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WRA 150 Week 9 in-class






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WRA 150 Week 9 in-class WRA 150 Week 9 in-class Presentation Transcript

  • Today
    Quick Announcements
    In-class activity: Citations
  • Announcements
    Making 3 will be due on November 5th
    If you did not receive a specific prompt for making 3, you are to make something(anything, really) then write about the process (what you did, what you needed in order to make it, where you learned how, etc.)
    Meanwhile Project 3 is due on October 29th, which is this coming Friday.
  • Announcements
    4) Project 2 is due November 12th.
    Don’t put it off, or the audio and editing will overwhelm you. I gave you all this time for a reason. 
    5) I will be grading your mix CDs ASAP. I have to somehow get the ones that are at my office to my apartment to do the grading.
  • Activity: Citations
    The last element we need to learn for Project 3 is how to cite our sources.You will divide into groups based on what the citation format for your major is. For most of you, it will be APA format (anyone in a social science, in business, in management, in medicine, in computer related fields, will use APA). For some of you, it will be MLA. And for a few proud souls, it’ll be CSE/CBE (which is science)
  • Find 2 people
    …who have the same citation format you’ll be using. Congrats, you’re a group.Pick a recorder. Again, if someone hasn’t been a recorder yet, that person should do it. Complete the tasks on the next slide(s)
  • Write references…
    For the next five slides, I will be offering you “sources.” I want you to create the reference list citation for each of them.
    Don’t worry, there’s a set of examples and explanations at the end.
  • Reference 1: book
    This is a single authored book. The info, from the library database: Author: Newman, Michael
    Title: The designs of academic literacy : a multiliteracies examination of academic achievement
    Publisher: Westport, Conn. : Bergin & Garvey, 2002.
  • Reference 2: essay
    This is an essay from a collectionAuthor: Baron, DennisTitle: From Pencils to Pixels (pages 15-33)in book: Passions, Pedagogies, and 21st. Century TechnologiesEditors: Gail Hawisher and Cindy SelfePublisher: Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English, 2000.
  • Reference 3: Magazine
    This is a magazine article
    The image hyperlinks to a larger version
  • Reference 4: journal
    This is a journal article. http://www.checkmystyleout.org/selfeexc.pdf
    You read this for class. Now we cite it.
  • Reference 5: a website
    This is a website. It’s a blog, actually.http://westhorp.typepad.com/dailygrit/2010/10/going-to-haiti-for-us-was-like-getting-a-tattoo.html
    *note, I pulled this up at random– I have no opinion of the content other than that the guy is local. I just want to see you cite it*
  • So how do we do this?
    Helpful links:MLAAPACSE
  • The reason
    We cite references is to give credit to the authors for their ideas. To not do so is to steal ideas, which is just as illegal as stealing physical property.Citation formats are relatively easy, they’re just SPECIFIC. Don’t expect yourself to memorize them. You will likely need to consult a guide each time you cite.
  • Think of it like …
    An equation.I know, I know, some of us hate math.
    But let’s look at the most basic APA citation, the book with a single author.
  • Last, F. (date). Title only cap first. City of publication: Publisher.
    It has a hanging indent. This is true of MLA and APA both. You only capitalize the first word of titles, of subtitles, or proper nouns in APA (not so in MLA). The title of a book or journal is in italics.
  • So if we do this book, from Amazon.com:
  • Here’s our equation again:
    Last, F. (date). Title only cap first. City of publication: Publisher.
    The author’s name is Ian Bogost. Plug it in:Bogost, I. (date). Title only cap first. City of publication: Publisher.
    See how this works?
  • Bogost, I. (date). Title only cap first. City of publication: Publisher.
    The date of publication is listed as 2010
    Bogost, I. (2010). Title only cap first. City of publication: Publisher.
    The title is Persuasive Games: The Expressive Power of Video Games.
    Bogost, I. (2010). Persuasive games: The
    expressive power of video games. City of publication: Publisher.
  • Bogost, I. (2010). Persuasive games: The
    expressive power of video games. City of publication: Publisher.
    The publisher is MIT Press, and MIT is in Cambridge, MA, so…
    Bogost, I. (2010). Persuasive games: The
    expressive power of video games. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
    That is our finished citation, ready for the reference page.
  • All you have to do…
    Is find the type of citation you’re using in the guide, then take your source and plug in all the information where it goes.If a piece is missing, you skip it.
    This is the same for all citation formats.
    So take those five examples and make reference listings for them! Rock it!
  • When you all agree…
    That your five are correct, email them to me. I will check them and send you back any corrections that might need to be made so that you have models of each of the most common types of citation on hand while you work.
  • Questions…
    After working with this, I am sure you will have questions. Please submit them via the
    @ http://phill150.tumblr.com . I will respond to those questions on my Tumblr tonight.
    That’s it for class time. See you in Hybridville!