English 111, November 27, 2012


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English 111, November 27, 2012

  1. 1. Today, we’re going to:1)Take a second to talk post-break RE: inquiry 42)Inquiry 5 explained3)To the Tumblrverse!4)Activity: starting to reflect (freewriting)5)Time pending: bubbling that reflection6)Homework
  2. 2. Inquiry 4: Sup wit dat?(seriously, any questions or concerns? It was really quietover break, so I assume things are going really, really well)
  3. 3. Inquiry 5: The eFolioLet’s hop on the web and take a lookat the PDF for the assignment, thenwe’ll discuss.
  4. 4. You’re going to need… …a bigger TumblrWell, really just “another” Tumblr.Here’s how you create that.
  5. 5. Here are some specifics… …for uniformity.If you choose to use a different name,PLEASE email it to me. We had a littletrouble with timeliness regardingTumblr addresses at the start of class,so remember, tick, tick, grade, tick,tick. 
  6. 6. I would also like you tothink about how thisTumblr… …Looks.Visual design is a part of your overall presentation. It has a rhetorical impact. Think about ways tomake your portfolio as striking and user-friendly as possible.
  7. 7. When this is done, itshould have your reflectionand links to all your work… …you will need PDFs . MS Office can help. There is a PDF option under“save as.” Or you can cut/paste your work into the Tumblr, if you find that works better.
  8. 8. Let us now… …REFLECT! The next several slides contain freewritingprompts. I suggest you save the product of this, as it could be reworked into the start of– or all of– your inquiry 5 reflection.
  9. 9. …Prompt 1 Think about everything you knew about writing at the start of this class. What are some things you “thought” you knew, or things you believed were true (dare I evensay were taught) that you now know aren’t the case?
  10. 10. …Prompt 2 What are the three most valuable thingsyou learned about writing in this course? Why?
  11. 11. …Prompt 3 What was your writing process– in otherwords the way you started an assignment, the way you proceeded through writing and revising it, all the way to writing the memo and uploading it– when class started?
  12. 12. …Prompt 4What is your writing process now? What has or hasn’t changed, and why? BE SPECIFIC.
  13. 13. …Prompt 5Roughly how much time do you spend each day writing? In what formats? Where? For what ends?
  14. 14. …Prompt 6 How has what you’ve learned in 111influenced your work for other classes?
  15. 15. …Prompt 7 How has what you’ve learned in 111 influenced how you communicate withpeople in your life? It’s okay if it hasn’t. I won’t judge you or anything.
  16. 16. …Prompt 8What lessons from this semester and your writing– not particularly things we’ve talked about in class, though those are obviously fair game– will stick with you forever? Why?
  17. 17. …Prompt 9 What is a moment in your 111 experience in which you felt lost, in-over-your-head,helplessly behind, or generally freaked out? How’d you handle it?
  18. 18. …Prompt 10 On the other side of that, what was yourmost triumphant moment in 111, why, and how did that contribute to your overall feelings about writing?
  19. 19. …HomeworkYou should be mostly done with inquiry 4 by next class. Keep working! Your other homework is to somehow customize the Tumblr for your portfolioand have it ready to add some content towhen we come to class Thursday. We will work on memos for Inquiry 4 and talk about how the last few meetings will go. Class is almost over! Oh my! TTYL.