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  • □ 사업의 개요 크레듀 주요 사업 - 이러닝서비스 / 콘텐츠 개발 / LMS 개발 / HR 컨설팅 고객 – 기업 / 대학 / 정부기관 / 해외시장
  • □ 회사의 개요 2000년 5월 설립 SLP, SVP 등 핵심 서비스 제공 2006년 7월 영어회화 평가사업 시작 2006년 11월 코스닥 상장
  • □ 사업 영역 기본사업 – 이러닝서비스 , 블렌디드 러닝 , HR 컨설팅 , 콘텐츠 수주 개발 , LMS 수주 개발 전략사업 – iMBA, 금융자격 , 해외사업 , M-Kiss, 교원연수 , 특수계층 신규사업 – OPIc, 대학사업 , m- 러닝 , HRO, 출판 , 지식사업
  • □ 기본사업 – 이러닝 서비스 경영 / 직무 / 금융자격 / IT / 외국어 등으로 세분화된 1,000 여개의 콘텐츠 제공
  • □ 샘플과정 대표과정 “칭기스칸의 리더십 혁명”
  • □ 기본사업 – 블렌디드 러닝 리더십 , 핵심인재 양성 프로그램을 블렌디드 러닝 형태로 제공
  • □ 기본사업 – HR 컨설팅 컨설팅 수행 실적 – CJ 개발 , 삼성코닝정밀유리 , 검찰청 , ETRI, 한국방재교육연구원 , 아이마켓코리아 , 노동부 등
  • □ 기본사업 – 콘텐츠 수주 개발 프로젝트형 수주 사업 콘텐츠 당 계약 단가
  • □ 샘플 강의 르노삼성자동차 자동차 정비 과정
  • □ 기본사업 – LMS 수주 개발 CREsys 8.0 CREsys-University CREsys-Portal CREsys-Author CREsys-Blog CREsys-Report checj
  • □ 전략사업 – iMBA 성균관대학교와 공동으로 정규 온라인 MBA 학위과정 운영
  • □ 전략사업 – 금융자격 AFPK, CFP, CFA 등 금융자격 대비 과정 제공 업계 최고의 합격률 및 최다 교육인원
  • □ 샘플강의 – AFPK 자격 대비 파이낸셜 플래닝 과정
  • □ 전략사업 – 해외사업 중국 , 일본 , 유럽 삼성그룹 해외 사업장을 시작으로 한국기업의 해외 지사 및 다국적 기업에 이러닝 서비스 제공 목표
  • □ 전략사업 – M-Kiss 군인 및 군인 가족 대상 이러닝 서비스
  • □ 전략사업 – 교원연수 및 특수계층 교육
  • □ 샘플강의 – 교원연수
  • □ 신규사업 – OPIc 삼성그룹 , CJ 그룹 , 호텔신라 , 삼육어학원 , 오뚜기에 이어 SK 텔레콤 OPIc 전격 도입
  • □ 샘플강의 – OPIc 대비강의 ( 노비스 탈출 업그레이드 )
  • □ 신규사업 – 대학사업 CREsys-University 공급 OPIc 대학 확장
  • □ 신규사업 – m-Learning KT 와이브로 서비스 교육 콘텐츠 제공
  • □ 신규사업 – HRO HR 아웃소싱 서비스 제공 HRO 실적 : 경기여성이러닝센터 , 한국게임산업개발원
  • □ 신규사업 – 출판 및 지식사업 이러닝 서비스 콘텐츠 강화 이러닝 서비스와 시너지 효과 창출


  • 1. June 2007
  • 2. Business Summary Business Summary C-HRD (Corporate) e-Learning Service LMS Development Content Development e-Learning Consulting U-HRD (University) N-HRD (Nation) G-HRD (Global) HR Consulting e-Learning Service Financial Certification iMBA CREsys-U Teacher Training M-Kiss Specialized Industry China, Japan, Europe International Corp. Blended Learning m-Learning u-Learning Language Business Publishing Knowledge HRO “ Credu provides comprehensive learning solutions through its instructionally effective courseware, technologically superior platform, and reliable consulting service. ”
  • 3. Overview Feb. 2007 Signed partnership agreement on OPIc with SDA Nov. 2006 Received “A” grade on the Internet Training Agency Evaluation for the 4th consecutive year Nov. 2006 Listed on KOSDAQ Jul. 2006 Started OPIc business 2000 ~ 2002 2003 ~ 2004 2005 ~ 2007 Nov. 2002 Began offering online courses for the Samsung Business Leadership Program (SLP) Feb. 2002 Provided e-learning services to Matsushita and Sanyo in Japan May, 2000 Establishment of Credu Corporation Apr. 2004 Started providing online courses for the Samsung Value Program (SVP) Oct. 2003 Began offering SLⅡ BL courses for the first time in Korea Mar. 2003 Commenced the iMBA program Feb. 2007 Signed partnership agreement on OPIc with SDA Nov. 2006 Listed on KOSDAQ Jul. 2006 Started OPIc business Sep. 2005 Started publishing business Start Growth Jump Name : Credu CEO : Young Soon Kim Location : Seoul, Korea Employees : 207 (as of April 30th) Capital : 2,814 million KRW Affiliation : Samsung Group
  • 4. Business Domains Core Business Applied Business New Business • e-Learning Service • Blended Learning • HR Consulting • Tailored Content Development • Customized LMS Development • iMBA • Financial Certification Course • Global Business • M-Kiss • Teacher Training • Specialized Job Training (doctor, nurse, prosecutor, etc.) • OPIc • Comprehensive e-learning solution for Universities • m-Learning • HRO • Publishing • Knowledge Business Comprehensive Learning Solution Provider Specialized in e-Learning
  • 5. Core Business Credu offers over 1,000 ready-to-use, top-quality e-learning courses such as business administration, business soft skills, financial certification, job skills, IT, and foreign languages. e-Learning Service ● Examples <Leadership Revolution of Genghis Khan>
  • 6. Core Business <Leadership Revolution of Genghis Khan> ● Examples
  • 7. Core Business Integrating face-to-face training and online learning, BL programs focus on developing core human talent through courses in leadership, executive management, corporate value, and so on. Blended Learning Pre-online 1day offline Post-online
    • General concept & theory
    • Online 360 ˚ p re-diagnosis & feed-back
    • Pre-online review & diagnosis result sharing
    • Consulting, discussion and team activities
    • Action plan
    • Training result sharing by each experience
    • Case study by drama
    • Online discussion & etc.
    ● Blended Learning Model Understanding Exercise Application & Reflection
  • 8. Core Business Credu’s reliable consulting service helps clients establish training systems and develop various subjects and training management processes, thereby maximizing course effectiveness. HR Consulting ● Performance 1. Establishment of Education System for CJ Development 2. Establishment of Education System for Samsung Corning Precision Glass 3. Innovation in Education for the Public Prosecutor’s Office 4. Tailored Contents Development for ETRI 5. Course Development for Civil Defense Training Center 6. Leadership Development Program for iMarketKorea 7. Participation in SME HR Consulting business of the Ministry of Labor . . .
  • 9. Core Business Credu’s content is instructionally effective and rich in multimedia. Credu has successfully developed custom content for its clients, such as auto repair course for Renault Samsung Motors. Tailored Content Development ● Examples <Auto Repair Course for Renault Samsung Motors>
  • 10. Core Business ● Examples <Auto Repair Course for Renault Samsung Motors>
  • 11. Core Business CREsys features include CREsys-University, CREsys-Portal, CREsys-Author, CREsys-Blog and CREsys-Report check. CREsys can always be customized to satisfy a client’s needs. Customized LMS Development Learner  Self Diagnosis  Self Study-Check  Managing Career Development Program Education Portal System Over 1,000 High Quality Contents CREsys Tutor Group CS Representative Self-Directed Learning Value Added Information Community Promotion
  • 12. Applied Business The first on-line MBA authorized by the Korean government, Credu has been offering the iMBA program with SungKyunKwan University since 2003. iMBA
  • 13. Applied Business Credu offers the blended learning preparation courses for international financial certification tests such as the CFP, AFPK and CFA. Credu’s student pass rates are the highest among its competitors. Financial Certification Course <Financial Planning Process for AFPK certificate>
  • 14. Applied Business ● Examples <Financial Planning Course for AFPK Certification>
  • 15. Applied Business Credu supplies e-learning content and LMS to Samsung affiliates abroad and Korean branches of international enterprises. Credu’s goal is to earn 10% of its total revenue from the global market by 2010. Global Business
    • Sanyo, Matsushita
    • Samsung Japan
    • Other Japanese
    • Companies
    • Samsung China
    • Global Korean
    • Companies in China
    • Other Chinese Companies
    • Samsung Europe
    China Japan Europe
  • 16. Applied Business M-KISS is the e-learning service for military soldiers and their families. Credu’s course collection includes a business academy, certifications, foreign languages, and culture. M-KISS Language Certificate Culture Wives Business Kids
  • 17. Applied Business Through teacher training and specialized job training such as training for doctors & nurses, Credu is able to facilitate lifelong education. Teacher & Specialized Job Training <Teacher Training> <Training for Doctors>
  • 18. Applied Business <Teacher Training> ● Examples
  • 19. New Business Credu developed the OPIc based on the Oral Proficiency Interview, a test which is recognized internationally and has been in use for Over 25 years. Both tests are authorized by ACTFL. OPIc ● Who adopted OPIc so far? ● OPIc Test Preparation Courses
  • 20. New Business <OPIc Preparation Course> ● Examples
  • 21. New Business Credu is targeting the university market with content and CREsys- University, a tailored Learning Management System (LMS). Credu will further expand its share of the university market with OPIc. University Offerings ● CREsys-University CREsys-U Various & Specific Contents Learner Oriented Network between School & Work Quality Control System Globalization Total Solution for Universities Contents Marketplace Blog/ e-Portfolio Multi Functional LMS e-Test & Engineering Certificate Contents Developing Solution International Certificate Service
  • 22. New Business Credu develops learning courses for mobile devices. Credu supplies contents to KT for WiBro devices in 2007. Credu’s m-learning makes learning possible anytime & anywhere. m-Learning
  • 23. New Business Credu offers comprehensive HRD outsourcing services and Credu will emphasize its HRO business in 2007. Since its establishment, Credu has accumulated extensive competencies in HRD outsourcing. HRO HRO Business Total e-HR Solution Education Planning Course Development LMS Learning Management
  • 24. New Business Credu’s publishing activities gives the company access to quality e-learning content. The company also utilizes its weekly Knowledge Concert lecture program to expand its content library. Publishing & Knowledge Business ● Credu’s Book Collection (2007)
  • 25. Q & A