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Paying attantion by anna dorofeeva
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Paying attantion by anna dorofeeva


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Published in: Design

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  • 1. H&M Before you enter the store: This store attracts my attention drawing me in mainly due to the flashing staircases and screens installed into the walls and the celling at the entrance. The doors are widely opened which makes me feel free to enter and see what is offered. The signs are put on the left and on the right of the entrance on a still tables. I would do them bigger for this size of entrance door. But as everybody knows this trade mark, the lettering is well- recognized.Environment: The interior is done in white colors mostly it is due to the big staircase of white marble, and the walls a re also white. I guess it is not necessary to make any design on the walls or celling as the store is very full of colorful clothes. The celling is very high which gives you the impression of spacious and eternal shop. It is brightly lit which gives you the opportunity to choose the things carefully. It sounds quite a loud music which is heard from the outside attracting the passers-by. They play pop- music tracks and mixes as this store is oriented on young modern people. It is warm inside. And the most noise comes from people that are choosing the clothes. And I should notice that there are lots of things on the shelves and on the hangers. It does not have any distinctive smell. There are cash registers on any flour. The principle one is located infront of the entrance door but it may not be seen clearly because it is hidden behind big marblestaircases.The store security is very visible because he has a surveillance point at the entrance.I would love to stay in this store for a long time because on the one hand such variety of the things thatyou see gives you the feeling that among all this you will find something that will fit you for sure and onthe other hand I just personally love this trade mark.
  • 2. Personnel:It took us nothing to get the contact from one of the shop assistance because she prohibited us to takea picture in the hats that we decided to try as the were funny.They do not use any script.I would say that they treat the customers in the unique kind manner asking the typical questions aboutthe size or color.As far as I calculated there is around 1 salesperson for 10 customers. They are all young men andwomen from 20 to 28 years-old. They all wear the uniform - the same polos with the logo of H&M.They suite the style of the store because they offer clothes for young people like they are.Products: The first product that I notice are the fur waistcoats and hats which are very popular now. I would rather say that there is no central display as there are clothes everywhere. I found few “for sale” items near the changing rooms. Firstly, the products are arranged by gender and age. The ground floor which you enter is for young girls, the bottom one is for women and the 1st one is for boys. And then on each floor the clothes are organized by styles and space is visually divided in zones. At eye level there are clothes that are on hangers (jerseys, jeans, trousers, skirts etc.), hats and hand- bags are on the shelves higher and shoes are down. Then near the cash registers there is lots of stuff like jewelery, lipsticks, nail lacquers, etc. Accessories like gloves, scarves and also jewelery are in the least accessible room. The most expensive clothes are in the special zone which is visually separated from the rest of the parts, they are accurately organized. And the least expensive are at the entrance to attract people. The prices are easily to find as they are on the places where we usually expect them to be talking aboutclothing: on the label on the neck part or on the sleeves.Customers:Most of the customers are in the company of two or three people. And these are either parents (mostlymothers) with their children of around 13-17 years old or friends of 18-30 years old.When customers enter they tend to turn on the left or on the right because of the marble staircase infront of them, or go upstairs or downstairs.With such a variety of things people just go browsing the things.I noticed that 99% of people go out with the trade mark bags.
  • 3. Happy Books (La Formig D´Or) Before you enter the store: This store draws me in because they have books on the tables outside so you come up to them as they seem so close to you. And while looking through them you pay attention to other books and enters in as there are no doors, the entrance is made in the form of two opened arks. The ceilings are not very high, and the first part is like a narrow corridor. The lettering is big enough to see and put two times above each ark. They look quite typical, I would think over some design for the sign.Environment:The colors are light but all the walls are covered with colorful books. So it gives you the feeling that theshop is very colorful.It has normal ceiling and wooden floors so it makes you feel like in a familiar place.It is bright lit and there is no any music playing.Though there are lots of people choosing the books it is not noisy at all inside. The atmosphere is likein a library. So you also feel like prohibited to make noise or to talk in a loud voice.It is warm inside.The cash register is on your right from the entrance. And I have not noticed the security.i would like to stay more as at the beginning there the most colorful and attractive books are put (aboutcountries, gastronomy, paintings etc.). This invites you to follow the corridor of the books.And then surprisingly to me I found lots of stores inside: of discs, of books and toys for children, a kindof workshop. And after this trip you go outside through another door at the other end.
  • 4. Personnel:There are few shop assistance and no one come up to us.Judging by the cashiers the stuff is young around 30 years old.Products:The first books I notice are about gastronomy - Spanish food.So the central display for me are the tables at the entrance.I have not found any for sale books.The products are arranged by topics (languages, about sports, foreign literature etc.)So there is no division by price, they can be mixed in one thematic group. it is easy to find the price asit is put where we expect it to be - on the back cover.At the cash register there are pencils, pens, souvenirs about Barcelona.Customers:The customers are mostly in a company of one or two persons. They are either adult couples orparents with children.Entering everybody moves forward due to the form of the shop which is like a corridor.People spend a lof time wandering along the shelves as they move slow and so many books attract totake them, look through. But not many people go out with the things bought.
  • 5. LimitEDitions Before you enter the store: The entrance seems to me very attractive as it has an electric fireplace near the entrance door. The door is closed which gives the feeling that there is some mystery inside and it only warms up the interest more. The lettering is very big right above the door and more over they play with the orthography in the title: the phrase “Limited Edition” is visually joined and shortened till “LimitEDition”. It means for me that this place is done with some creativity to make it distinctive from manyothers.Environment: The color scheme is light and dark brown which together with the fireplace outside gives the feeling of being in some country house. Moreover, the floors are made of wood. The ceiling is quite high as if there could be one more floor, this makes the shop more spacious. The place is warm and the dim light makes feel very cozy and home-like. Some modern DJ music is playing quite energetic. Although there is no particular smell. The products are mostly sportive shoes and clothes and I should say that it is more oriented for men than for women as there are more men shoes. I would say that there is no security in the shop as it is quite small. The cash register is in front of the door but at the other side crossing the shop. And it is like a high table with a cash machine hidden inside that you can hardly guess that it is the place to pay. But you cannot wander there a lot of time as after one roundover the store you either need to take something to try or go out.Personnel:As it´s a small shop there are only two guys as shop assistance and as cashiers at the same time.They do not have any script and they talk quite casually with every customer in a friendly way. they arearound 30+ years old. They are dressed in jeans and shirts like if they were their own clothes. But thisfits perfectly the image of the store.
  • 6. Products: The first product that I see are sports shoes on the triangle shelf-stalls which I would call the central part. i did not found things on sale. Products are arranged by sex and clothes are on the hangers and shoes either on the floor or on the shelves and organized by style. The clothing is on the eye level. Shoes are lower down. Because of the size of the shop all the stuff is well-seen. The prices are mixed. They are easy to found - they are where you expect them to be. As the cash register is even difficult to notice, there is nothing on it.Customers: Most of the customers are men, either alone or in a company of two. They stay for a quite a long time if they start to try something. Everybody touches the shoes first of all and clothes as well. When people enter they either choose to turn right or follow straight. Mostly I would say that people just browse things but finally nearly everyone buys something.
  • 7. Outlet Sun&Sun 5€Before you enter the store:I was on a mission there, I wanted to buy a mobilephone cover that´s why I entered in.But if I had been just passing by I would rather haveentered the shop as well because it has no doors andyou easily see crowds of people there.The sign is huge and is put in English, detailing theproducts it has (watches, sunglasses, mobile covers)and the most common price (5€). This simplification isa good tactic as it helps to attract only necessarycustomers.Environment:The store seems to be very colorful due to great number of items of various colors.It has tiling floors. The ceiling is quite high. And the store is brightly lit which helps to look at any item indetails.There is music playing there but it is mixed with the high voices of customers who discuss very vividlywhat to choose.It is warm in the store.But there is no any particular smell in it.It is crowded with merchandise, the wall on the left is full of sunglasses of any possible shape andcolor and the wall on the right is full of mobile phone covers for the latest models of the cell phonesand media players.The cash register is in the end of the store which is like a long corridor opposite the entrance door butat the very end.The security are two guys standing at the door who do not wear a special uniform.You don´t want to stay there for a long time but because of the huge variety of choice you start tryingone thing, passes to another one, look at this, at that and without recognizing it you spend there 20min minimum although the store is quite small.Personnel:No one comes up to you, there is no need, you just look and try the item you like and if you like it go tothe register to pay.There is a boy and a girl at the register and two guys at the door. They are quite young, around 30.They do not wear any uniform, they are dressed into their own clothes. So it says to me that to createthe atmosphere was not the objective of the shop owners, they are more concentrated on the amountof things to offer.
  • 8. Products: At first glance you either notice sunglasses or mobile phone covers, there is no more option left as there is one wall of sunglasses and another one with covers without any central display. There are no items on sale. And they offer only two prices for all the stuff, either 5€ o 10€ - so easy, thus not to complicate the customers´ lives with the calculations. The covers are organized according to the cell phone model. And sunglasses by the style more or less, by their form. And these two walls are from top to bottom are full of items without any particular ones on the eye level.Customers:Most customers are in a company as mostly these are tourists who normally go in groups or at least incouples of different age (starting from a group of American teenagers to adult German couple).Everybody moves from the door straight and either on the left or on the right depending on thecategory they are looking for. People spend quite a lot of time is they get engaged by trying differentthings. Everybody touches the products and tries them.The majority I would say are just browsing what is offered because the things are really cool andcurious. Many of them come out with the item bought for themselves or for a present as the things areso unusual that you cannot resist buying it. And even if you personally do not have an iPhone or iPod,the models they offer evoke you to buy them for any of your friends.
  • 9. QuiksilverBefore you enter the store:Frankly speaking this store does not attract as it is a sportstrade mark. But I enter because of my friend who isattracted by the design of the shop, to be exact by theentrance decorated with the skate-boards.the store has the open entrance so you can easily seewhat is going inside.The sign is right above the entrance made with the hugelettering.It gives the feeling as it is a famous trade mark.Environment:The color scheme in general I would say to be dark, first of all because of the dim lightening and of lowceiling at the entrance but following it the store is got divided by the floors, rooms and staircases.Some active loud music is playing that associates with extreme kinds of sports.It is warm in there which makes our stay very comfortable.The clothes and shoes are everywhere so it is crowded with merchandise.There is no any particular smell there.The cash register is just on your right from the entrance.And the security stands on the left of the door, he is wearing the uniform and is well-visible.You spend quite a lot of time as you got a bit lost with lots of rooms and floors.
  • 10. Personnel:Nearly at the entrance we were offered help. The sale person do not have any script.There are enough sales people, I counted around 10 people.They are all young men and women of not more than 30 years old.They wear the uniform - the same T-shirts with the trade mark logo.They match the store image as they are dressed in a sports style.Products:The first products that I notice are the skateboards at the entrance which I thought were used as thedecorations but they had prices too.I have not found any items for sale.The products are organized first of all by trade mark as apart from Quiksilver clothes, such trade marksas Pepe Jeans and Tommy Hilfiger are displayed. And then there are parts with boy´s and girl´sclothes separated by design.The prices are easily seen on the labels.There are normally T-shirts on the eye level shelves.Because of the sophisticated design of the shop itself you have to look carefully for the items youneed. And the expensive and cheep clothes are mixed. It also depends on the trade mark.There are wallets, glasses, headphones at the cash registers which are at each floor.Customers:There were not many customers in the store and mostly in two persons, either couples or friends ofaround 40 years old.Having entered, people go whenever they are attracted to go.I guess wandering in the store you spend at least half an hour.Everybody touches the clothes.People seem to be on a mission as they ask for exact things to the sales people.But I did not see anyone to go out with the things bought while we were there.
  • 11. Other Observations:Installations and items in Andy Warhol style and a real Vesta scooter.I also liked the fit models of bright colors.
  • 12. Rituals...Before you enter the store:The store draws me in due to its oriental style and the design in black colors which I associate withluxury.There is the open entrance without any door which invites you in.The lettering is not that big but made in style which attracts your attention.Environment: The color scheme is in black colors with dim light in general but with the products brightly lit. The ceiling is of normal high. It has tiling floor. There is relaxing music playing and it smells very good of some cosmetic products. It is warm in the shop although the space is not big and there are two open entrances which makes the wing go easily. The store is crowded with merchandise as it is full of bottles of shampoos, shower gels, soaps, body milks etc.
  • 13. The cash register is on the opposite side from one entrance or on your left from the second one.I didn´t notice the security.You want to spend time there if you like this kind of cosmetic products. Personally I am addicted tothem, especially to the smells. So it influences me a lot at least to enter and then to buy something.Personnel:Nearly from the very entrance I was offered help. The sales girl did not have any script.They do treat their customers differently there as advising cosmetic products requires individualapproach. So the sales people ask you what smells you like, what type of skin you have, what kind ofshampoo prefer etc.There are three sales people in the shop: two men of around 35 years old and one woman of more orless the same age.They all wear a uniform, they are dressed in black T-shirts and black trousers which fits the colorscheme of the shop.Products: From this entrance door the first I notice is a demonstration sink where one woman is testing some liquid soaps and the sales guy gives her to try different ones. Then in the center there is a central display with make-up products. I did not found any items on sale as it is not the season. The products are organized by cosmetic line according to skin type or hair type, for example. Apart from the demonstration sink there are testers of every product. The prices are easy to find, they are put on each product. In the cash register there are lots of cute items like nail files, nail polishes or some souvenir products.Customers:The most customers are either women of 30+ or couples of more or less the same age.When customers enter they tend to go around the central stalls, and there are options either to goclockwise or counterclockwise.Normally customers spend quite a lot of time in the shop touching, trying and smelling the products.Mostly I would say people go browsing in the shop but finally lots of people go out with the thingsbought.