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A brief overview of the media attention the VentureConnect project received in 3 months.

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Follow up VentureConnect 2011

  1. 1. VentureConnect Overview September – November 2011
  2. 2. Agenda• Target Insights• Objectives set for October – November 2011• Media Coverage• Impact of media attention
  4. 4. Demographic Profile – IT Professionals • IT professionals are mostly males (70%), aged 25-35 (59%), with high education (97%) and income (62%);Source: SNA Focus, Jan10-Jan11Reference Target: 18-64 urbanTarget: IT professionals
  5. 5. Media Target Definition MEDIA TARGET Males 25-45 MHIE Urban, working in IT field, Top/ Middle Managers, Business Angels, VCs
  7. 7. An average day for an entrepreneur Relaxing/ Morning at home/ doing paperwork quick breakfast TV Newspaper Online Radio Online Magazines Newspaper Mobile Dinner time Way to job TV Radio Radio OOH "Coffee break": Mobile reading/ watching TV Online TV Job Newspaper Online Radio Going out with friends Newspaper Magazines OOH Radio Mobile Way back home Newspaper MagazinesSource: BRAT- SNA FOCUS, Jan10-Jan11 Radio OOH In-store MobileTarget: Males 25-35 MHIE Urban, IT professionals
  8. 8. Communication Objectives Increase brand awareness in order to progressively receive competitive businesses Build preference for VentureConnect conference
  9. 9. We’ve gone national: Cluj & Timisoara We started from the idea…. „VentureConnect presents the young generation of tech entrepreneurs” Results? 11 pre-selected start-ups presented their business plan in front of the VentureConnect Board – Cluj and Timisoara. Doug Richard was present in Cluj and Timisoara to address the entrepreneurial community. Full house in Cluj and Timisoara, 4 lucky winners for the final session in Bucharest.
  10. 10. See for yourself…. (part 1)
  11. 11. See for yourself…. (part 2)
  12. 12. Final Projects for 23rd of November 123 Contact Form is an online form Socialook is a contact discovery tool builder that is used to create that allows users to discover relevant powerful forms. No programming contacts in a company by combining skills are required, having a simple the social graph with interface. employment, investment and other data. 123 Contact Form SociaLook Status Pimp offers advertising on IM statuses. It is the first advertising service, offering its clients access to the IM status of its network of users Status Pimp Arobs is a software platform that will improve the activity of a taxi call center by processing more orders and automatically dispatching to the active cabs on the road. Arobs Transilvania
  13. 13. Final Projects for 23rd of November FishSmarty is an online educational Ringhel is an unique software for playground for children .It is an ad- helping energy suppliers manage their free and safe environment where business and decided to take the children can explore the world, play, challenge to a new level – to create learn, and have fun at the same the only “Energy Mall”. time. FishSmarty Ringhel Fluid Trends, Inc. is a mobile software development company based out of Toronto, Canada. The company is strategically positioned to become a leading mobile technology Fluid Trends The market leader in IT Network Training in Romania, BITTNET is not a startup anymore. We have a proven business record over the past 5 years, demonstrating continuous growth over this difficult period Bittnet Systems
  14. 14. Final Projects for 23rd of November PolicyOwl is a web dashboard for all The project was your insurance products. It is an launched in July 2009. It is a local early stage technology business online timeout guide, containing the targeting the UK market, but largest database of events in Romania currently based in Sibiu, Romania. Policy Owl Vinsieu is an online store that sells Antique Books & Collectibles. It was founded 3 years ago by one of the most successful Antique Books dealer in Romania and it was fueled by passion for Antiques. launched – online community connecting ICT companies, business consulting companies and buyers to help them do business with more success. ChaseBuzz
  16. 16. How to we reach entrepreneurs, young ITprofessionals and businessmen Internet –main media in the campaign; daily touch point with the target; reach content and highly targetable Press – Internet support; credibility enhancer by associating with business publications and spokespersons Special projects – targeted executions (Social Media based, micro- blogging); content based
  17. 17. Contant point selection (Bucharest) Business:,,, Wall-Street High trafficked sites IT:, go4it,, • assure the best coverage of target • considering the key touch points for online industry Start-ups:,, wall- Tailored sites mix ,9 a.m, Mkt & Online:,,, C
  18. 18. Contant point selection (Cluj) News: Realitatea TV Cluj, High trafficked sites Radio: Radio Cluj Print: 24 Fun, Ziua de Cluj, Monitorul Cluj • assure the best coverage of target • considering the key touch points for online industry General websites: Tailored sites mix,,, orasulcluj. ro,, Geekmeet, I love Cluj Bloggers: Stefan Teisanu, Lorand Minyo, Sergiu Biris, Liviu Alexa
  19. 19. Contant point selection (Timisoara) News:, High trafficked sites IT: (Timisoara based) • assure the best coverage of target • considering the key touch points for online industry Start-ups:,, The Next Tailored sites mix Web Blogger: Alex Bleau , Mobilissimo
  21. 21. Media Coverage Cluj Ziua de Cluj
  22. 22. Media Coverage Cluj 24 FUN Business Live Computer World
  23. 23. Outdoor & Banner Cluj Outdoor in Cluj city centre Banner – Display advertising
  25. 25. Media Coverage Timisoara Banat Software Renasterea Timisoara 247 Mobilissimo
  26. 26. Media Coverage Timisoara The Next Web Ziua de Vest Banner – Display advertising
  27. 27. Summary CLUJ TIMISOARA 15 individual news (online and printed) 10 individual news (online)3 printed interviews Printed advertising in 4 local publications1 outdoor promotion in Cluj city centre Display advertising on 3 local websites 1 video interview (Marius Ghenea & Peter1 interview for Radio Romania Cluj Barta)Display advertising on 5 local websites 1 printed interview (Doug Richard)
  28. 28. Layouts Layout 24 Fun Timisoara Layout Ziua de Vest Layout Computer World Layout PC World Layout Capital
  29. 29. Banner views 677.548 23.959 Managementul 82.645 Plan de 13.959
  30. 30. Media Coverage Bucharest
  31. 31. Media Coverage Bucharest 8 articles on Print Business Magazine (6th October)
  32. 32. Media Coverage Bucharest 5 articles in Interview with Doug Richard in Computer World (print)
  33. 33. Media Coverage Bucharest Capital Evenimentul Zilei 6 individual articles on the VentureConnect project
  34. 34. Media Coverage Bucharest Computer World PC World
  35. 35. Media Coverage Bucharest Wall Street 9 articles on the VentureConnect project
  36. 36. Media Coverage Bucharest Ziarul Financiar Timp de trei ore, la etajul 21 al hotelului Intercontinental din Bucureşti, un număr de 11 proiecte IT&C s-au luptat ieri pentru atenţia şi banii unor deja cunoscuţi antreprenori locali, dar şi a unor investitori din străinătate, în cadrul unuia dintre puţinele evenimente din România în care un antreprenor poate sta faţă în faţă cu un potenţial investitor, cu speranţa că la finalul discuţiei ar putea pleca acasă fie cu un cec, fie cu promisiunea că va primi unul.
  37. 37. Media Coverage Bucharest Financiarul Reporter Plan de
  38. 38. Media Coverage Bucharest 2 shows on Radio Lynx, in partnership with Wall Street
  39. 39. Media Coverage Bucharest Tech Blogs
  40. 40. Media Coverage Bucharest Tech Blogs Dan Dragomir Dragos Roua
  41. 41. International Coverage
  42. 42. TechCrunch At the event I met and interviews (see video) with VentureConnect, an initiative to maximize investors’ and entrepreneurs interaction and kick-start the scene there. They put on one-day events consisting of two sessions, with the first involving pre- selected entrepreneurs pitching before the attending investors, and the second creating one-on-one discussions. (Mike Butcher, TechCrunch)
  43. 43. Tech Blogs Goal Europe Moitepari Bulgaria Georgios Gatos, Greek Blogger How to Web
  44. 44. Summary Bucharest International Exposure 68 individual news covering VentureConnect TechCrunch US, Europe and Japan coverage3 printed interviews withVentureConnect board members 4 articles on tech blogs7 printed layoutsDisplay advertising on 10 local websites Open Coffee Sofia
  45. 45. Impact of Media Attention
  46. 46. Main Referrals 1% 2% 3% 2% Facebook 5% Radu Georgescu 2% 3% Facebook 33% 3% 3% 3% 5% Radu Georgescu 8% 6% 7% 7% 7%
  47. 47. Article vizualization 8632 Capital EVZ BusinessCover Wall Street Computer World 3200 PC World Ziua de Cluj TechCrunch 1428 1261 1345 833 235 357
  48. 48. Keywords leading to venture ventureconnect venture connect connect romania timisoara bucuresti 2% 4% 9% venture venture connect connect 2011 6% ventureconnect ventureconnect cluj venture connect venture connect 2011ventureconnect ventureconnect 57% venture connect bucuresti cluj 15% 7% ventureconnect romania venture connect timisoara
  49. 49. Demographics Prahova Mures Brasov Bihor Constanta 2% 1% 1% 1% 1% Iasi Sibiu 2% 3% Bucharest Cluj Timis Timis 13% Sibiu Iasi Prahova Bucharest Mures 54% Brasov Bihor Cluj Constanta 22%
  50. 50. Content Drilldown 3690 Home /entrepreneurs/ /events/ /apply-now-for-bucuresti/ /team/ /investors/ /objectives/ 572 561 556 /attendance/ 467 464 412 324 251 /blog/
  51. 51. Social Media Headquarters
  52. 52. 20 x growth 900 Facebook Fan Page 50 400 Twitter Presence 20
  53. 53. Facebook social stats 37069 viral reach in a week 3125 post views a week 768 users reached on a single posting 150 pages views in one day 74 people talking about VC 12 likes in one day
  54. 54. Tops on Facebook The most shared post: Emi Gal – Keep calm Most clicks on a and Carry On single post – Meet the VentureConnect finalists The most shared picture – Everyone seem normal, until you get to know them
  55. 55. Thank you!