American infrastructure


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American infrastructure

  1. 1. American Infrastructure Head CEO’s: Tim Jennison Alex Mancino
  2. 2. Our JobOur job is to tell you why asphalt needs to keep beingmanufactured to make roads and highways.We’re also here to tell the social, environmental, andeconomic benefits of using asphalt for making roadsand highways.
  3. 3. Why???Why is Asphalt such an important by- product ofPetroleum?Because asphalt is used to make all roads andhighways, which are the veins and arteries ofcountries. Highways and roads: Decrease travel time, Increasetrade, Make for quicker emergency service response,make cars more gas efficient and connects the entirecountry.
  4. 4. What is Asphalt?Asphalt is simply what is left over after crudepetroleum is refined in a Distillation tower.It is found as a black tar like substance (Not tarthough, that’s a different substance) at the bottomof the Distillation Tower, it is 80% carbon.Nothing else is done to the asphalt, it is scraped outof the bottom of the distillation tower, mixed withcrushed granite and other minerals, heated, and thenits ready to be laid down and paved.
  5. 5. TransportationShipping by Barge: This is the cheapest and cleanestway to transport asphalt.Transportation by Train: More expensive, but thereare many terminals for drop off around the country.Transportation by Truck: This is the most commonway to transport but expensive because a truck cannot move as much asphalt as a barge or train.
  6. 6. Research and DevelopmentAsphalt has generally been developed andresearched as much as it possibly could have beensince it is so simple to make.It can’t really be made any better, it has hit its peak ofperfectionBio asphalt is being researched but it will be muchmore expensive and complicated to produce on aslarge of a scale as present day asphalt
  7. 7. ManufacturingThis is how asphalt is producedLarge amounts of asphalt for highways only takesabout 3 days to manufacture, the actual pavingprocess a little longer.Asphalt is relatively easy to manufacture
  8. 8. 1.Asphalt starts out as crude oil that is refined in aDistillation tower. to to
  9. 9. 2.The crude oil is refined and the hydrocarbon mixturethat falls to the very bottom is called asphalt.
  10. 10. 3.The hydrocarbon mixture is heated until it is theconsistency of tar.
  11. 11. 4.The tar like asphalt is then mixed with sand, graveland other minerals and is then ready to be put downfor roads and highways.
  12. 12. Environmental BenefitsAsphalt is a waste product that is found in thedistillation tower, so if it was not used for roads itwould probably be disposed of into our environmentand would definitely be a pollutant.Asphalt from destroyed roads is always recycled andused for new roads.Asphalt roads actually make cars more gas efficient,which helps us cut back on petroleum use.
  13. 13. AlternativesThere are very few alternatives to asphalt, besidesconcrete and dirt roads. Yet asphalt is used for areason, since it is so much more efficient than thesesubstitutes.Asphalt is used because primarily it is cheaper thanconcrete. Asphalt is also more pliable, and canexpand and contract in changing weather. Concrete,however, cannot expand or contract as well. AlsoAsphalt creates less noise than Concrete.
  14. 14. Other Uses of AsphaltRoof ShinglesAirport RunwaysTennis CourtsWaterproofing tunnels
  15. 15. Why Asphalt Should Continue to be Made1. First, asphalt made roads are the most efficient roads that can be made.2. Asphalt roads are always recycled and reused for new roads, once they are destroyed.3. Asphalt roads are the most used form of transportation on this planet.4. Asphalt is relatively cheap, and easy to make roads with.
  16. 16. Continued…5. If the Asphalt in the bottom of the distillation tower isno longer used for roads, what happens to it? It willhave to be disposed of which is a waste of a useful by-product. Also who knows how it will be disposed, it maybe extremely harmful to the environment.6. Lastly, as long as crude oil keeps being refined forwhatever reasons, there is always going to be asphaltsince it is only a residue. So why would we waste thatwhen its going to be there anyways.
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