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Slovenia's Presentation

  1. 1. Made by Rosca Sarah, Tafta Andreea and Ursoiu Teodora
  2. 2. The famous symbol of Ljubljana is the dragon. The history of the iconic monster dates back to tales of Jason and the Argonauts. It’s said that Jason sailed up the Danube, then the Sava and then the Ljubljanica before finally having make the journey to the Adriatic with their dismantled boat being dragged with them. On route they came across a lake that housed the Ljubljanan dragon. The gallant Jason is said to have fought bravely against the beast before finally slaying it. It has thus become a symbol the city. Did you know that…
  3. 3. Handball is a very popular sport in Slovenia and in its capital city Ljubljana, especially with women. The biggest club in the city is Krim Ljubljana and they are ranked amongst the most successful teams in Europe. They’ve won the Champions League twice and the European Club Championships the same amount of times. Did you know that…
  4. 4. In 2007 a 25-year-old man from Ljubljana called Darko Mirinovic fell 120 feet from a building and landed straight on the roof of a little Smart car. Amazingly the man survived and was treated with only broken bones and nothing more. The car that broke his fall seemed to come off much worse than Darko and the owner wasn’t sure whether to be happy his car saved this man’s life or sad because he didn’t have a car any more. Did you know that…
  5. 5. The Slovenian National Anthem was written by famous poet France Preseren. God's blessing on all nations, who long and work for that bright day when o'er earth's habitations no war, no strife shall hold its sway; Who long to see that all men free no more shall foes, neighbors be. Did you know that…
  6. 6. No one really knows where the name Ljubljana came from. There is suggestion is comes from the Latin word Aluviana, due to a massive flood the city once succumbed to. This might have led to it being a derivative of the word Laubach, which means “marshes”. One of the more sentimental suggestions comes from the Slavic word for beloved “Luba”. No one is really sure .The official name of Slovenia is ‘Republic of Slovenia’. Did you know that…
  7. 7. Slovenia's first Hollywood actress was Zalla Zarana. Her Hollywood debut was in 1918. Did you know that…
  8. 8. What is the name of Slovenia's national anthem? Zdravljica. Zdravljica was adopted as the Slovenian anthem in 1989. Hej Slowianie, Hej Slovani and Hej Sloveni are all the same song in different Slavic languages, it means 'Hey, Slavs'. 'Hey, Slavs' was the previous national anthem used by former Yugoslavian republics after 1945. Did you know that…
  9. 9. The vine seen growing in Maribor's old town is believed to the oldest vine in the world, as much as 400 years old. Did you know that…
  10. 10. Funny fact: Slovene has got a dual in their language grammar (singular, DUAL and plural)! Did you know that…
  11. 11. The day in the middle. The names of the days of the week all have literal meanings. They are: Monday - Ponedeljek - 'the day after Sunday' Tuesday - Torek - 'the second day' Wednesday - Sreda - 'the day in the middle' Thursday - Cetrtek - 'the fourth day' Friday - Petek - 'the fifth day' Saturday - Soboto - 'the Sabbath day' Sunday - Nedeljo - 'the day of rest‘. Did you know that…
  12. 12. In Slovenia, Thanksgiving Day falls on the fourth Thursday of November. On Thanksgiving Day, Slovenes eat turkey and they gather around the table. Did you know that…