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Strategy frameworks 2013 Asia

  1. 1. Client Engagement Frameworks - Marketing&Strategy - Information Technology Alex Llorens Director, Advisory&Consulting AsiaPac© 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited 1
  2. 2. Experience-Driven OrganizationCUSTOMER EXPERIENCE PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Transform To An Experience-Driven Organization Performance Organization: Assessment: Management: Vision: Three Organizational Customer Experience How Four Firms Customer Experience Models For Chief Maturity Assessment Measure Customer Maturity Defined Customer Officers Experience Best Practices: Landscape: The State Strategic Plan: How Companies Benchmarks: Of Customer Innovative Customer Improved Their The Customer Experience, 2012 Experience Strategies Customer Experience Experience Index, 2012 Index Scores, 2011 Business Case: The Tools & Technology: Continuous Stakeholder Map: Business Impact of Enterprise Customer Improvement: People Who Transform Customer Experience, Experience Manage The Customer An Experience-Driven 2012 Transformation Experience Project Organization Consultants Portfolio
  3. 3. Social Intelligence InitiativeCUSTOMER INTELLIGENCE PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Establish Social Intelligence Performance Assessment: Organization: Management: Vision: Defining Social Evaluate And Evolve Organize For Social Listening Metrics That Intelligence Social Intelligence Intelligence Matter Strategic Plan: The Best Practices: The Landscape: The Social Benchmarks: Road Map To Keys To A Social Intelligence Market Is The State Of Social Integrating Social And Intelligence Command Immature Intelligence, 2012 Customer Data Center Stakeholder Map: Tools And Continuous Business Case: Roles And Technology: The Improvement: How To The Total Cost Of Responsibilities For Enterprise Listening Make Social Data Listening Social Intelligence Platform Landscape Actionable
  4. 4. Mobile eBusiness InitiativeEBUSINESS & CHANNEL STRATEGY PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Boost Customer Relationships Through Mobile Services Performance Assessment: Organization: Management: Vision: Forresters Mobile Strategic Staffing For Mobile Measurement Is The Future Of Mobile Maturity Model Mobile Commerce An eBusiness Commerce Is Context Imperative Landscape: Strategic Plan: Benchmarks: Best Practices: 2012 Mobile Trends A Systematic Mobile Commerce Key Executing End-To-End For eBusiness Approach To Mobile Performance Mobile Services Professionals Strategy Measurements Business Case: Tools And Continuous Stakeholder Map: The Mobile Mandate For Technology: Improvement :Optimize Mobile eBusiness eBusiness Mobile Technologies Your Mobile Ecosystem Professionals That Drive Sales Commerce
  5. 5. Social Marketing InitiativeINTERACTIVE MARKETING PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Master The Next Wave Of Social Vision: Organization: Performance Assessment: Power Your Brand Build A Push And Pull Management: Accelerate Your Social Ecosystem With Social Social Marketing Social Media Metrics Maturity Media Process That Matter Best Practices: Landscape: Strategic Plan: Benchmarks: Its Time To Make Global Social Media Objectives Are The Social Marketing Facebook Marketing Adoption Key To Social Strategy Spending in 2011 Work Stakeholder Map: Tools And Technology Continuous Business Case: Coordinate Your Social How To Choose The Improvement: Train The ROI of Social Marketing Partners For Social Your Team For Social Marketing Stakeholders And Media Marketing Marketing Success Resources
  6. 6. Open Innovation InitiativeCONSUMER PRODUCT STRATEGY PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Revolutionize Products Through Open Innovation Performance Vision: Assessment: Organization: Management: Open Innovation Assess Your Co- Staffing to Support Co- Overcome The Expands New Product Creation Readiness creation Challenge Of Opportunities Measuring Innovation Landscape: Strategic Plan: Processes: Benchmarks: The Co- US Consumers Will A Systematic How Companies Creation Maturity Co-Create Your Approach To Open Succeed With Co- Benchmark Products Innovation Strategy Creation Continuous Roadmap: Business Case: Tools & Technology: Improvement: Integrate Align Co-Creation Justify The Investment Navigate The Co- Co-Creation Into Your Participants With The In Open Innovation Creation Landscape Ongoing Product Right Engagements Development
  7. 7. Digital Customer ExperienceImprovement InitiativeCUSTOMER EXPERIENCE PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Improve Your Digital Customer Experience Performance Assessments: Organization: How Are Vision: Scenario Management: The Forrester‘s Customer Digital Customer Design Unifies The Right Website Experience Maturity Experience Teams Splinternet Customer Experience Success Framework For Digital Structured? Experience Metrics Strategic Plan: Landscape: Digital Processes: Top 10 Develop Your Digital Benchmarks: Best And Design Projects And Ways To Improve Customer Experience Worst Of Website Spending, 2012 Digital Experiences Strategy Experience, 2011 Tools And Business Case: Road Map: Implement Technology: Continuous Websites That Don‘t Your Digital Customer Interactive Design Improvement: The Support Customers Experience Strategy Agency Overview, Unified Customer Waste Millions 2012 Experience Imperative
  8. 8. 21st Century Brand MarketingInitiativeCMO & MARKETING LEADERSHIP PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: The Post-Digital Rules Of Brand Building Performance Assessments: Organization: CMOs Vision: Brands Must Management: Manage Evaluate Your Brand Must Lead The Brand Adapt To Customers The Digitization Of Building Capabilities Experience Higher Standards Agency Services Landscape: Strategic Plan: Chart A Processes: How To Consumers Demand Benchmarks: New Course For Your Deliver A New Brand More From 21St Benchmark Your Brand Experience Century Brands Brand Performance Tools And Business Case: Invest Road Map: Four Steps Continuous Technology: Establish In The Brand Building To Build Your Brand Improvement: Measure New Agency Experience Experience And Manage Brand Partnerships Health
  9. 9. Email Marketing InitiativeINTERACTIVE MARKETING PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Graduate From Email To Integrated Messaging Performance Assessment: The Organization: How To Vision: The New Management: Value Email Marketing Organize For Email Messaging Mandate Your Subscribers More Scorecard Marketing Accurately Strategic Plan: For Interactive Marketing Processes: Apply Best Benchmarks: Compare Landscape: How Us Professionals Balance Practices To Your Your Campaigns To 70 Marketers Use Email User Needs With Email Marketing Others Business Goals Tools And Continuous Road Map: Build An Business Case: The Technology: Choose Improvement: Improve Integrated Messaging Cost Of Bad Email The Right ESP For With Simple Approach Your Needs Innovations
  10. 10. Customer Loyalty InitiativeCUSTOMER INTELLIGENCE PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Drive Smarter Customer Loyalty With Customer Intelligence Assessment: Evaluate Performance Organization: Vision: Intelligence- And Evolve Your Management: Organizing For Driven Loyalty Loyalty Program’s Measuring Loyalty Intelligent Loyalty Intelligence Quotient Program Effectiveness Landscape: Consumer Strategic Plan: Processes: Enable Benchmarks: Attitudes Toward Planning For Loyalty Program Marketers Are Loyalty Programs Intelligence Driven Success With Sound Overconfident In Their Deteriorate Loyalty Processes Loyalty Strategies Road Map: How To Tools And Continuous Business Case: Build A Road Map For Technology: The Improvement: Building TechRadar: Customer Your Intelligent Customer Loyalty A World-Class Loyalty Loyalty Programs Customer Loyalty Ecosystem Program Program
  11. 11. Market Insights OptimizationInitiativeMARKET INSIGHTS PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Make Market Insights A Business Value Driver Organization: Optimize Performance Vision: Move Market Assessment: Identify Market Insights Talent Management: Optimize Insights Up The Value Your Market Insights Procurement And Market Insights With Chain Maturity Management Metrics And KPIs Processes: Build Benchmarks: Landscape: Evolve Strategic Plan: Evolve Market Insights Benchmark Your From Research To Your Market Insights Relationships And Market Insights Insights Maturity Now! Influence Maturity Tools And Business Case: Build Road Map: Plan Market Continuous Technology: Empower The Case For Investing Insights Path To Improvement: Innovate Market Insights With In Market Insights Evolution Market Insights The Right Technology
  12. 12. Digital Media Buying InitiativeINTERACTIVE MARKETING PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Create An Audience-Obsessed Digital Media Buying Practice Performance Assessment: The Organization: Build An Management: Vision: The Future Of Digital Media Buying Empowered Media Measurement Is A Digital Media Buying Maturity Framework Buying Team Digital Media Buyer‘s Best Friend Benchmarks: Landscape: Digital Strategic Plan: Processes: Best Benchmark Your Media Buying Building A Better Practices For Display Digital Media Buying Forecast, 2012 To 2017 Digital Media Strategy Marketing Maturity Continuous Business Case: Road Map: Build The Tools And Improvement: Move Making The Business Audience-Centric Technology: Select Beyond Programmatic Case For Better Digital Digital Media Buying Partners Who Support Display For Scaled Media Buying Practice Your Goals Performance
  13. 13. Client Engagement Frameworks Information Technology© 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited 13
  14. 14. Agile And Lean PlaybookAPPLICATION DEVELOPMENT AND DELIVERY PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Make Software Delivery More Responsive To The Business Future Look: Business Plan: Skills And Staffing: Performance Increase Agile Efficacy Plan For Continuous Revamp Your Management: To Improve Customer Agile And Lean Organization For Agile Manage Your Agile Value Evolutions And Lean And Lean Adoption Business Impact: Strategic Plan: Policies And Justify Agile With Benchmarks: Define Embrace Holistic Procedures: Shorter, Faster Your Agile And Lean Change To Achieve Govern Your Agile And Development Metrics Agile Results Lean Adoption Assessment Build/Buy Capabilities: Change Management: Framework: Road Map: Right Source Your Sustain Agile With Determine If Youre Reduce Agile Agile And Lean Formal And Informal Agile And Lean Uncertainty Over Time Environment Training Enough
  15. 15. Cloud Computing PlaybookCIO PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Achieve Cloud Economics For Operations And Services Performance Business Plan: Skills And Staffing: Future Look: Management: Drive Savings and Proactively Engage Make The Cloud Develop Cloud Metrics Profits With Cloud Cloud Buyers Enterprise Ready Using The Balanced Economics Scorecard Policies And Business Impact: Strategic Plan: Budgeting And Procedures: Improve Productivity Integrate Cloud Into Planning: Understand Put Guardrails In Place With The Cloud Existing Architecture The True Cost Of To Drive Cloud Strategies Cloud Services Success Assessment Build/Buy Capabilities: Change Management: Road Map: Framework: Right-Source Your Onboard the Business Master 10 Trends For Assess Your Cloud Applications For The To Your Cloud Your Cloud Journey Maturity Cloud Strategy
  16. 16. BT Strategic Planning PlaybookCIO PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Develop Effective BT Strategy Build/Buy Capabilities: Performance Business Goals: Management: Business Vision: Develop Capabilities Begin BT Strategic Measure The Plan Strategy Around And Services To Planning With Clear Effectiveness Of The 10 Business Trends Deliver The Business Goals Strategic Planning Technology Road Map Process Technology Vision: Strategy Selection: Organization: Benchmarks: Tech Trends Use Business Optimize The IT Measuring BT Transform Business Capabilities To Organization To Strategic Planning Strategies Optimize BT Strategy Support BT Strategy Outcomes Choices Assessment Change Management: Budgets: Framework: Road Map: Communicate And Build A Financial Plan Assess Your Create A Living BT Manage Change For That Supports BT Readiness To Plan BT Road Map The BT Strategic Strategy Strategies Planning Process
  17. 17. EA Practice PlaybookENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Build A High-Performance EA Practice Organization: Develop Future Look: Stakeholder Needs: Performance Business-Focused Make EA Business- Let Business Needs Management: And Strategic EA Focused, Strategic, Drive Your Enterprise Track Progress Towards Organizations And Pragmatic Architecture High-Performance EA Business Impact: Strategic Plan: Focus Processes: Metrics: Measure EAs Focus EA Impact On EA Strategy On Build Trust And Agility Business Goals, Planning, Governance, Changing Business With An EA Process Engagement, And And Innovation Expectations Framework Influence Assessment Framework: Deliverables: Change Management: Transform EA Road Map: Use Effective EA Communicate EA Resources, Execute On Your EA Deliverables To Guide Capabilities Relationships, Practice Strategy Change Companywide Processes, Foundations
  18. 18. Services Sourcing PlaybookSOURCING & VENDOR MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Select And Negotiate More Effective IT Services Outreach: Streamline Performance Change Management: Future Look: The IT Service Management: Build A Foundation Navigate A Changing Provider Selection Automate Your For IT Services IT Services Landscape Process Performance Management Change Activities Business Impact: Strategic Plan: Negotiations: Benchmarks: Improve The Business Align Your IT Services Negotiate A Align IT Services Metrics Value Of IT Services Strategy With The Successful IT Services With Relationship Goals Business Outsourcing Contract Capabilities Assessment Framework: Contractual Terms: Change Management: Assessment: Assessing Your Maximize Value With IT Evolve Supplier Match Service Provider Company’s Application Services Contractual Management To The Governance With Outsourcing Maturity Terms Changing Ecosystem Market Realities
  19. 19. Service Management AndAutomation PlaybookINFRASTRUCTURE & OPERATIONS PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Deliver Technology Services Faster, Cheaper, And Better Future Look: Stakeholder Needs: Skills And Staffing: Performance Become Customer- Develop Your Service Evolve Your Service Management: Centric, Service- Management And Management And Manage Your Service Focused, And Automation Staffing Automation Skills And Management And Automated Strategy Staff Automation Performance Policies And Business Impact: Strategic Plan: Procedures: Benchmarks: Sustain Service Avoid Tactical, Narrow Balance Disciplined Drive Service Management And Service Management Service Management Management Adjustments Automation Funding And Automation And Automation With With Peer Comparisons Strategies Flexibility Road Map: Build/Buy Capabilities: Assessment Framework: Change Management: TechRadar™ For I&O Source Effective Assess Your Service Communicate And Train Professionals: IT Service Management Management And Sustainable Service Service Management And Automation Automation Maturity Management Changes Processes, Q1 2012 Capabilities
  20. 20. Mobile Security And OperationsPlaybookSECURITY & RISK PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Manage Mobile And Consumer Devices Safely And Efficiently Future Look: Skills And Staffing: Performance Prepare For Anywhere, Stakeholder Needs: Create New Mobile Management: Anytime, Any Device Charter A Mobility Operations And Develop Mobile Engagement With A Council With Seven Security Professionals Operations And Security Stateless Mobile Tasks Balanced Scorecards Architecture Business Impact: Aim Policies And Strategic Plan: Benchmarks: To Empower the Procedures: Address Complexity Survey Employees To Anytime, Anywhere Redefine Your Mobile With Mobile Security Target Mobility Workforce Policy To Empower And Operations Improvements Workers Assessment Framework: Road Map: Build/Buy Capabilities: Change Management: Assess The Maturity Of Define A Road Map For Navigate The Identify, Engage, And Your Mobile Security Mobile Security And Fragmented Mobile Train Mobile Stakeholders And Operations Program Operations Security Market
  21. 21. Security & Risk Practice PlaybookSECURITY & RISK PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Build A High-Performance Security Organization Future Look: Stakeholder Needs: Skills And Staffing: Performance Navigate The Future Of Develop A Change Recruit And Retain An Management: The Security Plan For Your Security Information Security 2012 Budget And Organization Program Team Planning Guide for CISOs Business Impact: Policies And Determine The Strategic Plan: Procedures: Benchmarks: Business Value Of An Build A Strategic Build An Information Develop Effective Security Effective Security Security Program & Security Management Metrics Program Organization System Assessment Framework: Road Map: Define A Road Map To Change Management: Assess Your Security Build/Buy Capabilities: Accelerate The Market Security To Gain Program With Source Your Security Organizational Influence And Secure Forrester ‘s Information Services Maturity Of Your Budget Security Maturity Model Security Program
  22. 22. Social Business And CollaborationPlaybookCIO PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Competitive Advantage Through Social Business Stakeholder Needs: Performance Skills And Staffing: Analyze What Your Social Management: Future Look: Staffing For Social Business And Maximizing The Impact The Social CIO Business And Collaboration Of Social Business Collaboration Success Stakeholders Really Need And Collaboration Strategic Plan: How To Business Impact: Policies And Benchmarks: Evaluate Create A Knockout Mapping The Value Of Procedures: Your Social Business Social Business And Social Business And The CIOS Role In The And Collaboration Collaboration Strategic Collaboration Social Business Policy Maturity Plan Assessment Framework: Road Map: The Road Build/Buy Capabilities: Change Management: Assess The Capabilities To Social Business Social Business And Build Your Social Business And Impact Of Your Transformation Starts Collaboration And Collaboration Strategy Social Business And With A Burning Technology On A Solid Change Collaboration Toolkit Platform Guidebook Management Foundation
  23. 23. Innovation PlaybookCIO PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Thrive With Sustained Innovation In The Empowered BT Era Vision: Pursue Performance Innovation Supported Ideation: Organization: Create Management: Measure By Global Business Move From Ideation To And Leverage An And Manage The And Technology Innovation Innovation Team Innovation Process Trends Selection And Business Impact: Benchmarks: Prototyping: The Forrester Governance: Unleash Sustained Innovation Benchmark Innovation Innovation Heat Index: Innovation With Good Propels The Business Capabilities And Turn Good Ideas Into Real Governance Engine Results Innovations Faster Assessment: Portfolio Management: Build/Buy Capabilities: Change Management: Assess The Firm’S Fuel Business Growth Sourcing The To Stay Competitive, Readiness For Sustained Via The BT Innovation Innovation Network: Nurture A Culture Of Innovation Portfolio Innovation
  24. 24. EA Method PlaybookENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Develop A Business-Centered Enterprise Architecture That Boosts Agility Planning Methods: Performance Assessment: Readiness Vision: Architect For Fuse Technology, Management: Managing Assessment For The Next Digital Innovation, And Quality And Impact Of Business-Focused Decade Business Change In Your Business-Centered Enterprise Architecture Your Planning Cycle EA Program Landscape: The Governance: Strategic Plan: Build Enterprise Rearchitect Benchmarks: Your Stepwise Architecture Governance For Benchmarks For Strategy For Business- Methodology Sustainable Business Business-Centered EA Centered EA Landscape Agility Roles And Skills: The Implementation And Business Impact: Justify Operation Methods: Craft Continuous Improvement: Impact Of Business- The Value Of Achieving Your Business Change Managing The Culture Centered Enterprise Sustainable Business Delivery Process For And Process Change For Architecture On BT Agility Sustainable Business Business-Centered EA Roles And Skills Agility
  25. 25. Data Security And Privacy PlaybookSECURITY & RISK PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Protect And Manage Your Critical Information Assets Performance Future Look: Control Stakeholder Needs: Skills And Staffing: Management: Measure And Protect Sensitive Identify And Influence Job Description: Chief The Performance Of Your Information In The Era Data Security And Privacy Officer Data Security And Privacy Of Big Data Privacy Stakeholders Program Business Impact: Protect Policy And Benchmarks: Understand Your Competitive Strategic Plan: Kill Procedures: Develop The State Of Data Security Advantage By Protecting Your Data To Protect It Your Policies With And Privacy: 2012 To Your Intellectual Property From Cybercriminals Forrester’s Data 2013 From Cybercriminals Control Framework Assessment Framework: Road Map: TechRadar Rethinking DLP: Build/Buy Capabilities: Change Management: For Security Pros: Introducing The Build Out Your DLP Sustain Change In Data Data Security And Forrester DLP Maturity Capabilities Security And Privacy Protection Grid
  26. 26. Business Technology ResiliencyPlaybookINFRASTRUCTURE & OPERATIONS PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Build The Always-On, Always-Available Extended Enterprise Organization: Performance Vision: Move Beyond Assessment: Assess Organizational Management: Develop Disaster Recovery And The Maturity Of Your Implications For Your Business Prepare For Business Business Technology Business Technology Technology Resiliency Technology Resiliency Resiliency Program Resiliency Balanced Scorecard Strategic Plan: Benchmark: Benchmark Landscape: The Processes: Govern Develop The Business The Performance Of Your Business Technology The Highly Resilient Technology Resiliency Business Continuity Resiliency Landscape Enterprise Strategic Plan Program Business Case: Road Map: Develop Tools And Continuous Improvement: Justifying The Business Your Road Map For Technology: Source Communicate And Train Case For Business Business Technology Business Technology Your Teams On Business Technology Resiliency Resiliency Tools Resiliency Capabilities Technology Resiliency
  27. 27. Identity And Access ManagementPlaybookSECURITY & RISK PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Evolve Your Identity Strategy For The Extended Enterprise Performance Future Look: Navigate Skills And Staffing: Stakeholder Needs: Management: Develop The Future Of Identity Role Job Description: Identify And Influence The Identity And Access And Access Identity And Access Identity Stakeholders Management Balanced Management Management Architect Scorecard Business Impact: Use Strategic Plan: Build Policy And Benchmarks: Know The Commercial IAM Your Identity And Procedures: Build An State Of Identity And Solutions To Achieve Access Management Effective IAM Policy Access Management More Than 100% ROI Strategy Framework Budgets Over Manual Processes Road Map: Build/Buy Capabilities: Assessment Framework: Change Management: TechRadar™ For Source Your Identity Assess Your Identity Sustain Organizational Security Pros: Zero And Access And Access Change In Identity And Trust Identity Management Management Maturity Access Management Standards Capabilities
  28. 28. Information Strategy AndArchitecture PlaybookENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Focus Your Information Strategy On Business Impact Assessment: Assess Performance Organization: Define Vision: Key Trends In Your Readiness For A Management: The Shifting Information Cohesive Information Performance Responsibilities Of The Management Strategy And Management For Information Architect Architecture Program Information Architects Benchmarks: Critical Landscape: The Strategic Plan: Let The Processes: Create Success Factors For Diverse Landscape Of Adjacent Possible Your Information Measuring Your Information Guide Your Governance Information Architecture Information Strategy Framework Architecture Program Tools And Technology: A Continuous Business Case: Treat Road Map: A Roadmap Framework For Improvement: Driving Information As A For Information Information Management Change To Ensure Strategic Asset Architecture And Consumption Information Technology Architecture Success
  29. 29. Business Process ManagementPlaybookENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Drive Process Innovation Using BPM Technologies, Methods, And COEs Skills And Staffing: Future Look: Embrace Stakeholder Needs: Performance Build Your Skills Five Disruptive Trends Address Stakeholder Management: Use A Development Road That Will Reshape Needs For BPM Metrics Framework To Map For Achieving BPM Excellence Excellence Drive BPM Excellence BPM Excellence Policy And Procedures: Strategic Plan: Co- Business Impact: Select The Core Methods Metrics: BPM Projects Create A Shared Business And It Impact And Techniques You Show Good But Varied Strategy For Achieving Of BPM Excellence Need To Deliver BPM Performance BPM Excellence Excellence Assessment Framework: Tools And Technology: Change Management: Road Map: Defining Assess Your Readiness The Way Forward For Achieving The Best Your BPM To Launch A High- BPM Technology Communication And Implementation Impact BPM Excellence Selection And Buy-In For BPM Strategy Program Sourcing Programs
  30. 30. Business Architecture PlaybookENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Create A Business Architecture Program That Helps Your Business Manage Change Assessment: Assessing Performance Organization: Organize Future Look: The Organizational Management: Your Business Future Of Business Readiness For A Measuring The Architecture To Deliver Architecture Business Architecture Success Of Business Your Strategy Program Architecture Landscape: The State Strategic Plan: Processes: Identify Of Business Develop A Benchmarks: Essential Methods For Architecture And Stakeholder-Focused Benchmarking Your Business Business Architects In Business Architecture Business Architecture Architecture Program 2012 Strategy Tools And Technology: Business Case: Focus Continuous Road Map: Build A Using Tools And On The Transformational Improvement: Growing Business Architecture Technology For Impact Of Business The BA Capability Program Road Map Business Architecture Architecture Over Time Programs
  31. 31. Security Architecture AndOperations PlaybookSECURITY & RISK PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Defend Your Data From Mutating Threats With A Zero Trust Network Vision: No More Performance Management: Chewy Centers: Assessment: Forrester‘s Organization: Job Measure The Effectiveness Introducing The Zero Incident Management Description: Security Of Your Security Trust Model Of Maturity Model Architect Architecture And Information Security Operations Strategic Plan: Build Benchmarks: Security Into Your Landscape: Zero Trust Policy And Procedures: Understand The State Network‘s DNA: The Landscape PCI Unleashed Of Network Security: Zero Trust Network 2012 To 2013 Architecture Tools And Technology: Business Case: Defend Road Map: Develop Market Overview: Continuous Your Business From The Your Road Map For Network Security Improvement: Maintain Mutating Threat Zero Trust Network Segmentation Your Security Edge Landscape Mitigation Technology Gateways
  32. 32. The SVM Practice PlaybookSOURCING & VENDOR MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONALS Executive Overview: Accelerate Your Business Objectives With A Professional SVMO Assessment Framework: Skills And Staffing: Vision: The SVM Performance Management: Assess Your Current SVM Activities, Roles, Organizations Future Build A Framework To SVMO State To Navigate And Skills Are In 2020 Measure SVM Performance The Future Evolving Landscape: SVM Strategic Plan: Create Processes: Cutting The Organizations Rugged Benchmarks: How An Effective Sourcing Gordian Knot - The Region: Is The Fight Good Are We? Strategy SVMO Process Model Still Going On? Road Map: Stairway To Tools And Technology: Value Communication: Business Case: SVM’s Heaven, Or The Road A Dizzying World: Build SVMS Value Business Case Map To Success SVMO Software Message
  33. 33. Project Samples Asia Pacific© 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited 33
  34. 34. Project consulting sample BENCHMARK AND IMPROVE ASIA PACIFIC DIGITAL MARKETING Client: A leading research-based, innovative healthcare company Objective: Benchmark and improve Asia Pacific digital marketing Request: Provide a 2011 digital marketing maturity assessment for Asia Pacific (APAC) countries: New Zealand, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam. Analyst: Nate Elliott Outcome: We assessed the digital marketing maturity of client’s regional affiliates in 11 APAC countries, using Forrester’s Digital Marketing Maturity Assessment framework, to identify opportunities for client’s APAC affiliates to improve their digital marketing maturity. We also defined a high-level action plan to help client APAC affiliates move up the digital marketing maturity ladder.© 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited 34
  35. 35. Project consulting sample DEVELOP A MARKETING STRATEGY Client: A global skin and beauty care company Objective: Develop a marketing strategy Request: Need to create a customized interactive marketing strategy for client’s Thailand arm. Analyst: Nate Elliott Outcome: • We created four target segments for client’s brand and identified the digital opportunity in the following key markets: the US, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, China, and Thailand. • We identified the most effective media channels to reach and engage with target customer segments in these markets. • We developed a digital strategy/road map, including target market prioritization, for interactive marketing for Thailand specifically.© 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited 35
  36. 36. Project consulting sample TABLET MARKET POSITIONING AND STRATEGY Client: A multinational information technology and electronics company Objective: Tablet market positioning and strategy Request: Global tablet study, B2C and B2B, including data and forecasts Analysts: Ellen Daley and J.P. Gownder Outcome: We analyzed the global tablet market with an emphasis on Asia Pacific, specifically: • Technology trends • Application trends • Enterprise market expansion • Market size forecast • Global channel trends • Competitive SWOT© 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited 36
  37. 37. Project consulting sample ECOMMERCE STRATEGY Client: An Italian design company focused on making quality clothing Objective: eCommerce strategy Request: Retail eCommerce trends and best practices across the US, Europe, and China Analysts: Martin Gill and Luca Paderni Outcome: We provided an overview of consumer behavior and best practices in eCommerce for fashion across the US, Europe, and China using published data and case-study examples. We assessed the multibrand versus mono-brand approach to online fashion retail in Europe and the US and made recommendations for client on how to improve its mono-brand presence and presence on multibrand sites.© 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited 37
  38. 38. Project consulting sample PRODUCT CONTENT MANAGEMENT IMPLEMENTATION Client: Multinational manufacturer of product ranges including personal care, household cleaning, laundry detergents, prescription drugs and disposable nappies Objective: Product content management (PCM) implementation Request: Review a strategic approach for working with client to implement vendor’s PCM solution, as well as how these components fit together with other existing vendors products already implemented. Analyst: Brian K. Walker Outcome: We identified the strengths and weaknesses of client’s current approach and identified areas of opportunity for increased efficiency to meet its goals. We provided insight regarding a solution strategy as it relates to selected vendor and other vendors.© 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited 38
  39. 39. Project consulting sample IMPROVE ECOMMERCE EXECUTION IN ASIA PACIFIC Client: Multinational company focused on the development of childrens creativity through playing and learning Objective: Improve eCommerce execution in Asia Pacific (APAC) Request: Provide best practices and recommendations on how to approach executing an eCommerce strategy in APAC, with a specific emphasis on South Korea, China, Japan, and Singapore. Analyst: Brian K. Walker Outcome: We provided an overview of Asian online consumers, including specific data on online consumers in general and commerce-specific behavior and the consumer payment landscape in each country. We developed a framework and specific recommendations for Client for each country.© 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited 39
  40. 40. Project consulting sample CONSUMER MOBILE BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS Client: A global manufacturer of electronics and other technologies Objective: Consumer mobile behavior analysis Request: Overview of mobile consumer behaviors in the US, UK, and China to help reach the next level of mobile maturity for both marketing and commerce. Analysts: Julie A. Ask and Thomas Husson Outcome: We provided a high-level overview of mobile consumer behaviors in the US, UK, and Metropolitan Chinese markets to help local client marketers and decision-makers make more informed decisions on the implementation of their mobile consumer initiatives. Assessed client’s mobile strategy and helped them mature to the next level of mobile maturity – what it called internally a mobile “leapfrog.”© 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited 40
  41. 41. Data© 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited 41
  42. 42. Data sample COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Client: An American multinational financial services corporation Objective: Competitive analysis Request: Need to understand behaviors among client card holders versus the competition with regards to mobile use, technology adoption, market receptiveness, app downloads and usage, social media, Internet use, and so forth. Outcome: Client is using this data to discover which markets — and specifically those in Asia Pacific — have a propensity to switch credit card providers based on their change “readiness” and to then develop localized apps to meet consumer needs in those markets.© 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited 42
  43. 43. Data sample OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS AND BUDGETING Client: The worlds largest cosmetics and beauty company Objective: Opportunity analysis and budgeting Request: Size the eCommerce opportunity by country in Asia Pacific to understand how changing population growth, broadband/Internet populations, disposable income, and other factors contribute to market attractiveness for Client. Specifically, obtain data on women across the globe who fit client’s “luxury” profile. Outcome: Client is using the data to prioritize and finalize its 2012 budget. With this data, the firm will be able to allocate funds to develop and support the eCommerce markets that hold the greatest opportunity for its products.© 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited 43
  44. 44. Data sample MARKET EXPANSION Client: A stylish, forward thinking global leader of hospitality Objective: Market expansion Request: Obtain specific demographic and psychographic information on consumers in different countries across Asia to determine overall consumer interest in and propensity for hotel spend. Outcome: Client is using the data to evaluate potential global hotel expansion in Asia. Based on the specific consumer attitudes and how they differ across regions and countries, it will make investment and hotel product decisions globally.© 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited 44
  45. 45. Data sample MARKETING CHANNEL INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPMENT Client: Multinational manufacturer of product ranges including personal care, household cleaning, laundry detergents, prescription drugs and disposable nappies Objective: Marketing channel investment and development Request: Evaluate consumer perceptions and usage of QR codes via mobile devices. Outcome: Client will harness this data to determine country-specific needs for packaging and advertisements using QR codes as the marketing channel delivery method.© 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited 45