How to make money online with meendo adult/dating affiliate network.


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How to Make Money Online With Dating Offers using Facebook and Meendo affiliate network.
Simple steps to make money online without any investment using Facebook and dating affiliate network.Easy cash money trick and tips

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How to make money online with meendo adult/dating affiliate network.

  1. 1. Don’t use with illegal purpose Use it, in own risk, I did not take any responsibility if you against the TOS and privacy of any site. Don’t change my credit and links. Sharing is allowed without modifying this pdf. Hey guy’s it me ***** :P , This trick is working 100%,By following my way,you can easily make 2$ daily at the beginning, and at the end of month,you can make tone of cash daily.ohk let’s start now. Meendo is Adult social Network,I don’t want to say about meendo,but I want to say how you can profit from that site..Many of adult affiliate network are available on internet and work on different tier. For example in first tier,you send traffic to affiliate link,in second tier,People’s Join that site and in last tier,people’s are buy item or premium member ship from that site,so in different tier you will earn different commission. In First tier you will get too small cash and in second tier you will earn in $ and in third tier you will earn on $$.
  2. 2. So Meendo is one type Of CPA(Cost per Action) CPA:-Combination of All the three tier. CPL:-Combination of 1st and 2nd tier. CPS:-3rd tier. So CPA=CPL+CPS So Guys you will get now idea about CPA..right…???? So the CPL is good tier,because it’s free of cost to your targeted visitors,so if you target 1000 visitors to your link and only 25 people’s are join that network then you will make $$ cash. There is no any fix rate because it’s depend on Visitors Country. This adult affiliate network is easy to join. Click Here to join Meendo Network Add all details and make one genui account. After sign up complete 1.go to promo tab
  3. 3. 2.Get your link,as I shown you in above ss. Now you need to promote that link,if more people’s are view this link and sign up with your link then you will get paid. You can either use Facebook,Twitter,Google plus ID to promote that link.Actually this is new good affiliate network,so this link are not blocked by you can directly promote this link with Facebook.but if you want to be safe then you can use to redirect traffic. Read out my This Ebook “How to Redirect traffic using” Now If you don’t know How to promote this link with Facebook Then Read out this Ebook,There I mention all the ways to drive huge traffic with any link.After reading that ebook,you can easily Make lot of friends and followers. Post your message everywhere in Facebook Like this :- “Hey,guys recently I was made my own sex video,I can’t show you here,Wanna see my pussy and tits ? then go to below link
  4. 4. and sign up there.i am waiting for your horny response” Just like that write this message and post everywhere in Facebook. If you already read out my Facebook Tips Ebook then you will get many idea. Now Let’s see this trick Is working or not? Just go meendo stats tab So Guys,I think you can also make some cash with this easy adult affiliate link. So Just Join Meendo and make some cash.
  5. 5. For More cool stuff,Visit my blog for making money online.Download my Free Ebooks on How to Make money online.