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Lavazza BLUE, The excellence of Lavazza coffee now in a capsule.

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Lavazza blue

  1. 1. The excellence of Lavazza coffee Now in a capsule Batchelors Coffee Company, Finglas Business Centre, Dublin 11 1850 32 32 32 Alex Dutier 0868213031
  2. 2. THE LAVAZZA BLUE Lavazza BLUE offers you a range of espresso blends that will satisfy the taste of all coffee lovers; from a strong and aromatic espresso to a round full bodied espresso and a decaffeinated espresso The exclusive Lavazza Blue capsules contain fine coffee blends, and offer real “flavour dispenser”. This means that the result is excellent whatever the preparation method chosen: real Italian espresso a perfect cappuccino or even a jumbo size coffee Lavazza BLUE, the abbreviation BLUE stands for Lavazza BLUE B = Best L = Lavazza U = Ultimate E = Espresso The Lavazza Blue pods allows the user to make a perfect cup of high quality coffee every time.
  3. 3. With the proliferation of specialty coffee shops and the introduction of gourmet coffee in convenience stores and fast food restaurants, consumers have become more sophisticated in their coffee drinking tastes. Now, even if it's free, a cup of stale coffee from an office brewer won't keep an employee from leaving work to make a trip to a nearby shop for a better tasting cup. And this time away from work costs the employer money, an incentive to upgrade office coffee Coffee conscious employees are demanding a better tasting cup and many workers are grabbing a cup of coffee or specialty drink at their local coffee shop, convenience store or donut shop on their way to work Each working day, employees leave the office for at least 15 minutes to purchase hot beverages or refreshments. Yet research has shown that a quality coffee machine would make them less likely to leave the workplace and would be a visible daily benefit at work Just think about how much time is spent by people waiting for the kettle to boil and making tea and coffee and washing up. A recent survey by Tetley Tea suggests the average time taken to make a cup of tea or instant coffee is 4 minutes and 27 seconds. Tea consumption rate averaged at 3 cups per day. Over the period of a year, this accumulates to a considerable amount of time lost. The advantage of a vending machine is that it dispenses a drink in less than 20 seconds. Lavazza BLUE is the best solution for transforming your workspace into a unique Place of excellence
  4. 4. THE BENEFITS •To offer a branded coffee with great taste and aroma will delight your staff and customers and will prevent workers from leaving the office to seek alternatives •Lavazza by its reputation provides an element of trust and reassurance, as well as a feeling of familiarity that coffee drinkers around the office will value •By offering a global brand renowned for it‟s quality you will create a welcoming atmosphere of professionalism and hospitality. Your customer will get the right impression of a company that appreciates quality. •a visible branded coffee solution in a company reception area portrays a positive image to visitors. •The caffeine in a cup of coffee acts as a mild stimulant which can make workers feel more energetic •Employees Feeling Valued - when refreshments are available, employees feel their needs are recognized and respected, leading to increased satisfaction and productivity. •Total Workplace Satisfaction – an extensive variety of hot drinks from the most popular brands of refreshments, with a state-of-theart beverage vending machine, will give energy to any workplace •Conveying the Right Image - the ideal break room and meetingroom environment for customers and employees leads to better relationships, higher retention and increased revenue potential.
  5. 5. COLIBRI The Colibri Espresso Machine is the ideal espresso machine for any self-serve application such as offices, quick-service restaurants and hotels. This machine can prepare espresso, cappuccinos and lattes as well as tea and hot chocolate by simply inserting the appropriate capsule and pressing the button. The Colibrì is a modern coffee machine, specifically developed for small to medium size locations, and offers innovative design and features not normally available in a coffee machine of this size. The machine is simple to use, due to the large direct selections buttons. With its compact size and good looks, Colibri can easily be located within the office. The capsule system ensures that fresh coffee is used for every cup. The Colibri will brew a fresh new individual cup of coffee on demand, ensuring the finished product is fresh and enjoyable. The machine has its own frother and this creates the steamed milk, giving your staff or customers the real cappuccino flavor. The COLIBRI Coffee Machine Produces: Espresso, café latte, cappuccino, long black coffee and hot chocolate all at the touch of a button Using the latest technology to provide you with the perfect coffee, the Colibri machine will automatically dispense an Italian style coffee and other drinks on demand. This consistently superior quality, usually associated with a coffee shop, is guaranteed by the capsule system Every capsule is perfectly measured and sealed, ensuring that the espresso coffee is always fresh and well ground with a beautiful crema, coffee after coffee. All the ingredients are in the machine including cup, sugar and stirrer. So these machines are the easiest to use in the Lavazza Blue range, dispensing coffee at a touch of a button – without mess or fuss.
  6. 6. COLIBRI Features •Capsules management • Automatic feeding drawer boxes with 130 capsules • manual loading of cups, stirrers/spoons and sugar • Eight different coffee and hot beverage options • Self supplying system with water container available • Customizable drink selection •Size: width 41cm/height 65/75cm depth49cm Benefits • • • • • • • • • User friendly with low maintenance Compact design saves valuable countertop space Fast and reliable Elegant looks which will suit the highest quality venues. Robust, solid and well made coffee machine Push button machine is ideal for self-service locations, Convenient and simple to use Great tasting Coffee Crema on the top every time No need to buy milk, cleaning products and wash up dirty mugs
  7. 7. Lavazza Tierra NOW AVAILABLE Lavazza has announced that Tierra, its already successful ethical coffee product in the in home and retail sectors, is now available as a capsule coffee for its „Espresso „BLUE‟ machines Tierra is the sustainable development project undertaken by Lavazza to support three communities of small coffee growers in Latin America.
  8. 8. What is Tierra ? 100% certified Lavazza Tierra The Rainforest Alliance project is based on the concept of sustainability, recognizing that the well-being of societies and ecosystems is intertwined and dependent on a development that is environmentally sound, socially equitable and economically viable. Being part of this project gives several positive points such as the protection of wildlife by the coffee producers and the protection of workers. They also certify that the farmers are hired locally, paid fair wages, and ensure safe working conditions, access to clean drinking water and proper sanitary facilities to their workers. . None of the costs involved in the Tierra Project will affect the price of the product or the consumer, because the entire project is part of Lavazza‟s activities in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility
  9. 9. Grazie