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Lithuania's Presentation


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. 10 wacky habits in Lithuania There are many interesting habits in Lithuania but these have impressed us. Working at this presentation, we think that our life in Lithuania wouldn't have been much more different than in Romania, because we found these habits very nice.
  • 2. Lithuanian national flower is the rue (Ruta).  It is a symbol of chastity.  Many people grow rues in their gardens.  When the girls get married, they put rues in their hair.
  • 3. Night life in Lithuania means: clubs and casinos. They seem to go together, so, casinos organize different concerts and you can see playing machines in many night clubs.
  • 4. Lithuania is very famous for basketball.  Lithuanians play basketball and they know everything about basketball.  Their famous teams are Zalgiris Kaunas and Lietuvos Rytas.
  • 5. Spooky things There is a Hill of Witches in Lithuania. It’s a hill covered in carvings such as : witches, pagan gods and other creatures. Near Siauliai there is a Hill of Crosses, another interesting site covered in thousands of crosses of all sizes, styles and materials: wood, plastic, metal, amber even wool. I think it would be scary for me.
  • 6. Like home pets Lithuanian people have goats .
  • 7. Aforesaid Zeppelin is maybe the most well-known Lithuanian dish. It is a kind of dumpling with the filling from meat and a smoked suet. This dish is cooked differently depending on the regions of Lithuania: in some places you’ll be offered to try it with a fish filling, in the western part of the country you’ll be offered a special gravy with sour cream and mushrooms. Do you like this Lithuanian dish ?
  • 8.
    • Lithuanians believe that on Christmas Eve exactly at midnight animals can speak. However, we should not listen to what they say as we might hear the date of our death .
  • 9.
        • Easter Granny brings gifts to the children at Easter. The Easter Bunny only helps her paint the eggs
  • 10. Children use to collect spoons just like Romanian children use to collect post marks. /
  • 11. Language things Vilnius was the first in the world to offer language classes while you travelled on public transport. While you were getting around the city, the ‘language buses’ played a collection of phrases in Polish , Lithuanian and English . There were worksheets inside the bus to allow you to follow along with the tape as it plays. All of the stops on the route were announced in the languages. Launched in 2007 it was funded by the EU for a year and proved hugely popular.