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Jeopardytemplate25 Jeopardytemplate25 Presentation Transcript

  • Choose a category.You will be given the answer. You must give the correct question. Click to begin.
  • Click here for Final Je
  • Notes 5-1 Notes 5-2 Notes 5-3 Vocabulary Misc. Terms10 Point 10 Point 10 Point 10 Point 10 Point20 Points 20 Points 20 Points 20 Points 20 Points30 Points 30 Points 30 Points 30 Points 30 Points40 Points 40 Points 40 Points 40 Points 40 Points50 Points 50 Points 50 Points 50 Points 50 Points View slide
  • Deformation View slide
  • The crust is the bending, tilting,and braking of the earth’s crust.
  • Platemovement
  • What causes stress onthe earth’s surfacecrust.
  • Stress
  • What cause strainon the crust.
  • Compression
  • What occurs whencrustal rocks areSqueezed together?
  • Tension
  • What is the forcethat pulls the rocks apart.
  • Deformed
  • In extreme stress, rockbecomes so What? itmay break.
  • Folding
  • When rocks respond to stress by becomingpermanently deformedwithout breaking it is called what?
  • Rock
  • In extreme stress, Whatbecomes so deformed itmay break.
  • Stress
  • When What is appliedslowly, the deformed rockwill return to it’s originalshape.
  • What is a downcurved fold in whichthe youngest layer isin the center
  • Syncline
  • What is a downcurved fold in whichthe youngest layer isin the center.
  • Mountain Range
  • A group of adjacentmountains with the same general
  • Continents
  • Mountains canalso form when two what collide?
  • Mountain System
  • a group ofadjacentmountain ranges.
  • Mountain Belts
  • the largest mountain system are part of two still larger systems.
  • Molten Rock
  • Mountains that formwhen What erupts onto the earth surface.
  • Anticline
  • Upcurve fold in which the oldest layer isin the center of the of the fold
  • Syncline
  • A down curved fold in which the youngestlayer is in the center
  • Monocline
  • A fold in which both limbs remain horizontal or vertical.
  • Normal Fault
  • Hanging wall moves downrelative to thefootwall along divergent boundaries
  • Reverse Fault
  • Compression causes thehanging wall tomove up relative to the footwall
  • Footwall
  • rock below thefault plane of anonvertical fault
  • Thrust Fault
  • Fault plane is a low angle or nearly horizontal & hanging wall is pushed up over rock
  • Strike-slip fault
  • rock on either side of the fault planeslides horizontally at transform boundaries
  • Hanging wall
  • rock above thefault plane of anonverticalfault
  • Fault
  • when rocks donot move
  • Make your wager
  • Fracture
  • No movement inthe rocks alongeither side of abreak.