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Cambridge Financial Advisors, LLC

  1. 1. Cambridge Financial Advisors, LLC General Information Firm Name: Cambridge Financial Advisors, LLC Main Telephone Number: 719-539-1040 Headquarters Location (City/State): Salida/Colorado Satellite Locations: Cities/States: Gahanna/Ohio, Buena Vista/Colorado Date Established: 1999 Key Contact: Name: Bob Schumann Title: Senior Advisor Telephone #: 719-966-5221 Email Address: Website URL: Type of Business: Limited Liability Company Owners: Partners (Internal) Firm/Team History: Bob Schumann, MA, MBA ,AIF, CFP, and Larry Soukup, JD, CPA, MBA, CFP merged Cambridge Financial Advisors, LLC and Soukup Financial Advisors on November 1, 2007, and retained the name of the former entity. Larry Soukup has more than 30 years of experience as the partner in charge of Financial and Estate Planning at Virchow Kraus, the nation`s thirteeth largest accounting firm. Bob Schumann has more than 30 years of experience in human & organizational development and 8 years of experience as a Fee-Only financial planner and investment advisor. Primary Focus of Firm’s Business: The primary focus of Cambridge Financial Advisors, LLC is wealth management services for clients with investable assets of more than $1,000,000 or an income greater than $150,000/year. We offer limited retirement and distribution planning for individuals with investable assets of more than $500,000. We offer an online retirement/financial planning engagement for $49.95 (price subject to change) with no income or asset requirements. Assets & Clients Planning-Only Clients Number of Clients: 40 Investment Advisory Assets and Clients (Non-Discretionary) Assets: $ 60,000,000 Number of Clients: 80 Investment Management Assets and Clients (Discretionary) Assets: $0 Number of Clients: 0 Institutional Assets and Clients Assets: $ 2,000,000 Number of Clients: 1 Individual Assets and Clients
  2. 2. Assets: $0 Number of Clients: 0 Total Amount of Assets: $ 62,000,000 Total Number of Clients: 121 Professional Staff Number of Professional Staff by Function Planning Professionals 2 Investment Professionals Marketing Professionals Technical Support Operations Administrative Staff 2 Total Staff Name Experience (Yrs) Degrees Designations Registry Profile Larry Soukup 28 JD, MBA, BBA CPA, CFP N/A Total Years of Financial Services Experience Total years of financial services experience: 42 Total years of planning experience: 42 Total years of investment advisory/consulting experience: 42 Total years of investment management experience: 6 Number of College Degrees by Type BA/BS 2 MBA/MS/MA 4 JD 1 Number of Certifications and Designations by Type CFP ® 2 AIF ® 1 CPA 1 Ethics & Disclosures ADV Part II ADV_136_ADV Part II March 31, 2009.pdf Does your firm/team acknowledge in writing that it is acting in a fiduciary capacity when providing planning and investment advice? Yes Do you always provide independent advice that’s in the best interests of your firm’s clients or is your advice impacted by proprietary products, owners, or affiliated parties? We only provide independent, objective advice Does your firm/team have compliance disclosures that result from client, licensing company, or regulatory complaints or actions? None Does any professional in your firm or team have criminal disclosures on his or her record? None Has your firm or team ever been sued by a client? None Does your firm/team have any current litigation that was initiated by a client or regulatory agency? None What policies and procedures does your firm or team have in place to identify potential conflicts of interest? We have a disclosure form that describes the inherent conflicts of interest for every compensation method. The same document describes our practices for managing the conflicts of interest created by the hourly, flat fee and asset under management compensation systems which we use. We have a company policy to disclose any additional conflicts of interest as soon as we become aware of them. How does the firm/team monitor your compliance with Investment Policy Statements and other guidelines that are provided by clients?
  3. 3. Professional Services & Products Financial Services: Financial services for individual investors, Financial services for institutional trustees, Financial services for retirement plan participants Wealth Management Services: Investment Advisory/Consulting (Non-Discretionary), Investment Management (Discretionary) Discretionary Services: Our firm/team does not make investment decisions on behalf of clients Planning Services: Our firm/team provides the following planning services: Financial, Retirement, Estate, College, Charitable, Tax Other: Human Capital / Career Planning Investment Advisory/Consulting Services (Non-Discretionary): Our firm/team provides the following advisory services: Investment strategy, Written Investment Policy Statements, Asset Allocation Analytics, Risk Analysis and Measurement, Model Portfolios with Pre-Selected Managers, Portfolio Rebalancing Investment Management Services (Discretionary): Our firm/team manages portfolios of: Securities, Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Real Estate Proprietary Products: Our firm/team recommends proprietary investment products Our firm/team does not recommend proprietary insurance products Our firm/team does not recommend the investment and/or insurance products of affiliated companies Describe any other proprietary product disclosures: Investment Research & Due Diligence Our firm/team provides research and due diligence services Research conducted by internal and third party professionals Types of research and due diligence: General Securities, Mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Hedge Funds, Real Estate Does your firm/team recommend or provide active or passive management? Passive management only Does your firm/team provide any tax related services? Our firm/team provides the following tax related services: Tax efficient portfolios, Tax managed overlay products Does your firm/team sell any of the following investment or insurance products? None Does your firm/team have access to alternative asset classes such as hedge funds, private equity, Real Estate, or private placements? Yes All classes provided by NAPFA Resource Partners Does your firm/team offer advice for socially responsible investments? No Does your firm/team provide corporate trustee services? Our firm/team does not provide trustee services Performance Reports Firm or team’s performance reporting services: Online access to data, Hard copy reports What is the frequency of your firm or team’s performance reports (not brokerage statements)?
  4. 4. Annual Does your firm/team monitor and report performance that is described in the Investment Policy Statement? Yes Will your firm/team monitor the performance of investments that you don’t consult on or manage? Yes Pension Administration Services Does your firm/team provide pension administration services? Pension administration services are provided by a non-affiliated firm Business Practices What is your firm/team’s minimum asset requirement for clients? Individual Investors: $ 0 Institutional Investors: $ 0 What is your firm/team’s minimum fee requirement for clients? Individual Investors: $ 49.95 Institutional Investors: $ Where do client service meetings take place? Client or Firm Location How frequently do professionals from your firm or team meet with clients? Quarterly Do clients have Internet access to data that is provided or maintained by your firm/team? No Does your firm/team publish a newsletter? Frequency of the newsletter: Quarterly Does your firm/team recommend particular corporate custodians? First Choice: TD Ameritrade Institutional Second Choice: Vanguard Third Choice: Will your firm monitor the business practices of custodians? Yes Professional Fees Methods of compensation: Planning Services Asset-Based Fees, Fixed Fees, Hourly Fees Investment Services Asset-Based Fees, Fixed Fees, Hourly Fees Wrap Fee Investment Services Our firm/team does not provide Wrap Fee Investment Services Billing practices: Frequency of Billing Quarterly Timing of Billing In Arrears Source of Payment Direct from Client Service Initiation Fee None Service Termination Fee None Education Services
  5. 5. Does your firm/team provide education services for trustees? Yes Does your firm/team provide education services for retirement plan participants? Yes Education services your firm provides retirement plan participants: Seminars, Webinars Marketing Information Top three characteristics that distinguish our firm or team from competitors: 1. Professional knowledge, competence and experience 2. Strategies driven by academic research 3. Fiduciary relationship Top three reasons why investors should select our firm or team: 1. Professional knowledge, competence and experience 2. Strategies driven by academic research 3. Fiduciary relationship We provide the following marketing information to investors: Firm Profile (Paladin Registry), Professional Profile (Paladin Registry), Disclosure Statement (Paladin Registry), Corporate Brochure, References, Proposal, Presentation Certification I certify all of the information in this profile is complete, accurate, and up-to-date., accurate, and current. Prepared by: Robert Schumann Most Recent Update: 07-07-2009