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Presentation_1370437255967 Presentation_1370437255967 Presentation Transcript

  • PQS 2.0Project Offshore - Centre Management WorkstreamMid Year Catch UpMichael Vlcek
  • PQS 2.0 04/06/20133PQS 2.0 – Infrastructure & Environments• Liaise with Dan and the London infrastructure team to develop/use/implement theright approach for the common functionalities, such as notifications, searches, nonSQL queries and workflows;• We need to deploy to the UAT environment on a regular basis – after the end of eachSprint, and this will include real live data migration from the source systems;• We also need a CI available environment, so that the London teams can see/use theDEV version of a current Sprint;
  • PQS 2.0 04/06/20134PQS 2.0 – Workflow - BLL
  • PQS 2.0 04/06/20135PQS 2.0 – Documentation“To document or not to document, that is the question!”• User Stories well documented (Utopia?);• We need something, that makes it comprehensive to anybody understand what the system does…• Just Enough – The bear minimum which is needed to explain what the system does and how it works;• Screen shots with brief description;• Flow diagrams showing processes and logic flow;• Domain Models to pinpoint the entities and relationships;
  • PQS 2.0 04/06/20136PQS 2.0 – User Stories well documented - Utopia?
  • PQS 2.0 04/06/20137PQS 2.0 – Just Enough, but comprehensiveAllocated Traditional Marking – display the list of Traditional Marking orders alreadyallocated. This screen gives the possibility to Reallocate AA and Send notifications. Hovering anitem in the grid will show a tool-tip.
  • PQS 2.0 04/06/20138PQS 2.0 – Just Enough, but comprehensive, cont.
  • PQS 2.0 04/06/20139PQS 2.0 – Documentation! Why do we need it?• Share knowledge – “the system functionality shouldn’t be in one person’shead”;• Explain to the business what the systems does, and how it works;• Extremely helpful to manage the scope and the developmentprocess;• Helps the developer to ask questions, allowing to spot andanticipate issues;• Documentation should be created during the whole process, sincethe very beginning of the story discussion, till the end of thetesting, and mainly by the developer himself;
  • PQS 2.0 04/06/201310PQS 2.0 – Migration Strategy for BTEC/NG (1.5)• Database renaming – ODS schemas for Centre ManagementPersons - common• Addresses - Common• TelephoneNumbers - Common• EmailAddresses – CommonOrganisations - customer• OrganisationGroups - customer• OrganisationGroupMembers - customer• OrganisationIdentities - customer• OrganisationContacts - customer• OrganisationAddresses - customer• OrganisationAddressTelephoneNumbers - customer• OrganisationEmailAddresses - customer• OrganisationAchievables - customer• LookupOrganisationAchievableStatuses - customer• LookupOrganisationAccessLevels - customer• LookupOrganisationFundings - customer• LookupAddressTypes - customer• LookupCentreTypes - customer• OrganisationChangeRequests - customer• OrganisationPropertyChanges - customer• Documentation:• BTEC/NG and FS/ICT integration into one system• Estimate refactoring of all 1.5 apps into PQS 2.0;• Brainstorming session to identify the challenges and work needed;• Refactor AR3 Venue Centre Addresses
  • PQS 2.0 04/06/201311PQS 2.0 – QA & Testing StrategyIan Betts – QA Manager• Testers will report to him• Code Reviews Policy• Acceptance Criteria Format• DoD for MRF’s and Stories• Can we add for UAT applications, a drop-down list with all different users in the context, so thatthe UAT user don’t have to login and out with different users to test the application?
  • PQS 2.0Thank you!Questions & Answers