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Digital Rhetoric and Writing August 28th
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Digital Rhetoric and Writing August 28th


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today's PPT

today's PPT

Published in: Education

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  • 1. August 28, 2014
  • 2. Today 1) Icebreaker 2) Activity– the basics of rhetoric 3) Announcements/focal topic proposal 4) The Meme Assignment 5) Examples
  • 3. Today’s IceBreaker: what was your first job?
  • 4. Your readings for today gave you the very tip of the iceberg in terms of rhetoric. We will be working over the next few weeks to build a robust definition of what rhetoric is. For now, who wants to share YOUR definition? (remember, I have cards if no one wants to talk)
  • 5. Aristotle called rhetoric persuasion using “all of the available means” at a person’s disposal. Then he drew triangles everywhere with ethos, pathos, and logos.
  • 6. Quintilian said that rhetoric was “a good man speaking well.” Sexist, much, Quintilian? But we still love you. It was a different time.
  • 7. Plato said rhetoric was “the art of ruling the minds of men.” Hey, Plato, Debbie Downer called. She wants her gimmick back. Also… sexist much again?
  • 8. Andrea Lunsford said rhetoric was “the art, practice and study of human communication.”
  • 9. As you can see, rhetoric is a “moving target.” Defining it is difficult. Almost as difficult as mastering it.
  • 10. Partner up. In your pair, I want you to go over the readings and discuss them, picking as a pair the ONE critical element of rhetoric you pulled from the homework. You will then email it to me and share it with all of us. I’m still alexanp3 at miami OH dot edu 
  • 11. You have an email from me. It tells you that HabitRPG made me a fool. But we’re back! Join the guild “Dr. Phill’s Redhawks” and check out my recovery!
  • 12. Also, by Monday night, I want you to propose a focal research topic for your research blog. Remember, this can be any topic you like, as long as you focus it specifically. You can see some of what other students have done under “research” on the blogroll here: Note: some of those are not the best examples– that’s’ a full class, good and bad. But all the topics themselves are great.
  • 13. Now to discuss the Meme assignment. Please join me on the website under “assignments.”
  • 14. For Tuesday: Don’t forget to email your focal topic proposal! Read: McCloskey and Bollin Carroll (on Niihka) and Porter (linked from assignment page) Start on your memes! See you then!