Alklar Project control and metrics


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How to build a dashboard for project, portfolio and program monitoring? What are succes factors for correct metrics? How to build metrics? How to use the project model canvas? All explained in this presentation.

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Alklar Project control and metrics

  1. 1. Project control Are you in control of your projects? Customer presentation January 2014
  2. 2. Did you know…. 63% of projects have scheduled delays 49% of projects exceed budget or do not meet business objectives 45% of projects face cost overruns 23% of all projects FAIL
  3. 3. Too much data Measures aren’t useful Too much time to collect and report data Data quality is poor No baseline No time to analyze data Reports aren’t used for decisions or action Metrics don’t document the PMO’s accomplishments Executives don’t pay attention
  4. 4. Challenges creating metrics Lack% training%/%buy% in% No%support% top% management% or% paricipa5on% No%defined% approach%to% measure%ROI% Lack% resources%to% perform% func5on% No%formal% approach%to% establish% metrics%and% measures% Lack%organisa5onal%buy% in%towards%a%single% methodology%and% standardisa5on%of%data% elements% No%5meline%for% refining%and%repor5ng% metrics%in%line%with% implementa5on% ac5vi5es% Lack%data%for% reviewing% metrics%pre?% and%post?live% repor5ng% No%data% valida5on%for% accuracy% Lack%con5nuous% reinforcement,% correla5ons%of% metrics%to%project% outcomes%
  5. 5. Key succes factors creating metrics Consistent( reinforcement(of( the(terminology( and(metric( defini4on( Support(and( ownership(from( the(business( Gain(agreement(on( key(metrics(for( project(&(program( Metrics(and( measures(clear( an(concise( Dashboard(and( summary(reports( developed(pre>(&( post>(implementa4on( Develop(metric( program(early( Governance( process(defined( for(metric( management( Define(metrics(at(the( beginning(of(the( project( Gain(agreement(on( repor4ng(and( ongoing(monitoring( Clear(charter,(scope,(roles( &(responsibili4es(and( direc4on(vital(to(measure( project(success(
  6. 6. Pitfalls Missing significant variances or unfavorable trends Infrequently monitoring status and/or all aspects of the project No follow up on monitoring effects of corrective actions applied Mixing cause and effect when explaining variances Too little interim milestones or measurement points to objectively monitor status No indication when to apply backup plans Missing the potential impacts of corrective actions …what to do about them?
  7. 7. Focus metrics and measures Schedule( Quality( Changemanagement( Risk( Resources( Scope( Status( Cost/Budget( Contracts( Stakeholder(involvement(
  8. 8. What Track progress Take corrective action Detect variance from plan How Periodic project status meetings & progress reports Formal project milestones review Compare actual vs. planned start date for each project task Earned value management
  9. 9. The project model canvas: 1 overview for all projects 1 reporting template 1 approach for “n” project methodologies Simplified project control. Create transparency in program and project portfolios.
  10. 10. The project model canvas: Key Partners Key Activities Key Resources Goals Expectations Customers Deliverables Business Case Every project start with the basics (information from the PID and other documents from your project methodology)
  11. 11. Starting from the goal, all project elements are determined…. …the business case is the foundation. Key Partners Key Activities Key Resources Business Case Goals Expectations Deliverables Customers
  12. 12. The canvas does not stand on its own. Hypotheses and tests are an integral part. The project model canvas with the key information. The hypotheses and assumptions made at the start of the project. Tests to support the hypotheses and assumptions and record any agreements.
  13. 13. Can we measure control? Are you in control? How does a dashboard look like based on the Canvas!? When are you in control? What does control mean? Wow...
  14. 14. Project Alkar 2020 - onderdeel Global reach programma Behaald Resource gebruik 50 Door de extra effort zijn wij meer on-track geraakt met het behalen van de doelstellingen. Het gebruik van de resources blijft achter op het geplande. Reden hiervan is onvoldoende voortgang waardoor resources voor de volgende fase nog niet kunnen worden ingezet. 75 ! Business case 0 10 Behaalde doelen: • Oplevering analyse • Bepalen road map • Blauwdruk nieuwe organisatie en processen in draft gereed. Key metrics Deliverables 25 Goals Volgende stappen 25 50 75 100 Voor de komende periode wordt met name gekeken naar het opstarten van de volgende fase. De doelstellingen zullen goed behaald kunnen worden met de huidige voortgang. Fit met de klant dient herzien te worden. Key Partners Met welke partners wordt gewerkt om het tot een succes te maken? Uitdagingen Belangrijkste die binnen komende rapportage periode aangepakt moeten worden: • Fit met klant herzien. • expectations dienen herzien en managen. ! Voor de langere termijn: • Is er voldoende aansluiting tussen de klant en interne doelstellingen? • Blijft traject on-track ondanks het later ingaan van de volgende fase, Denk hierbij aan geclaimde bemensing voor het project. Key Activities Activiteitne voorde komende periode: • Actie 1 • Actie 2 ook doen Key Resources Het gaat hier om mensen, dingen, zaken, geld, budget, etc. Goals Hier komen de mentrics en ander doelstelling van het project te staan. Afhankelijk van gebruik en behoefte, invulling etc. Expectations Wat wort verwacht en voldoet het project hier nog wel aan? Deliverables Opsomming van op te leveren elementen: • tool • document • systeem Business Case Beelangrijkste stuur data uit de business case die relevant is om te rapporteren. Customers Voor wie worden de zaken uitgevoerd? Zijn daar veranderingen of is customer management belangrijk om nu uit te voeren? Zijn wensen en eisen veranderd?
  15. 15. …and how do we creat the dashboard: Make basic canvas* for program/portfolio… then make a canvas per project. Determine per canvas the metrics on which you want to steer (this is a natural progression from a good canvas). Compose 1 visual per project (see example). * Mark that a canvas consist of 3 overviews; the goals, the hypothesis, and the performed tests.