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Task 3 distribution powerpoint
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Task 3 distribution powerpoint


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Task 3 Evaluation - Distribution

Task 3 Evaluation - Distribution

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  • 1. Evaluation Task 3 Distribution
  • 2. Distributors • A film distributor is the company which will acquire the rights to a film and will then release the film and distribute it to cinemas. They will then release it to other formats such as DVD and streaming services. Their job will include marketing the film before release and getting into as many cinemas as possible to reach a wider audience.
  • 3. Warner Bro’s • Warner Bro’s is a very well known distribution and production company and focuses on distributing well known films and very Hollywood films. The films are usually very popular and have high budgets to produce them. Some films which they have distributed include “The Hobbit”, “The Hangover” and “Man of Steel”. This is major distributor.
  • 4. Vertigo Films • Vertigo Films is an independent distributor and distributes generally on lower budgeted films and independent films. They will have a smaller budget to market the films compared with Warner Bro’s and will therefore not market the films as much. They will also not be able to get the films in as many of the cinemas. They have got a range of films from “Street Dance” to “Sweeny” and other smaller, less known films.
  • 5. Our Film • The film which we produced is a thriller and set in mostly an urban environment in the UK. These factors make it more the type of film which ‘Vertigo Films’ would distribute. The film which we produced is not supposed to be a big budget film and one which fits a smaller distributor. The smaller distribution companies would be more interested in this film because a major one would not want to spend the time on it whereas a smaller one would put more effort into the promotion. Our film would also fit this type of distribution company more because it is not a blockbuster storyline or production value.
  • 6. Appeal • Our film would appeal more to a UK based audience mostly because it is set in the UK and all the characters in the film are from the UK. This makes it a more personal film to them and it appeals to them more as they can relate to it more and imagine the film more vividly due to being in the UK. It would still appeal to other audiences outside of the UK but not as much and sales would be a lot less. The film would also not be promoted as much as in the UK
  • 7. The Market • The film would be promoted mostly in the UK through the use of internet adverts, posters press conferences and press releases. Actors from the film could also go on TV shows or radio programmes as well being in social network videos on sites such as YouTube. VIP showings for the media and critics would be closer to the release of the film in order to create word of mouth and more ‘hype’. The best time to release it would Easter time or around holiday time but not the summer. This is because the big releases will be in the summer and they will overshadow our film. Around Easter or holiday time students from college and university, the main audience, will be able to see the film and will have more time to go out increases possible sales.
  • 8. Self Distribution • Self distribution would give us the flexibility of allowing to show the film where we want as we would retain all the rights to it. We would also not have to give any money away to distributors increasing the profit of the film. However, we would struggle to find buyers as distributors already have contacts and possible buyers as well as a lot of experience. It is also very time consuming and would mean that all our work would be put into that. There would also be the possibility of not controlling the legal side very well and signing the rights away without meaning to.