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Feb 7, 2013 224 PowerPoint

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all the pretty colors

all the pretty colors

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  • 1. TODAY1) Icebreaker2) Color3) Some Things to Think About4) Looking at sites you love: colors5) A little Typography talk6) Homework
  • 2. Icebreaker…What’s your name and your favorite item ofclothing?
  • 3. Research blogAny questions remain about the researchblog?
  • 4. Color: good palettes mean……good design. Look at the following famouslogos and the color choices. Think aboutwhat the audiences and contexts are foreach, and ask yourself: are these colors theoptimal choice? Why or why not?
  • 5. Two sites to look athttp://colorfilter.wickline.org/
  • 6. ActivityI want you to go to sites you use regularly, or Googleimages/ads for products you use regularly. Look at howthey use color.Are they using color well or poorly? What do the colorsthey use communicate to you? How might they be moresavvy?I will ask for people to offer examples, so email imagesor have a URL ready to offer up.
  • 7. With the rest of class…I want to spend some time inPhotoshop. Please ask questionsso that you can learn what youneed to finish your projects.
  • 8. ActivityDr. Phill needs a new door sign, so I’m going to makethat here in class, talking you through the process. AsI do it, you can learn some Photoshop skills/askquestions/etc.If you are comfortable in Photoshop, use this time towork on your project.
  • 9. Before we go…… I want you to take a few minutes to think aboutissues relating to digital rhetoric and writing thatyou’d like to discuss in class.Go to my blog at http://phill224.tumblr.com/click on the “ask me anything” button in the rightmargin, and offer up your ideas. I will use thoseto guide our readings for the remainder of thesemester.
  • 10. HomeworkFor Tuesday:Read for class: Wysocki “With Eyes that Think andCompose and Think” (on Niihka) and Wysocki “TheMultiple Media of Texts”Come in with a rough draft of your typography project