Visual Rhetoric Feb 19th

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  • 1. Today1) Overview of projects2) All the pretty colors3) Activity: Redskin Tornado4) Homework
  • 2. ChangesI just wanted to quickly remind you all of the changes we agreed tolast week in terms of our projects:1.We added the video project, starting next week (with 3 weeks ofmaterials gathering and then 4 weeks of editing)2.This will move the start of the web project (in terms of theintroduction). The video and web projects will overlap significantly3.The print projects will now be due on xx
  • 3. The Joy of InfographicsLet’s start our consideration of color with a quicktour of some really impressive infographics thatwill allow us to condense some of ourknowledge and expand on a few interestingideas.
  • 4. Soooo…What does all of this tell us?And how might we apply it?
  • 5. Ripped from the headlines There is currently– once again– a debate over the identity of the Washington, DC NFL team, the Redskins. If you’ll recall, Miami had a similar dilemma in the 90s.
  • 6. We can talk about… …if Washington SHOULD change their identity or not, if you’d like. Of note, of course, is the visual iconography and what it brings to mind. Recall Wysocki, Kress and Barthes: images carry elements of culture. Let’s look at the current Redskins gear/logos.
  • 7. Activity: I did a little bit of research on the Redskins. They were the Boston Braves at one point, and previous to that they were the remains of the Newark Tornadoes. The Braves have the same basic issue as the Redskins, so…
  • 8. Activity: I want you to pick a color scheme and font to go with the new “tornado” logo on the next slide (which I did some quick edits on, but is basically clip art). Think about everything we’ve learned about text and color in the last two weeks as you work. We will then put these on display and talk about why you did what you did. The logo as PNG file, as well as the images on the last few slides, are on Niihka in a zip called “skins”
  • 9. Homework: Read for class: Golombisky & Hagen Chapter 9, “Tips for Designing for Color Blind Users”, and read around on/tinker with Colors on the Web