Analysis of Play, September 3rd, 2014


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Game definitions

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Analysis of Play, September 3rd, 2014

  1. 1. September 3, 2014
  2. 2. Today 1) Icebreaker 2) Fantasy Football: setting line-ups 3) HabitRPG 4) Gameplay experience: Avenger’s Alliance 5) Discussion: Caillois, McGonigal, Rodriguez and Frasca 6) DEFINE. ALL. THE. GAME. 7) Homework
  3. 3. Football
  4. 4. Football If you didn’t ever accept your fantasy football invite, you need to do that. I took over those teams as a “second” owner so we could draft, but I’ll drop it when you sign up so you have full control. We all need to set lineups. Let me show you how.
  5. 5. HabitRPG Hopefully everyone found the guild. If not, shouting out again: Dr. Phill’s AoP . JOIN! Once you’re in the guild, you should have a challenge called “the Fall.” Accept it. This will map you tasks to your Habit so you can use it as a checklist for the semester. Let me help you locate the challenge.
  6. 6. Blogs Also, your blog requirement starts tonight. Remember that Wednesdays are posts about something interesting from class/related to class and Fridays are responses to the readings. If you didn’t give me your blog address, I will be needing it by Friday so I can grade you. 
  7. 7. McGonigal Goal: specific outcome for player Rules: limitations on how to achieve goal Feedback system: tells you how close you are to goal Voluntary participation: you choose to play.
  8. 8. Caillois 1. Free: you don’t have to play 2. Separate: basically magic circle 3.Uncertain: you don’t see where it is going… 4.Unproductive: you don’t make stuff 5. Governed by rules 6. Make-believe
  9. 9. Frasca: the Ludus
  10. 10. And so we start to… …define what a “game” is. Remember Juul from last class, and think about the further implications of the “magic circle” from the other reading for today. Form groups of 3. Not more. Less is okay. Develop a specific, focused, definition for a game. You can reference everything we’ve read so far.
  11. 11. Game per Juul
  12. 12. And remember… We also learned about the “magic circle.”
  13. 13. Next class… O.M.G. R.P.G!
  14. 14. Don’t forget… … to be playing. You have lots of gameplay experiences. And to blog.
  15. 15. For Friday There are numerous Dungeons & Dragons related readings on the schedule. Remember to do ‘em! 
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