The Real Feb 19th Analysis of Play PowerPoint


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The Real Feb 19th Analysis of Play PowerPoint

  1. 1. Today 1. 2. 3. 4. Reminders of the group assignments Let’s form teams! Let’s brainstorm a little bit And now… some cool stuff from your blogs 5. Homework
  2. 2. Group Assignments 1. Leading class: A. About a 30-40 minute “activity” of your choice B. Can include a reading, playing something, etc. C. We should schedule those soon-ish. 2. Game “de-volution” A. More time for that B. But… I’d like us to have a play day or two C. So we need to get a start soon.
  3. 3. Once you form your group Only one rule for your teams: no less than 3, no more than 5. Once you have a team, name yourselves something, and email me your team name and the names of your team members. Alexanp3 at Miami OH dot com
  4. 4. As a team… I am going to give you five prompts that I’d like you, as a team, to discuss for five minutes each. You should take notes, though you don’t NEED to email them to me. If you would like some feedback, please feel encourage to ASK me, though. 
  5. 5. Prompt 1 What sorts of game related topics are you most interested in learning more about/sharing with the class? Look for common ground and/or inspiration!
  6. 6. Prompt 2 Is there anything game studies related you’d claim to be an “expert” on? Share that with your group. See if there are logical ways to use your skills.
  7. 7. Prompt 3 Talk about what genres of game you like best, which ones you’re most familiar with… and of course, which ones you can’t stand.
  8. 8. Prompt 4 What are some of the games you just can’t get enough of playing? You want to have passion for the fun factor of a game you’re going to try to convert to a different form. It’s essential! ESSENTIAL!
  9. 9. Prompt 5 Are there games that you feel logically lend themselves to being turned into something you can easily get your head around? If so… pitch those to your group. If not, try to think about the games you’ve talked about so far and what might become of them in another format.
  10. 10. And now… …some cool stuff from some of your blog posts. Some of you might notice that your grade looks a little “eeek” right now. MAKE SURE YOU BLOG. They’re not hard responses. It’s important, though. I know on some level it might seem like busy work, but you have to trust me. It matters to think through things before class. You’ll thank me when you go to work on a project and can recall readings and things you thought about while playing various games.
  11. 11. Quick Shots: Some Madden science Zelda Dynasty style Google Glass games –O’rly? And so long, Flappy Bird
  12. 12. For Monday:  Read for class: A long history of Dungeons and Dragons A shorter but good one. A piece that explains Chainmailand browse: Chainmail– the document And the first edition of Advanced Dungeons  and Dragons One of my favorite modules: I-6 Ravenloft. And one of Gygax’s best: Temple of  Elemental Evil.