Russian Eco Week in Moscow 20-25th May 2013 Introduction


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President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, announced that 2013 is Russia’s year of environmental protection.
On May 20-25, 2013 the Central exhibition hall “Manezh” will be occupied by ‘Russian Eco Week in Moscow’.
Supported and sponsored by the Government of the Russian Federation and Moscow City Government, adjacent to the Kremlin and Red Square, the exhibition will include all the components of the eco-friendly lifestyle from the ideology behind eco standards to the presentation of goods created by eco-friendly companies.
The heart of the event is Eco Expo - a large-scale exhibition of projects derived from Russian companies– companies using eco production techniques, examples of new eco-technology and scientific development and illustrations of research in innovation, energy conservation and social projects.
The International Business Environmental Forum will take place within the framework of Russian Eco Week in Moscow, consisting of several conferences and round tables:
The importance of mass media in driving the ecological movement, Eco-components of corporative social responsibility in business,” Sustainable Energy: green perspectives; the development of Russian eco-tourism and the importance of art in promoting environmental values etc.
The heads and representatives from the Federal bodies of Executive and Legislative authorities and Moscow City Government, business representatives, representatives of Russian and international environmental organizations, Russian and international environmentalist experts, members of the press will partake in the roundtables sessions.
The event is held with the support of
• Ministry of natural resources and environment of the Russian Federation
• Moscow City Government
• Moscow Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
• Moscow Department of Culture
• Moscow Department of Trade

The opening and closing ceremonies are participated by the heads and representatives from the Federal bodies of Executive and Legislative authorities and Moscow City Government.
Russian eco week in Moscow will be widely covered in the Mass Media.
The principal behind Russian Eco Week in Moscow is to create a city within a city - a live “Green City of the Future” with park areas, streets, cinemas and cafés, eco houses, eco-friendly cars and transport systems and all the other components of the eco-friendly lifestyle.
We will organise live broadcasting on the projects website, with the help of 10 web cameras.
The project is going to be visited by 25 000 people. The projects audience will always increase and it becomes more and more accessible to the country’s citizens.

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Russian Eco Week in Moscow 20-25th May 2013 Introduction

  1. 1. You are invited toparticipate in the biggestEco Event of 2013Supported and sponsored by the Russian Federal Government and Moscow City Government and takingplace on the 20th-26th May 2013 in Moscow’s premier exhibition center, the Central Exhibition Hall Manezh“Russian Eco-week in Moscow”.
  2. 2. The exposition will cover all aspectsof the Eco lifestyle: Protecting the environment Eco-art and culture Consumption of eco-products and services
  3. 3. Russian Ecological week is:Exclusive art and exhibitionproject aimed at promotingeco-values.An unparalleled opportunityto communicate withcustomers and to marketeco-products and services.An example of Russiansociety moving towardsenvironmental values ​andembracing innovation
  4. 4. Why is the project relevant?Issue of sustainability - one of themost vital in the world.2013 in Russia - Year ofEnvironmental Protection.Eco-component of corporate socialresponsibility - all the more importantreason for your customers, businesspartners and investors
  5. 5. Russian Ecological week:components of the projectThe dedicated ecological art exhibition. The bestexamples of modern eco-art promoting strongenvironmental values.Eco-Expo. Exhibition of Companies in Russia producingeco-friendly products and services. Social projects withan environmental focus.International Business Environmental Forum.Conferences and round table discussions on eco-topics.
  6. 6. Audience and exhibitor participationRepresentatives of the progressive, socially responsible business.Young people with an active lifestyle and varied interests, conscious consumersare receptive to eco-ideas.Knowledgeable and affluent consumers whobuy eco-friendly products and servicesbecause of the perceived high quality.The representatives of the environmentalcommunity.The creative elite from culture and art.Members of the media, journalists andbloggers.
  7. 7. «Future Green CityRussian Eco week in Moscow – a"city within a city."Our "Green City of the Future"combines everything you need fora eco-friendly way of life: eco-friendly houses and cars, theatresand galleries with eco-art, cafesand restaurants servingsustainable and organic dishesand much more.
  8. 8. «The Green City of the future»Live Broadcast via 10 webcams willfollow the life of the "Green City of theFuture" from anywhere in the world.The opening and closing ceremonies,the presentations, conferences, thescreenings of the environmental filmsand the eco-fashion displays - all ofthis will be available to the audience inreal time.Thus, the project has a global reachwith an expanding audienceparticipation.
  9. 9. The Green City of the Future : the structure Goods and Services Architecture Energy, transport Beauty, health, tourism Recycling Nutrition Science & education Culture, sport and leisureAt each site are themed exhibitions, as well as lectures,presentations and master classes.
  10. 10. Green technologyThis platform demonstrates theinnovative technology thatreduces the human impact onthe environment and our planet.The main focus is: alternativeenergy, waste management,water management,environmental construction,alternative transportation,energy efficiency andconservation.
  11. 11. Eco-cars Eco-car manufacturers will be able to exhibit their designs on special platforms within a dedicated transport arena.
  12. 12. Eco-design and eco-friendlyconstructionExhibition of theachievements of moderneco-design andarchitecture. Eco-projectsof Russian constructioncompanies.
  13. 13. Healthy lifestyleExhibition of products and services for health andbeauty: healthy eating, physical exercises, eco-cosmetics, perfumery, Spa.
  14. 14. Producers of organic products Eco-farmers, eco-Apiary and other producers exhibit their organic products and production technology
  15. 15. Eco-fashionExhibition and sale of clothes made from eco-fabrics like organic cotton, linen, hemp andbamboo.Exhibition and sale of jewellery from Russian eco-designers.Eco-fashion show and catwalks.
  16. 16. Restaurant and Eco-Food pavillionEco-friendly cafes and restaurants offer organic andvegetarian dishes, share food tastings, tea ceremoniesand give cooking ‘master’ classes.
  17. 17. Childrens playgroundExhibitions of childrens art.Educational and creative eco-programs for children.
  18. 18. Landscape design
  19. 19. International business environmentalforumTelevised Conferences andround table discussions onthe impact of ecology ontransport, the media, art,tourism, alternative energyand the socialresponsibility of business.The Forum participants —local and regionalgovernment, businessleaders, environmentalexperts, members of theRussian and internationalMEDIA and environmentalorganisations.
  20. 20. Live video-corridors
  21. 21. Domed cinema
  22. 22. Eco-cinema
  23. 23. Art Exhibition
  24. 24. Participate in Russianeco-week to:be aware of the market forenvironmentally friendlygoods and services;consolidate your companysimage as a eco-responsiblebusiness; find new clients andpartners; create interestingnews; get to know youraudience, get feedback, enjoynew experiences ... and forthe simple pleasure!
  25. 25. Project Organizers "Green art“ communications agency.The all-Russian publicecological movement Organised numerous"Green age" Large-scale projects related to theeco-movement with promotion of environmentalbranches in 47 constituent values through culture, artentities of the Russian and education projects.Federation.
  26. 26. Thank you for your attention!Contact +7 (499) 190 4951Alexander Rogan +7 (967) 133