English 111, August 28 2012


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So Face.So Book.

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English 111, August 28 2012

  1. 1. TODAY1) Icebreaker2) Check-in3) The Triangle, Again4) Facebook: Rhetorical Playground5) Activity: The Cold Finger of Analysis Points at Thee6) Share and share alike7) Homework
  2. 2. ICEBREAKERThis one should be quick and hopefully a little bit of fun.Pick someone from the opposite side of the room. Goover, introduce yourself, get the person’s name, and findout one cool thing he or she did over the weekend.Then you get to tell us.
  3. 3. CHECK INI think we did better with the Tweets over theThurs/Fri/Sat period. Remember the one at the end ofthis presentation is due by 11:59 PM TOMORROW. I assembled a blogroll with your Tumblrs. I don’t havethem all. Your task, then, is to look at that blogroll tonightand email me your URL if it isn’t there.Any questions for the good of the order?
  4. 4. BEFORE WE START…As we look at the reading for today, and begin ouractivity, I want to bring back our good friend from lastweek’s class, you all know and love him…THE RHETORICAL TRIANGLE!Give him a hand!
  5. 5. THE READINGAny initial thoughts? I have some questions for you toconsider, but before we get there, is there anythingpressing anyone just wants to say, questions you had,etc.?Link, for anyone playing along on the PowerPoint:About Facebook
  6. 6. FIRST THINGDid anyone note the date of publication?October of 2007. So you were just starting the eighthgrade. 26 million FB users then.A little update from the Googleverse on the next slide.
  7. 7. FACEBOOK in 2011More than 750 million active users50% of our active users log on to Facebook a dayAverage user has 130 friendsPeople spend over 700 billion minutes per month onFacebook.That’s 1331.8 YEARS of time a month spent onFacebook.
  8. 8. READING (cont.)My one major question for all of you is about thepredictions the author makes and the variousquotes/predictions offered about what Facebook couldbe/might be.You spent your high school years and the start of collegewith Facebook after this moment in history. How’dFacebook shape up?
  9. 9. AND SO…The next thing I want to do is hit you again with thetriangle, along with an assertion.First, the assertion:Crafting a Facebook profile is arhetorical act.
  10. 10. LET’S START……with my profile.I’ll pull it up on the screen, and briefly, you can direct mewhere to scroll/what to click. I will only refuse if you askme to do something that might implicate one of myfriends in hilarity or shame.Take some notes, as we’ll talk about things in a second.
  11. 11. RHETORIC…Let’s hit the quick, obvious questions first.1) Who is the author? *freebie!*2) Who is the audience? Now it gets morecomplex, right?3) What’s the text? How is it authored?
  12. 12. AND…Where do you see appeals of ethos? Of pathos? Oflogos?What does this text seem to do?Is that what it is intended to do?And this one is a point for you to ponder as we moveinto the activity: is the profile you see here “me?”
  13. 13. CONSIDER…… think in particular with something like Facebook aboutthe nature of a “template” and the style of postautomation.I can control some things, but some of this stuff is out ofmy hands. Like what ads appear on the side, what myfriends say, etc. What does that mean, rhetorically? Howdoes that reflect upon the profile itself?
  14. 14. NOW… youI’d like you to spend the next ten or fifteen minutes writinga quick rhetorical analysis of your own Facebook profile.As you do this, think about everything you’ve done, everychoice you’ve made, but also think about the things thataren’t your choices.What is this “thing” we’d call a profile, and what does it tellus about you, about Facebook, about your friends, etc.?Keep this. It is considered brainstorming for inquiry 1.  or Tumblr blog it.
  15. 15. WHAT……did you learn?Let’s talk a bit about it.
  16. 16. HOMEWORKTweet (due tomorrow): what’s one thing about class rightnow that has you confused or that you’d like to knowmore about?Tumblr: Go to my Tumblr for directions (I’ll also show youbefore you leave)Read: CCM: “Rhetoric has a new Look” p.89 and “SweetTea and Southern English” p. 95
  17. 17. HOMEWORKNext class we will peer review. I expect you tohave a rough draft with you. If you don’t, I willconsider you unprepared for class and henceabsent.Don’t forget to have a rough draft. It can be…pretty rough.See you Thursday!