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Technical Writing, August 29th
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Technical Writing, August 29th


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Published in: Business, Career
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  • 1. TODAY 1) Icebreaker 2) The Syllabus – any questions? 3) Resume and Job Letter assignment 4) Activity: find a job ad (or two or three) 5) Group: Share and discuss 6) Homework
  • 2. Icebreaker Today, to get us started, I want you to tell everyone your name then tell us the job you hope to find when you graduate.
  • 3. The syllabus/assignments You should have read over the syllabus for today. So, before we dive into the first assignment and begin our work, do you have any questions or concerns about the class? Now’s a great time to ask!
  • 4. Resume and Job Letter Let’s take a look at your first assignment, listed under assignments on the course website: Alt-tab time!
  • 5. A key to this… …is finding a good, solid job ad. This should be an advertisement for a job you would apply to when you graduate. As such, it should require the sort of qualifications you will have when you finish your degree. Let’s go to my Tumblr for a few links to resources:
  • 6. Look for a job ad or two Find as many potential job ads as you can. Throw the net wide, but remember that you need to craft your resume and job letter to this ad, so you want to pick something that fits your profile.
  • 7. And now… Form groups of three. In your groups, share your ads and talk a bit, as you do, about what your major is/what sort of job you’d like to find. Get some feedback from your group members about which of the job ads looks like the best one to use for the assignment. Bear in mind you aren’t stuck using the ad you find today, but hopefully at the end of this activity you will have one you’re comfortable with.
  • 8. Go to your Tumblr And before you leave class today, post a link to the job ad (or the text of it/copy-paste style) to your blog.
  • 9. Homework For next class, we have two things to accomplish: 1) Read Anderson, Chapter 2 and “How Many Rhetorics” by Booth (under “resources” on Niihka) 2) Post to your Tumblr. Your first assigned post is to tell us who you are, your major, and to set five goals for the course.