fund to the public. WFG is paid a management fee, as is customary for mutual funds. 06/15/2009 6