Great British Business Show


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Great British Business Show

  2. 2. EXHIBITING INFORMATIONPrysm Group OverviewThe Prysm Group produces, owns and manages the country’s leading business events, conferences and online media. We pride THE GREAT BRITISH BUSINESS SHOW 22/23 NOVEMBER 2012 OLYMPIA LONDONourselves on being the UK’s voice to small and medium sized businesses.For the last 12 years we have produced the best business exhibitions in the UK and no one has a better understanding of how tomake these events successful.Modern day exhibition organising has to be so much more advanced and everything is designed around the visitor, NOT theexhibitor or the organiser. We make sure that our events find the pain of the business owner and address it with education,advice and solutions. Serious business people are just too busy to attend exhibitions or conferences that have a broad agenda.Personalisation is the key to our events, ensuring that the event is almost tailor made for each and every visitor. When weachieve this we then have an unrivalled offering for suppliers to meet, network and sell.In November 2011 we launched the The Great British Business Show at Earls Court alongside the established Business Startupexhibition, the event was a huge success with over 7,000 leaders of established small and medium sized businesses attending tohear from business experts on a range of topics from how to expand overseas to being number one on Google. The true successof the show was not just down to the fact that busy business people took time out of their offices to attend, but they were there totalk to suppliers and do deals.Ultimately the show focuses on one thing: Growth.Every aspect of the show is designed to grow businesses by improving skills and knowledge necessary to do so.Every company or organisation that is involved in the show is demonstrating their commitment to the growth of Business inGreat Britain.The nature of the two events in the same hall allows visitors to pass freely from one to another and the tremendous advantageto all exhibitors is that you are getting two shows and two sets of visitors for the price of one. This allows exhibitors sell tothe full enterprise spectrum from pre-start businesses to fully established small and medium size enterprises.
  3. 3. EXHIBITING INFORMATIONButchers, bakers andcandlestick makers…GBBS has been designed to be an unparalleled opportunity for business owners to get advice, guidance and support THE GREAT BRITISH BUSINESS SHOW 22/23 NOVEMBER 2012 OLYMPIA LONDONon growing their businesses. The array of features, workshops and seminars will inspire and motivate these trueentrepreneurs to take their already successful businesses onto the next phase of growth and development.In the process of doing this, we are collecting together the most important small and medium size business peopleinto one place to demonstrate how to grow, and supply them with the products and services that they will need.So who should exhibit? If your organisation can assist a small to medium size established business with:i) Funding for growth.ii) Sales and Marketing.iii) International expansion.iv) Information Technology for growth.v) Financial plans for improved Acquiring a business, franchising a business, market flotation or exit strategies.vii) Market Research, digital marketing and social media.viii) Recruitment, training and motivation.ix) Joint Ventures, Partnerships and Strategic Alliances.x) Risk Management.xi) Law and Regulation.xii) Branding, Patents, Tademarks and Intellectual Property.xiii) Profiting from innovation and invention.xiv) Utilities and Energy Companies.
  4. 4. EXHIBITING INFORMATIONDelegate Profile Company Turnover 0 – 1M 1M – 5M 5% 35%The delegates come from a full spectrum of industry sectors and a variety of business sizes. But they all have a common theme of wanting 5M – 20M 29%to grow their businesses and become more profitable. The visitors are almost exclusively Director level, and key decision makers. 20M – 50M 17% 50M – 100M 9%Position Industry Sector 100M + 5%MD 39% Retail, Hospitality and Catering 26% THE GREAT BRITISH BUSINESS SHOW 22/23 NOVEMBER 2012 OLYMPIA LONDONCEO 13% Manufacturing 14%Marketing Director 18% Business Services 21% Number of employeesCFO/FD 12% Professional 5% 0 – 20 Employees 17%CTO/TD 2% Technology 27% 20 – 50 Employees 34%Commercial / Business Development Director 6% Skilled Trades 4% 50 – 100 Employees 26% IT/Media Director 2% Health 3% 100 – 500 Employees 14%(Other) Director 2% 500 + Employees 9%Senior Manager 6%
  5. 5. EXHIBITING INFORMATIONThe show promotion will be thelargest ever campaign organisedin the UK for a business exhibition. THE GREAT BRITISH BUSINESS SHOW 22/23 NOVEMBER 2012 OLYMPIA LONDONWe shall be using every means available from TV advertising to social media to direct mail.The fundamentals of the event are the basis of the marketing campaign. Our visitors are busy people who don’t want or like to spend time atexhibitions or conferences that historically are not much more than networking exercises. We have to target the person who wants to makemoney not friends. Subsequently we are making the event into an arrow through the heart of their business’ situation now. For example:Mr Jones owns, manages and runs a chain of 50 printing shops throughout the south east. He’s a busy man, he’s a fairly wealthy man whodoesn’t suffer fools gladly. Having run the business for 10 years attending a networking event is similar to a visit to the dentists.So how do we get him to come...• Mr Jones has been thinking about floating his business on the AIM stock exchange but doesn’t know how. He sees the workshop within the promo info...• Mr Jones has a substantial turnover but the bottom line is unfairly small. He sees the Max Margins Zone at the show and will find out how to cut costs...• Mr Jones has opened as many shops as he can feasibly operate within his own control. But he still wants to expand. He sees the Franchise for Growth, the Fresh Eyes Blue Sky features and...So Mr Jones has gone from being the type of guy who doesn’t have the time to attend a traditional trade show, to someone who hasbooked his entrance tickets, he’s booked his respective workshops and got a plan of which suppliers he will visit to help him grow hisalready successful business.Over the coming months the schedule will expand and grow, through vertical market magazines, new media partners and acquired data.In the interim the following pages are a breakdown of the foundation of the campaign.
  6. 6. EXHIBITING INFORMATION1. National NewspapersNational newspaper advertising remains the cornerstone of the promotion of our events.The adverts rotate between key speaker ads / generic show ads and show feature ads. The campaigns always start 6 weeks prior tothe event and we saturate the papers up until the day of the show. THE GREAT BRITISH BUSINESS SHOW 22/23 NOVEMBER 2012 OLYMPIA LONDON• The Times• Sunday Times• Financial Times• Daily Telegraph• Daily Mail• Mail on Sunday• The Guardian• The Independent• Daily Express• The Sun• The Mirror• Observer2. Regional Newspapers• Evening Standard• Metro• The Times (London)• Over 150 regional and local newspapers.
  7. 7. EXHIBITING INFORMATION3. TV AdvertisingTV Advertising has been an important part of the promotional campaign of our events for the last 5 years. We produce high quality adverts that feature a well known face of business.Our experience of TV advertising is very positive. We appreciate that it cannot replace the main stay of the campaign. It does achieve the basic task of bringing more people but equally itraises the profile of the event and makes it clear that we produce the biggest and best shows. THE GREAT BRITISH BUSINESS SHOW 22/23 NOVEMBER 2012 OLYMPIA LONDONWe have not established the schedule yet, but it will be broadly based on our successful current format:1. ITV1 regionally2. Sky News3. Sky sports 1,2,34. Sky Sports NewsWe will be looking for slots on some channels like Dave where there is synergy with the programme such as Dragon’s Den
  8. 8. EXHIBITING INFORMATION4. Radio AdvertisingThere will be a radio advertising campaign that will be broadcast nationally, and as with the TV advert, we shall be using a well known voice to advertise the event.We shall also be arranging a media partner to operate the ‘make your own radio ad’ feature. THE GREAT BRITISH BUSINESS SHOW 22/23 NOVEMBER 2012 OLYMPIA LONDON5. Web PartnersIn addition to all of the Prysm Group websites we shall have a presence on virtually every business website in the UK. Our standard arrangement with the web partners is:• Banner advert• Editorial Content• Event Listing• Multiple email blasts to the websites members / dataData is king and over the past 10 years we appreciate our marketing spend on Newspapers, Radio and TV is a route one marketing option but the true visitor and pre-qualified visitorat that comes through our partners in the business online world. These partners are only still businesses due to their unique followings and subscriptions and these equate to fantasticrelevant footfall.6. Magazine AdvertisingFull page advertisements will appear in virtually every substantial business magazine in the country. But to target the quality visitors we shall have a vertical market campaign that will focuson the industry’s that are currently seeing growth.Like the TV, Radio and Newspaper adverts, the ad design will be based upon the biggest names speaking at the show and will direct people to the website to find out more.
  9. 9. EXHIBITING INFORMATION7. Direct MailPostcard invitations will be distributed throughout every business association and government / non-governmental enterpriseorganisation in the UK. We have an ongoing relationship with more than 500 different groups who shall distribute informationon our behalf.Exhibitors shall also be issued with unlimited amounts of postcard invitations to be used wherever possible.Broadly 250,000 invitations shall be sent out. THE GREAT BRITISH BUSINESS SHOW 22/23 NOVEMBER 2012 OLYMPIA LONDON8. Exhibitor MarketingIn addition to the postcard invitations - all exhibitors will be given website banners, and personalised HTML emails. ie:Come and see us on Stand 238 at the Great British Business ShowThe Great British Business Show is the largest ever Business exhibition held in the UK.With over 300 exhibitors, 200 seminars, 120 workshops, features, live theatres...Speakers include: …………………………………We encourage all exhibitors to distribute these emails to their databases and in all circumstances the exhibitors efforts arerewarded by numerous new clients.9. Social MediaFrom the day our website go’s live, we intend on utilising social media to create a digital buzz around the exhibition. Fromnotifying potential attendees on the announcement of seminar speakers and exhibitors, to generally promoting topics relatedto the show.As a group, our current social media audience is around 9,000 people however this grows by 6% on a weekly basis.Social media partnerships are complicated but we will work with our sponsor in the appropriate way.
  10. 10. EXHIBITING INFORMATION 10. Public Relations The Great British Business Show has a great story to tell. It is a celebration, a festival and has national pride thrown into the mix. Combine this with a heavyweight line up of the biggest business names in the UK and we should receive substantial amounts of coverage from: • National and Regional newspapers. • TV News and Radio • Web editorial THE GREAT BRITISH BUSINESS SHOW 22/23 NOVEMBER 2012 OLYMPIA LONDON • Magazine editorial.11. website will be far more than the traditional exhibition site where you simplybook tickets. The website will enable a delegate to pre-plan and pre-book his / herentire day at the event.9.55am Arrive at Earls Court to see the grand opening by…………10.30 Attend ‘an audience with……..’11.15 Go to the Going Public workshop12.00 Meet with A,B and C exhibitors as pre - arranged.1.00 Lunch meeting with XYZ2.30 Attend the Build your Brand seminar by UK Intellectual Property3.15 Meet with Dubai inward investment agency in Going Global Expo.4.00 Attend the keynote conference by……………4.45 Leave the event – tired but having established the next stage of expansion.So the site will have the facility to book workshops, seminars, live events andtheatres and meetings with exhibitors.
  11. 11. EXHIBITING INFORMATION12. Show GuideBefore every exhibition we publish a substantial glossy magazine promoting every aspect of the show. Every seminar, workshop, key speaker, exhibitor and feature will be written about and promoted.The magazine is then distributed 3 - 4 weeks prior to the show to everyone that has pre -registered. This enables them to pre - plan and make the most of their visit.From the exhibitors perspective the visitor has now drawn up a plan of what he want - who he intends to speak to etc…. We only want serious visitors coming to be educated, advised and mostimportantly have the ability to make decisions. THE GREAT BRITISH BUSINESS SHOW 22/23 NOVEMBER 2012 OLYMPIA LONDON13. WorkshopsThe workshops at our events have proven to be wildly successful.The fundamental difference between a workshop and a seminar being that the numbers are smaller , desks and sometimes PC’s are supplied and they are totally interactive. The visitor is then able tohave a great deal of attention, advice and education on the respective topic. It is also an unrivalled method of creating a rapport with prospective new clients and generating red hot data.To view a few examples please go to:i)
  12. 12. EXHIBITING INFORMATION14. CostThe cost of exhibiting is:i) £435 plus VAT per square metre for shell scheme standsii) £415 plus VAT per square metre for space only THE GREAT BRITISH BUSINESS SHOW 22/23 NOVEMBER 2012 OLYMPIA LONDONIncluded in the package is:StandFully carpeted and walled shell scheme stand inclusive of fascia name board and stand number.WebsiteYou will be given a dedicated page to promote your products and services on our website which receives in excessof 1.1 million hits a year.Your dedicated page can include up to 500 words, product image, company logo, link to your website and alsolinks to your twitter and facebook profile pages.Show GuideAn exhibitor listing (75 words) including contact and website details (The show guide is sent to all visitors whopre-register for the show (approx 35,000 businesses)Social Media CampaignWe run a Social Media Campaign for you though our various social media channels which have a combinedaudience of over 5,000 business ownersThe cost of workshops are dependant upon the subject and the number of seats, but the range is between£12,000 and £29,000 respectively.Sponsorship opportunities are always bespoke according to each organisations objectives. If you would like toreceive a tailored sponsorship proposal, please let us know your aims and we shall endeavour to create a packageto achieve your goals. THE GREAT BRITISH BUSINESS SHOW