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Software list

  1. 1. Software List Alexander Masha
  2. 2. Blogger The group used blogger to present the work and made it easily accessible form any location and device. We were able to use blogger to keep the group on task knowing what each member had done and not. Blogger was used through out both pre and post production to post any coursework top do with our production. Without blogger we would not have been able to present the work using different medians for example uploading a PowerPoint presentation to slide share which allowed us to embed it on the group blog.
  3. 3. Final Cut Pro Final Cut Pro is a Macintosh exclusive programme that allows users to edit pieces of footage from a video recorder together. The editor of our group used this software to edit our own footage. The editor used Final Cut Pro to add sound effects different types of transitions and also find any errors within the footage for example continuity mistakes. This allowed the final product to have a professional finish to it.
  4. 4. Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Both these software allowed the group to type up different pieces of coursework. Word was used to create a text document for our coursework in a neat form, while PowerPoint was used to create a slide show style document providing new ways to present the coursework. These two pieces of software were very useful as they enabled the group to produce our work professional manner.
  5. 5. Scribd, Slideshare and Prezi. Scribd enabled the group to upload word document which are then converted into a Scribd document which allows us to embed the document on to the group blog Just like Scribd Slideshare enabled the group to documents in the form of PowerPoint presentation instead of word documents. This also provided us with a code to embed the Slideshare file on to the group Unlike the other two Prezi enabled to create a wide range of different animated presentation within its interface, allowing for more creative presentations . This then allowed the group to embed the finished presentation on the blog
  6. 6. and PowToon and PowToon were both used for presentations the group work. Both and PowToon are interactive pieces for software that gives the audience more control on the information used. We chose to use and PowToon because it allowed a diverse way to present the work. was used to create the brainstorm presenting the process the group went through before selecting the final ideas for each aspect of our production. PowToon was used to create different animated presentations which were unique.
  7. 7. YouTube YouTube is video sharing websites which allows its usurers to upload and share videos . We used YouTube to upload the production at different stages, this allowed other’s to give us both negative and positive feedback so we can improve the quality of the product. This way our target audience have a direct influence in the production allowing for a more successful outcome.
  8. 8. Facebook and Twitter We used social networking sites like Facebook and twitter to promote our short film. We were also able to post links of the product in its different stages and the finished product so that the audience can give feedback on what they thought of our short film and also share it with their friends to get a wider range of audience.