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Alexis Morton - The Magna Carta

Alexis Morton - The Magna Carta

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  • 1. Alexis Morton Law 12 ~ September 2011 The Magna Carta
  • 2. What is the Magna Carta?
    • An English charter that challenged the monarch (King John) and their powers
    • Issued in 1215
    • Passed into law in 1225
    • Modified and reissued later in the 13 th c
    • Is also referred to as ‘The Great Charter’
  • 3. Who?
    • King John of England was forced into signing by his barons
    • It was written by Archbishop Stephon Langton and the barons
    • King John >
  • 4. Where?
    • On June 15, 1215, the Magna Carta was signed in a field in Runnymede in Egham, Surrey, South England
  • 5. Why?
    • The barons were unhappy with King John because of:
    • higher taxes
    • losing multiple wars
    • conflict with the pope
  • 6.
    • Prince Louis (French heir) and King Alexander II of Scotland supported the barons
    • King John signed the ‘Articles of the Barons’ with his Great Seal
    • The barons only then renewed their oaths of fealty to King John on June 19 th , 1215
  • 7. What is the significance?
    • The Magna Carta founded the English Liberties of today
    • The rights given to the barons were eventually given to everyone
    • The Charter overturned the order of powers – removing them from the monarch and giving them to the people
  • 8. What does this mean to Canada?
    • Canada was once a colony of England; our rules and laws were written in accordance to British law
    • Therefore, the Magna Carta shaped our rights and laws that we have today.
  • 9. Clauses of the Magna Carta still on statute
    • Clause 1,the freedom of the English Church
    • Clause 9 (13 in the 1215 charter) liberty and free customs
    • Clause 29 (39 in the 1215 charter) habeas corpus – the right to a trail before imprisonment
  • 10. Important laws Imposed by the Magna Carta
    • Habeas Corpus – right to trail before imprisonment
    • Equity – no one is above the law
    • Freedom of the Church
    • Taxes not to be raised besides
    • feudal dues with consent of
    • parliament
  • 11. Bibliography
    • http://www.middle-ages.org.uk/magna-carta.htm
    • Magna Carta hand out (wikipedia)
    • All About Law Fifth Edition (Nelson)
    • The End!
    • ~Alexis Morton