Evaluation question 2


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Evaluation question 2

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 2: How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? By Alexander Masha
  2. 2. Ancillary I needed to create a film poster and magazine review that complements and promotes the product. The poster is used to advertise the product giving crucial information like the release date of the product, the director and actors staring in the product. This is to draw in a bigger audience as they are drawn in by the prospect of watching some of their favourite actors or watching a film form a director that they have become familiar with his works. The poster should communicate to the audience the genre of the film and it should also be aesthetically pleasing as audiences are drawn in because it looks “good”. The poster should be eye catching and stand out amongst other poster. The magazine review is similar to that of the poster it is used to attract an audience. The magazine review will contain information about the film enough that will cause audiences to gain an interest in the film. The magazine review will also contain a critics opinion on the film this is important as a good review will attract audience into watching the film. Consumers make judgment on whether to by a product deepening on the products reviews so it is essential the review of the product should be a positive one
  3. 3. Poster
  4. 4. Magazine
  5. 5. Fonts Poster I used a total of four different fonts when creating the typography for the poster. Each font was used for a different purpose as I felt having a single font used through the poster would be boring. The fonts used for the logo of the magazine and newspaper were Dolve Vito and Time new Roman I chose this specifically because they both looked very similar to there real life counterparts. This font is called AR Destine I chose this font to use as the main title for the film. The appearance of the font with its sharp edges and modern design connotes ideas of an action film. With the use of an effect called the lens flare the font related to the product more. I used the font American Captain for the billings, cast, tag line and the short reviews. I used this font because it was clear and it was suited well to the genre of the product.
  6. 6. Fonts Magazine I kept the font the same from the title of the film but removed some of the effects I had added on the poster. The font used for the review is called Calibri this is a common font as it is the standard font used in most word document. I chose to use this font because it was clear to read and it allowed me to write a lot more in my allocated spaces for the review. I once again used American Captain for the verdict of my review and in other areas of the review. I used these American Captain in these areas because they needed to stand out.
  7. 7. Images This is the original image used when creating the poster. The first thing was to crop the photo out taking away the background. The second was to change the images contrast as this original image was bright and did not match the tone of the product. I chose this image because it has the right connotation the weapon in his hand the characters costumes. This allows the audience to draw in some information from this image like what genre the product could be.
  8. 8. This image was used for the background for the poster. I kept the original image the same apart from resizing the image to fit on to an A4 page. I also added a blur to the image this was done because I felt that keeping the background in its original form looked boring on the poster and with the perspective of this image and that of the main character it created a really good effect. This effect made the image of the main character appear to come out from the page and with the blur of the background made this effect come out strongly.
  9. 9. I used this image when creating my magazine as I felt that the genre of the product is connoted well in this image. Also this image creates a sense of mystery because the consumer is left intrigued by the events taking place in the image. Also this image helps tell a lot of the story of the product as it has some important elements in it like the bag which draws all the characters in the film together
  10. 10. Conclusion I feel that both my ancillary tasks combined with my product was very effective. This is because the poster was a great in representing the film as it connotes the elements that are found in the film it centralizes the focus on the main character and also establishes one of the location this allows the audience to familiarize themselves with it. The magazine was effective because it only advertised the film in the review but also gave an insight to the plot of the film, because of this the consumer are is intrigued by the overall plot of the product and feels compelled to see more of it.