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  • If people are in your store make sure they know what it is you are doing and why you are doing it, also keep it fresh by letting people know how much you have raised, diverted etc. Get out into the community and tell you story. Go to the chamber events, green events, grand openings, the more people can put a face with a name the more they will want to shop at your store. Get you name out there! Share your stories with the news and other medias. If you have an event make sure that people know about it and try your hardest to get some form of news coverage. Facebook and twitter might not mean much to you but it means a lot to the 500 million active facebook users, and 75 million twitter users. Use the internet, print, emails, text messages and anything you can think of to tell your story and tell it often
  • Keep the donation process easy. Offer a free pick up service on larger items and have convenient hours for drop offs. One of the biggest problems I have seen with physical material exchanges come when they try to back stock and merchandize items. A big pile is not the best way to display or store items. Make sure your display floor and back room are clean and organized. We use rolling tables and sorting bins to make sure donations get from point-a to point-b in the most efficient way while still being priced they way the need to be. A lot of mater exchange places get items for free and have to assess a value to the stuff. Be consistent in your pricing, what percent are you going to price things under retail or how are you going to find the price of items? Whatever you do just make sure that staff and volunteers are all on the same page with it. Appeal to the largest group possible by keeping your store clean and organized, well lit.
  • Practice what you preach


  • 1. exchanges physical material The Portland Metro Habitat for Humanity ReStores diverts over 4,000,000 pounds of material each and every year.
  • 2. story telling your
    • In Store: who, what, where, when, why and how much
    • In the Community: If people don’t know they won’t share
    • See Your Name In Print: the more they see, the more they believe
    • Get Social: Social media is the new black
    • Stay In Touch: Tell your story and tell it often
  • 3. four houses a year are built because of the money raised in our two stores. That’s over $250,000 a year!
  • 4. Stuff out stuff in
    • Getting Donations: keep it easy
    • Storing/Displaying Stock: This is where the problems start
    • Selling It: Is the price right?
    • Keep It Clean: I love digging but not everyone does
  • 5. reuse reduce, recycle & The Clark County Habitat Store reduced its garbage by 12 yards a month or 144 yards per year by recycling… More than 25 percent of Portland's landfill space is taken up by construction and demolition debris - half of which could have been reused or recycled. – City of Portland, Office of Sustainable Development
  • 7. projects most recent GET INVOLVED 5 KEEP IT FRESH 6 MAKE IT FUN 7
  • 8. information getting more [email_address]