CES & IFA 2010-2014


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Consumer Electronics products exhibited at International CES in Las Vegas, USA and IFA exhibition in Berlin, Germany in 2010-2014

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CES & IFA 2010-2014

  1. 1. CES & IFA 2010-2014 http://sivolap.wordpress.com
  2. 2. Since 1967. Now each January in the middle of American Desert 160,000 visitors in 2014 Since 1924. Now each September in the middle of Europe 240,000 visitors Miss IFAMr. CES
  3. 3. IFA-2014 Samsung: • Gear Solo smartwatch • Gear VR Innovator Edition, Quad HD 5.7” 1440p AMOLED display • Gear Circle – Bluetooth airbuds LG • G3 Prime, G3 Stylus Sony • Xperia Z3 mini, 4.7” • Smartwatch 3 New IT/Telecom ProductsWorld’s First/Best/Not Flat ….. Sony 4K Curved LCD Bravia S90 (65”, 75”), KD-75S9005B, KD-65S9005B Dolby Atmos, Quantum Dots (Sammy)
  4. 4. IFA 2014: Tendencies • Smart Home / Internet of Things • Sonos Audio • Android TV • Smartwatch
  5. 5. 8K TVs Samsung 98” 8K TV LG 98” 8K TV
  6. 6. LG at IFA 2014 • 77” 4K Curved OLED TV, 77EG9700 • 65” 4K Curved OLED TV, 65EC9700 • 34” Curved Quad HD (3,440x1,330) 21:9 monitor, 34UC97 • Music Flow, Sonos-like Hi-Fi speakers
  7. 7. Samsung at IFA 2014 • 4K Curved OLED TV • 105” Bendable LCD TV, UN105S9B • 105” Curved UHD LCD TV • 78” Bendable LCD TV • Curved Soundbar HW-H7500 (for 55” TV), HW- 7501 (for 65” TV) • Multiroom speakers M7 (NFC), M5, M3
  8. 8. Samsung Unpacked 2014 Episode 2 Galaxy Note 4 Galaxy Note Edge Gear S Gear VR
  9. 9. IFA-2014: Smartwatches LG G-Watch R 1.3” 320x320 (246 ppi) Plastic-OLED circular display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Android Wear Samsung Gear S 2.0” curved Super AMOLED 360x480 (300 ppi), Tizen OS, Bluetooth 4.1, G3 modem
  10. 10. IFA-2014: Smartwatches Asus ZenWatch 1.63” 320x320 (278 ppi) AMOLED 2.5D curved Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen Qualcomm Snapdragon 400/1.2GHz Android Wear, Bluetooth 4.0, IP55 water- resistant, 75g
  11. 11. EISA Awards. Best Products 2014-2015 Home Theatre Display 1. High-End TV: LG 77EC980V (Curved UHD OLED) 2. UHD TV: Sony KD-65X9005B 3. FHD TV: Samsung UE55H7000 4. Smart TV: LG 55LB870V
  12. 12. EISA Awards. Best Products 2014-2015
  13. 13. EISA Awards. Best Products 2014-2015 Mobile Devices • Advanced Smartphone: LG G3 • Consumer Smartphone: Huawei Ascend P7 • Smartphone Camera: Samsung Galaxy K zoom • Tablet: Sony Xperia Z2 • Headphone: AKG K845BT • Mobile Audio System Harman Kardon Esquire Mini
  14. 14. EISA Awards. Best Products 2014-2015
  15. 15. CES-2014 World’s First/Largest LED/OLED TV 105” 21:9 display: - Curved UHD LED TV by LG & Samsung - Flat UHD LED TV by LG & Toshiba 98” 8K(QUHD) TV by Samsung 85” 8K4K LED TV by Sharp Variable Screen Shape: - Bendable UHD 85”LED by Samsung - Bendable UHD 55”OLED TV by Samsung - Flexible UHD 77” OLED TV by LG Curved UHD OLED TV - 77” by LG, 77EC9800 - 55” by Samsung - 55” by Panasonic Curved LED Monitor 27” by Samsung BT4.0, MHL 3.0, USB 3.0, HDCP 2.2 Driverless Cars, Bosch technology 3D Printers World’s Best/First/Largest/Longest
  16. 16. CES-2014 Smart Watch: • SmartWatch 2 by Sony, $200 • Galaxy Gear by Samsung, • Toq by Qualcomm, • BlueWatch by ZTE • Prototype by Intel • Steel by Pebble, $249 • Pine by Neptune, $335 SmartBand by Sony Lifeband Touch by LG Smart Watch/Band First 3-in-1 Dual OS Windows 8 / Android hybrid laptop, Asus Transformer Book Trio Galaxy Note Pro by Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro by Samsung G Flex 6” Smartphone by LG Xperia Z1 Compact, Z1s by Sony Nvidia Tegra K1 (Kepler graphics tehnology) Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone/Processors
  17. 17. CES 2014 Best of Innovations 3D Printing: • Formlabs Form1 Wireless Handset Accessories: • Parrot AR.MiniDrone Gaming HW & Accessories: • Parrot Jumping Sumo
  18. 18. CES 2014 Best of Innovations Video Displays: • LG 77” UHD Curved OLED TV • Samsung 65” Real 240Hz FHD Smart LED TV with Quad-Core Multi-Tasking Capability Computer HW & Components: • ASUS Transformer Book Trio Computer Peripherals: • Samsung V27 Curved LED Monitor
  19. 19. CES 2014 Best of Innovations Home AV Components: Sony FMP-X1, 4K UHD Media Player Digital Imaging Sony QX Series “Lens-Style” Cameras Tablets & Mobile Computing: Sony VAIO Flip PC
  20. 20. Engadget Best of CES2014 Winners Best Emerging Technology: Oculus Rift “Crystal Cove” Best Maker-Friendly Technology: Makerbot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer Best Mobile Technology: Sony “Xperia Z1 Compact” Best Audio Product: Clearview “Clio”
  21. 21. Engadget Best of CES2014 Winners Best Digital Health & Fitness Product: Jaybird Reign Android and iOS apps log your movements and display related stats, like calories burned and activity duration, then offer up suggestions based on your physical history. Best Startup: Airtame It's a Miracast dongle on steroids. -- Richard Lai, Senior Editor at Engadget
  22. 22. Engadget Best of CES2014 Winners Best Video Product: Dish “Virtual Joey” Best Software: Sony PlayStation Now Virtual Joey app is coming first to LG Smart TVs and PlayStation consoles PS Now streams PS games to any device including TVs, smartphones, tablets and PS
  23. 23. IFA-2013: Curved LED Galaxy Note 3 smartphone (5.7”) by Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2014 Edition VAIO Fit Multi-Flip PC by Sony SmartWatch: - Galaxy Gear by Samsung - SmartWatch 2 by Sony DivX 10 (HEVC) by Rovi New IT/Telecom ProductsWorld’s First/Biggest LED/OLED TV Curved UHD OLED TV • Samsung 55” prototype • LG 77” prototype Curved LCD TV • UHD TV by Samsung, 65” • FHD TV by Sony, KDL-65S995A 110” UHD LED TV by Samsung/TCL/Hisense 98” UHD Display by Samsung OLED TV with Art Gallery, 55EA8800 84”/65”/55” UHD TV, HEVC/H.265 by LG Smart TV with Android 4.2 by LG
  24. 24. EISA Awards. Best Products 2013-2014 1. Design TV: LG 55EA980V (Curved OLED TV) 2. Smart TV: Samsung UE55F8000 3. Home Cinema TV: Panasonic Viera TX-P60ZT60 4. TV: Sony Bravia KDL-55W905A 5. UHD TV: Philips 65PFL9708
  25. 25. EISA Awards. Best Products 2013-2014
  26. 26. EISA Awards. Best Products 2013-2014 • Advanced Smartphone: HTC One • Consumer Smartphone: Huawei Ascend P6 • Social Media Phone: Samsung Galaxy S4 mini • Green Phone: Samsung Galaxy S4 • Tablet: Sony Xperia Tablet Z
  27. 27. CES-2013: Curved OLED Flat UHD LED TV - Samsung UN110S9000, 110” - Hisense 110XT900, 110” - TCL prototype, 110” - Westinghouse prototype, 110” The Next Generation Quattron by Sharp 32” UHD LED IGZO Monitor by Sharp 13.5” UHD OLED IGZO Display by Sharp AQUOS Pad Tablet, 7” IGZO WXGA by Sharp 3.4” Flexible OLED, 960x540 by Sharp World’s FirstWorld’s First Curved FHD OLED TV • Samsung KN55S9C (55”) • LG 55EA9800 (55”) Flat 56” UHD OLED TV • Sony • Panasonic HECTO 100” Laser TV by LG
  28. 28. IFA-2012: 3D, UHD, OLED 1. LCD TV: Philips 46PFL9707 2. Plasma TV: Panasonic Viera TX-P50VT50 3. 3D TV: Sony Bravia KDL-55HX850 4. Smart TV: LG 55LM960V 5. Future Proof TV: Samsung UE46ES8000 6. 3D Achievement: Toshiba 55ZL2 7. Display Achievement: LG 55EM970V EISA Awards: European 2012-2013 …World’s First Glasses-Free 3D TV, ZL2 series by Toshiba World’s Largest and Slimmest (4 mm) OLED TV, 55” by LG 84” UHD LCD TV by LG 90” FHD LCD TV by Sharp 7” WXGA IGZO LCD Displays by Sharp
  29. 29. CES-2012: UHD, OLED World’s Smallest & Thinnest 20.4” UHD LCD Monitor by Panasonic World’s First handheld 4K Camcorder, GY-HMQ10 by JVC World’s First/Largest/SmallestWorld’s First/Largest 85” 8Kx4K prototype by Sharp World’s Largest 84” UHD LED (84LM9600) Passive 3D Smart TV by LG 55” Super OLED 3D TV by Samsung 55” White OLED (RGBW) TV by LG 80” FHD Full-LED LCD TV, by Sharp Google TV by LG, LMG860 (Android 3.2)
  30. 30. IFA-2011 1. Best Buy TV: Samsung UE40D6500 2. LCD TV: Sony Bravia KDL-55HX920 3. Plasma TV: Panasonic Viera TX-P50VT30 4. 3D TV: Philips 46PFL9706 5. AV-Streaming TV: Loewe Individual 46 Compose 3D EISA Awards: European 2011-2012 …World’s First/Biggest/Largest 85” 8K4K Super Hi-Vision TV prototype by SHARP 72” 3D TV, LZ9900 by LG 55” Glasses-Free 3D TV by TOSHIBA
  31. 31. CES-2011: UHD, Smart TV Best of Innovations Displays: LG 55” Nano Full LED TV Online AV Content: SONY Internet TV & BD player Powered by Google TV CNET Best of CES Awards: VIZIO XVT3D6SP series (VIA Plus suite of Internet Apps, Google TV) Best of Innovations / CNET Best of CESWorld’s First/Largest/Biggest World’s Largest 84” UHD 3D TV by LG World’s Largest 75” FHD 3D LED TV by Samsung
  32. 32. IFA-2010: 3D+Smart TV 1. 3D Plasma TV: Panasonic TX-P50VT20 2. 3D LCD TV: Sony Bravia KDL-52HX900 3. LCD TV: Philips 46PFL9705 4. TV Innovation: Sharp Quattron RGBY Technology 5. Best Value LCD TV: LG 42LE5300 EISA Awards: European 2010-2011 …World’s Slimmest World’s Slimmest AMOLED TV 31”, 2.9 mm by LG
  33. 33. CES-2010: 3D+ Smart TV Best of Innovations: Video Displays: Samsung UN55C9000, World’s Slimmest 3D LED TV Video Components: Samsung BD-C6900, World’s First 3D BDP CNET Best of CES: 3D Plasma HDTV (VT25 series) by Panasonic Best of Innovations / CNET Best of CESWorld’s First 30” AMOLED TV prototype by Samsung 3D LCD TV by Sony (60/52LX900) 3D LCD TV by Samsung (C9000/C8000/C7000) 3D PDP TV by Panasonic (VT25) Hello Yellow! Quattron technology by Sharp
  34. 34. Abbreviations used • CES – Consumer Electronics Show (Las Vegas NV USA) www.cesweb.org • IFA – Internationale FunkAusstellung – (Berlin Germany) http://b2b.ifa-berlin.com/en/ • EISA – European Imaging and Sound Association www.eisa.eu