English 111, November 13, 2012


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Time management and multimedia.

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English 111, November 13, 2012

  1. 1. TODAY1) Quick online class review/discussion2) Now we commit– project plans3) Timelinin’4) Workflowin’5) Downloadin’6) Homeworkin’
  2. 2. ONLINE CLASSLet’s start off by talking about the online class.What’d you learn? How was the experience ofremediating class discussion?
  3. 3. INQUIRY 4We talked a bit about the larger project forinquiry four in each of the last classes. Now it’stime to officially commit and write a proposal.Let’s have some last minute discussion andfinal brainstorming first.What questions do you have? What concernsdo you have?
  4. 4. PROPOSALYou’re now going to go to your Tumblr.Create a post with the title “Inquiry 4proposal.”You need to write up the following:1. Your project idea2. The medium3. What you plan to include (roughly)?4. What software do you plan to use?5. Do you know how to use said software?6. Where will you be collecting footage?7. What else would you like me to know?
  5. 5. Once you finish thatOne of the things you need to be very, verycareful of is that the semester is winding downquickly. I have placed a document that will helpyou to plan the remaining time that you have.Please go to the course website and downloadit (follow me on screen).
  6. 6. Looking at the scheduleYou should develop a work plan based on theremaining schedule. I’ve color coded (classdays are green, key dates are bright orange,break is a sort of melon orange).Remember that the last due date is carved instone. That’s the end of class.
  7. 7. Fill in the other sheetWith all the information you can. For eachthing you want to do, you need to flesh thatout. I know it might seem a little redundant,but it will help you to know what you need togather and what skills you need to develop.You DO NOT want to get to the end of thisproject and have to try to figure all of this outin one day. You will do poorly if that happens,and you may very well fail. Use the time youhave wisely.
  8. 8. I know that a number……of people plan, or HAVE to leave early for theturkey holiday break.I’ve made that Tuesday a work day as a result,but I do expect you to do a full class worth ofwork, so at some point that week you need tosend me an email status report– a paragraphor two explaining how you’re doing.
  9. 9. You can also see…That I bumped the due date back just a bit.That was for everyone’s benefit. We didn’tseem to be far enough along during theThursday chats.Obviously, we’ll run out of time if there are anyadditional changes, so that due date is prettymuch carved in stone now, too.
  10. 10. For next class……if you plan to do audio work, you need todownload Audacity.You can get it here:http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/You will also need the MP3 codec to save MP3files. You can get it here:http://lame1.buanzo.com.ar/
  11. 11. If you want to do video…… if you have a Mac, you should have iMovie.Please make sure you do.If you have a Windows PC, you need to obtainWindowsMovieMaker. It’s free. So you candownload it through Windows Live here:http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/products/features/movie-maker
  12. 12. If we have time……let’s do all of that downloading and installingnow so we don’t have any hiccups next class.During our next class, I will do a pair ofsoftware workshops, showing you how to useeach tool.If you wish to use some other audio or videosoftware, you may, but these are the free-to-use software packages I’ll actually be teaching,so if you choose something a little different,make sure you have tech support. :)